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Mike Summers-Smith
Mike Summers-Smith
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Sept. 20, 2015
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about me

English county-class bridgeplayer; or, rather, I was, when playing often enough to stay sharp. Favourite methods (1) a home-grown strong Diamond, and (2) Acol. I firmly believe that strong NT and (especially) 2/1 are inventions of the Devil.

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Discovering, in real-life play, a one-loser smother play which seems never to have been written up. Least favorite bridge memory: going for 800 in 2Sx on that hand, rather than 1100.
Bridge Accomplishments
Knocked the holders out of the Gold Cup 40 years ago, and.lost in the next round. Finished in the top five a time or two in the EBU Summer Congress Swiss Pairs.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Coventry and North Warwickshire
Favorite Tournaments
EBU Summer Congress Swiss Pairs
Favorite Conventions
Strong Diamond
ACBL Ranking
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Will these problems with pre empts never end?
Preempts work. However, E might have considered that W has 1 max (more likely void), and that a good confident what's-the-problem 6 might have led to a successful slam or to an unsuccessful 7x. Delicate constructive bidding is out of the window after this start, so ...
What do you use 3-level overcalls of 1NT for?
Once partner has passed, all jumps are unconstructive and unilateral, with no defined strength. You got unlucky. Next time you go off, they'll have missed game. Hands where you want to intervene over 1N are very rare. I'll cheerfully get stuck in with 5431, but hardly ever pick ...
Forcing or not?
For those who play 2 forcing, I ask what they bid with KxxxxKxxxxxxx-. 1-1-2 could be on AxAxxxxAxxxxx or AxAxxxxAxxxxx.
Do Sandwich No Trump bids need to be alerted
Unalerted, I'm expecting a flat 17-19 (by an unpassed hand, anyway).
What do you use 3-level overcalls of 1NT for?
The so-called "intermediate" style: nice 6-carder, about 12-15; same sort of range as you might open a Weak 2 in 4th. Joe Amsbury used to argue forcefully for that in a Weak NT context, and I agree with him. I've played 2m followed by 3M as intermediate and 3M ...
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
4th best >:)
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
You make a very good point, and I can give you an analogy. British competitive cycling was never much to write home about. OK we had the occasional exceptional rider, but no strength in depth. In 1997, British Cycling hired Dave Brailsford as coach. He came up with the idea ...
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
One of my favorite excuses by the other side; along with "I had x points so I had to bid".
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
In the methods I mentioned above (which had a 17+ 1 as the only strong bid): 2/1 was 12+ and not FG (opener might have a 9-count). Rebids, raises, preference, and 2N were NF; except for opener's immediate rebid of 2N, which was ART FG (usually NAT ...
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
I've played a system in which it was systemic to open all "Rule of 19" hands (HCP + total cards in the two longest suits) and which included weak canape. We both enjoyed 4-3 fits, and would freely raise to the 2-level with 3-card support. We used to open [i ...

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