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Mike Summers-Smith
Mike Summers-Smith
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Sept. 20, 2015
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about me

English county-class bridgeplayer; or, rather, I was, when playing often enough to stay sharp. Favourite methods (1) a home-grown strong Diamond, and (2) Acol. I firmly believe that strong NT and (especially) 2/1 are inventions of the Devil.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Discovering, in real-life play, a one-loser smother play which seems never to have been written up. Least favorite bridge memory: going for 800 in 2Sx on that hand, rather than 1100.
Bridge Accomplishments
Knocked the holders out of the Gold Cup 40 years ago, and.lost in the next round. Finished in the top five a time or two in the EBU Summer Congress Swiss Pairs.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Coventry and North Warwickshire
Favorite Tournaments
EBU Summer Congress Swiss Pairs
Favorite Conventions
Strong Diamond
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Yet another unofficial poll on the double-blitz rule
In EBULand, other things being equal (i.e. just an accident), I'd expect 8-8. I would also expect any halfway-competent team of EBU directors (and most of them are much better than that), in a case where it might matter, to spot the issue well before the set was ...
Why play a Big !C or Precision?
"good old fashioned two over one" Would that be the system, or the various systems, developed in USA during the 1990s or thereabouts? I've never played a 2-level response as [i]per se[/i] more than F1, and don't see any need to: opener's rebid or single ...
What does this double mean?
"Partner, I was going to overcall 1 - but luckily spotted in time that it would have been insufficient". Partner's x asked me to name my best suit. My x does just that. Why pass back the buck? I didn't double or overcall: my RHO has just bid ...
What are your agreements?
You lost me at "P shows a positive response". You've handed control of the auction to opponents, when you hold nearly all the high cards. If I've got a positive response, I want to be able to make a natural positive response. The last thing I want is ...
Richard F has nailed a proviso which I've tried to impress on several partners. (1N)x doesn't just show lots of HCP - it shows lots of points [i]and an obvious lead[/i]. Doubling then tanking after AP is anti-systemic. And also, it shows a flattish hand - unless ...
NMF-Assess The Blame
Game isn't too good if responder holds K instead of K. You're probably going to need a trick from the lead.
Diving Duck Blues Played with Finesse
Nat said "...although not entirely original." Indeed. [url=]It's from 1929[/url] or earlier.
Sophomore Blues
Until you've rejected an AK lead against a confidently-bid grand (both would have cashed), you haven't lived. Or, died a little, slowly. Partner, a notorious result-merchant, was unexpectedly sympathetic.
Effect of the Recent ACBL Rules about opening 1NT with a singleton
"For me it was Emma Thompson knocking at my door." Details, please. We want details.
Capitalize Convention and Treatment Names?
International Cow?

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