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Mike Wenble
Mike Wenble
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Oct. 16, 2016
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March 20
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about me

Co-author with Sally Brock No-Trump Bidding (Master Bridge Series) 2005; author of several e-books exclusively available on Amazon; occasional contributor to Bridge World magazine

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Daily Mail Cup 1971; Rixi Markus Cup 1977; Regional Masters Pairs 2009 & 2010; National Pairs (Midlands) 2016
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Transfers after 1NT - 2C - 2D?
Sorry, no. It comes from their book Tournament Acol, now presumably out of print for many years. If I get the time I'll post a summary here. (Won't be today)
Transfers after 1NT - 2C - 2D?
Transfers after Stayman were suggested by David Bird and Tim Bourke in the mid-90s.
What Is Partner Showing?
I find the idea that the sequence (1)- X - (1) - 1 denies four spades much more appealing.
What Is Partner Showing?
The major suits are not equal here. Just as it is more pressing for opener to re-raise after the auction 1M - 2M when M = hearts than when M = spades, so here I would be more inclined to pass (as doubler) with a minimum than if the auction had started (1 ...
Which minor do you open?
I see no merit whatsoever in opening 1
3-level responses to 1NT
Submarine splinters, as promoted by Ron Klinger
The price of headaches is, he said...
Perhaps I'm in a minority, but I would not answer in that way.
How will Monaco line-up at the Bermuda Bowl?
If someone buys me a house in Monaco (or an apartment: I'm not fussy), I'll make myself available.
1!H - 1!S - 2!D - 3 of major
Mike Ma:"if you have 986543, x, xx, Axxx. Playing 1♥ - 2♠ as weak, do you bid 2♠?" Yes. (Adding parenthetically: if not playing 1 - 2 as weak then I'd rather pass than bid 1) Over the weekend, I held J107653 Q76 1097 ...
1!H - 1!S - 2!D - 3 of major
I don't understand Kit's comment. I should have thought that when three suits have been bid a natural non-forcing 2NT was quite useful. I'm quite happy to score -50 when the macho pairs are in 3NT-2. And I don't see the problem after a FSF 3 ...
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