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Oct. 16, 2016
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Can this sequence exist?
He though he was 3-6-1-3 and then discovered he was 4-6-1-2 ? Edit: Typo corrected
Who Will Win the English Open Trials?
Update: Session 7 was won by Townsend/Hydes. So only the two pairs currently lying in the last two places have failed to win a session.
Who Will Win the English Open Trials?
After 6 of the 8 sessions, there have been different winners of each session. Make of that what you will.
When NOT to explore a 4-4 fit?
I played a hand in 6 only yesterday where we had three 4-4 fits. A was the only missing major suit honour, stiff Q opposite stiff A and A10xx opposite K9xx (And no, QJ was not doubleton)
BW 2/1: Opener's 2NT Rebid
Included in (A)
ACBL to adopt EBU results file format
"It is the 2nd most popular page to view on the website after the front page" That astonishes me.
Theatre of Absurd Revisited
Clever idea, this Lightner double thing
BW 2/1: Opener's 2NT Rebid
There are three hand-types to consider: (A) balanced, too weak for 1NT (also to include, e.g. 3-5-1-4 after 1 - 2; and some 6322 hands where the 6-card suit is to be treated as 5; and maybe some 5422 hands too) (B) balanced, too strong for 1NT (also ...
Bridge goals and resolutions for 2018
Play less bridge and play it better
Masterpoints(tm) in the ACBL; I am sure other jurisdictions have more or less equivalents
Richard, Ian I remember those days too. But do you imagine that Swiss events would be as popular as they are (or, perhaps more accurately, would have been as popular as they became) were it not for the proliferation of green points? It takes a long time to get to ...
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