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Mike Savage
Mike Savage
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Basic Information

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Dec. 10, 2011
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July 1, 2018
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Bridge Player
about me

Mike Savage was a Russian translator for the U.S. Army in East Germany during the Cuban missile crisis. After leaving the Army in the mid sixties he returned to tournament bridge, but semi-retired from the game in the 1970s for about 20 years. Now, he directs at two clubs and sometimes plays professionally with students at clubs and in Southern California tournaments. 

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the Senior Swiss at the Nationals
Bridge Accomplishments
1st in the Senior Swiss at the 2005 Nationals, 2nd in the Senior Swiss in the 2000 Nationals
Regular Bridge Partners
Craig Kavin, Steve Mager, Bob Shore, Steve Ramos
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Beverly Hills Bridge Club & South Bay Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
December Palm Springs Regional
Favorite Conventions
XYZ, 4-Suit Transfers, Kickback Roman Key-Card Blackwood
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
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Phil Clayton's bidding problem: K KQT K AKJT7642
Double is right on playing strength but is too risky for me as my partners keep bidding higher ranking suits:( so I bid a "pragmatic" 3NT and hope for the best
Roger Lee's bidding problem: AKQ9xx AT 98x Ax
Like 3NT - especially if the partnership is playing that 4C by partner over 3NT is artificial, asking what kind of 3NT bid I have
Mike Savage's bidding problem: AT AJx xxxx xxxx
Opener's actual hand? S:KJxxx H:Qxx D:A C:AKQx and with club splitting, the heart finesse onside, if you guess that East has the spade queen third, 7C could be made. However bidding and making 6C would be good enough - a 9 IMP pick-up.
Mike Savage's bidding problem: AT AJx xxxx xxxx
Perhaps it is best to bid 3S with only game-going interest and raise clubs with slam interest (just in case partner really has clubs!). However even with slam interest if you bid 3S, it gives opener a chance to cue-bid 4D and that is surely what responder would like to ...
Should opener sign off or make a game try?
On the actual hand if a game try is made, partner would probably accept and after the opponents cash 1 heart and 2 clubs, making 4S rests on the diamond finesse for the king into the opener's hand. The A-J of diamonds 6th is in dummy as well as ...
Should North overcall 3S in IMPs, vul vs not?
Scary overcall but you have a shapely hand and and probably should protect partner who might well be more balanced w/o a bid - so bid 3S and pray not to hear a double! The chances for a vulnerable game probably outweigh the danger. This time on BBO partner had ...
How should slam be explored?
My preferred auction is: P-1H 2C-2S 4H RKC-response 6H. Opener asked about spades and four trumps and the singleton spade king is great - perhaps even good enough to cue-bid 3S
How should slam be explored?
Adam, I guess you are right and should have just posted the hand, not made it a poll. I wanted to see how others would bid this hand after a 1H opener, followed by 2C. Slam is indeed not that great but is one that I would be pleased to ...
How should slam be explored?
Our actual auction was P-1H 2C-2S 3D-4H
Swiss Teams, Partner opens 1NT
In my serious partnerships, I play that three of the other major shows a singleton somewhere and step response asks where, so that is what I would do with this hand - and let partner investigate slam if he is interested or sign off if he is not. Given that 4H ...
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