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Transfers after Transfers or Transfer Extensions
For me, the big advantage of second-round transfers is the ability to agree the minor below 3NT. I would play natural continuations.
Two-suited Overcalls
... and some people prefer a natural 2 opening. I'm not one of them
Two-suited Overcalls
Ian Thanks for the detailed response. Whilst I could accept that your scheme of two-suited overcalls may be superior to Multi-Landy, that wasn't the thrust of my original question. In the context of wishing to reduce memory strain and already playing multi-Landy over 1NT (and also opening bids of ...
Two-suited Overcalls
I played Raptor for a while, but found having to start with a double on hands suitable for a natural 1NT overcall inconvenient. The most memorable occasion being when partner leaped to 5 over my double, ran into a stack and got doubled for -800
Two-suited Overcalls
If partner is 2=2 in my suits, I would prefer to have shown 5=4 than 4=5
Two-suited Overcalls
Always a risk of course, but used judiciously the pre-emptive effect of the 2M overcall outweighs the information leakage. The WJO is recovered by playing a 2 overcall as a Multi; the cost of this is increased ambiguity.
What's He Doing This Time?
My point is that if this is an undiscussed sequence, then the default position is that it is for take-out
What's He Doing This Time?
Richard: too dogmatic, I fear. I'd say it depends on partnership understanding. You may wish to play it as penalties (and I can see the logic behind that, although I doubt that there are many hands where it would apply); I would point out that my CC says negative ...
After a Strong 2C opener: BWS
Georgiana: true, but you're not going to need a control-showing response beyond 3 (nor, indeed, beyond 2NT if you do some concatenation), so you might as well put higher bids to some other use
600k boards from Vugraph: lies, damned lies, and statistics
Given that points held doesn't follow a normal distribution, how many hands do I need to hold for +0.07 to be statistically significant?
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