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Mike Spitulnik
Mike Spitulnik
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Basic Information

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Jan. 16, 2014
Last Seen
March 8
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Bridge Player
about me

Almost exclusively a club player. Just enough gold points to make LM. 

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Made LM, Bronze LM and Silver LM on the same day.
Bridge Accomplishments
Ace of Clubs many times.
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Dick Wilson's bidding problem: AJ73 984 Q65 K63
6C. Can't be misinterpreted and both minors have to come in.
Mike Spitulnik's bidding problem: KQJT985 A 74 KJ7
Clearly, 4S is wrong. What about this hand from ? Examples of hands that should not open 1H: S T H AKQT872 D A5 C Q52 You'd hate to open 1H and hear partner pass with, say, C KJx and nothing else. A 4H opening bid shows a ...
Mike Spitulnik's bidding problem: JT83 KJ6 AKQ83 J
In actual play, I bid 3H and partner passed, explaining that I showed a minimum opening hand.
Dick Wilson's bidding problem: Q3 A3 Q9532 AT97
1NT is forcing. You can show partner you are at the top of the range with your next bid.
Mike Spitulnik's bidding problem: K96 KJT98 A KQ62
Thanks Dick. I also bid 1NT sitting East. Partner thought 2D (game force) was a better bid. He passed 3 clubs.
Dick Wilson's bidding problem: QT2 AKT8752 83 A
What do you bid if partner accepts the initial transfer? Passing the double opens the auction to many possibilities including 5D and redouble. Here's S. Cooper's analysis in the "Common Game" assuming the transfer is accepted "What kind of auctions can we expect? Over a 15-17 1NT, a ...
Dick Wilson's bidding problem: QT2 AKT8752 83 A
4H shows slam interest, but can be passed
Mike Spitulnik's bidding problem: 83 J7 KQT85 T832
Partner (a diamond LM) suggested 2NT which is why I posted this hand. His distribution was 4,2,2,5 with 13 high card points. As Dick Wilson pointed out, we should be defending against Hearts. 4H makes with a diamond lead. Goes down with a spade or club lead.
Mike Spitulnik's bidding problem: 83 J7 KQT85 T832
3 spades didn't get doubled, so I left it in. It did not occur to me to bid 2NT to show both minors.
John Spitzer's bidding problem: --- xxx Kx QJTxxxxx
You chose 4 clubs, but hit 4H. Mechanical error?

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