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Mike Tinsley
Mike Tinsley
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July 8, 2013
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Dec. 17
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100% agree, I'm in
How aggressive are you?
same for me
How do you play this sequence
Well, in 'Acol without Tears' published in 1962, it wasn't forcing, but by 1990 it definitely was according to 'Acol in the 90s', so I guess that people who learnt Acol about 30 years or more ago and haven't changed their bidding since then probably play it as ...
How do you play this sequence
Well, according to 'The Acol Index' by Eric Crowhurst (pretty much the reference source for Acol), the sequence is forcing in Acol...
Best use of 2!d opening in a big club system
Sadly, Roman 2 is not allowed in EBU level 4 competitions in the UK (which is the conditions under which the vast majority of events here are played) - I always had a bit of a hankering to use it!
Why I like mini-splinters
Dave, That is a more succinct way of expressing what I was attempting to clarify about HCP shorthand! Anything above 15 balanced or an unbalanced hand with somewhat less, we respond 2 which is a game forcing relay (we use the Icelandic Precision relays) and we can get a ...
Why I like mini-splinters
As I'm sure you will appreciate, HCP are a very convenient shorthand way of describing ranges and we always upgrade and downgrade in the light of holdings, losers, our bidding and opposition bidding etc. HCP in effect act as a convenient shorthand for our system notes and are easy ...
Why I like mini-splinters
Here for what it is worth is what I play in my Precision partnership, which is along the lines that Barry suggested over opening 1M: 2♣ = Artificial game-forcing relay 2NT = Limit plus raise, 4+ card support, 8+ points, may contain a shortage with less than 11 points. Limited to around ...
English tournament entries
Well, my wife accuses me of acting like a young, single man quite a lot, so maybe I should get a facelift and pretend I am still in my 40s so I don't get accidentally diverted into the seniors....
English tournament entries
I lived in Eastbourne for a couple of years a few years back and people there generally referred to Bexhill as 'god's waiting room' as they felt Eastbourne was much hipper!
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