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Mike Wenble
Mike Wenble
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Oct. 16, 2016
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about me

Co-author with Sally Brock No-Trump Bidding (Master Bridge Series) 2005; author of several e-books on various aspects of bidding exclusively available on Amazon; occasional contributor to Bridge World magazine

United Kingdom

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Bridge Accomplishments
Daily Mail Cup 1971; Rixi Markus Cup 1977; Regional Masters Pairs 2009 & 2010; National Pairs (Midlands) 2016
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Bridge clerihews
David Burn Has much to learn It seems he thinks My poetry stinks -- W. Wordsworth
Nursery Rhymes
[code] ♠1042 ♥83 ♦5 ♣10865432 ♠965 ♠K73 ♥9764 ♥AQJ105 ♦9864 ♦K1072 ♣K9 ♣7 ♠AQJ8 ♥K2 ♦AQJ3 ♣AQJ Four-and-twenty Miltons What a lovely hand Shall I bid a small slam? Or will it be a grand? Then opponents opened Now there's a rotten thing When I had three ace-queen-jacks And ...
Nursery Rhymes
Tales of our Times (2) Mary made a little slam She had an unshown void Dummy gloated needlessly Opponents got annoyed
Nursery Rhymes
Tales of our Times (1) Little Miss Muffett Said “I can ruff it. Your contract doesn't have any play" Along came the TD Dished out a PP And frightened Miss Muffett away.
This Year
I think you should worry more about the next 90 days.
Mike Wenble's bidding problem: AK932 T432 K93 2
That's the point of the poll. Having made a poor choice on the previous round, how does N best extricate himself?
1C (1H) X = 4+spades
Mike the wrong-siding problem, such as it is, goes away almost completely if 1NT = clubs, GF (with 2 / 3 for weaker hands). In fact I like this approach so much I also play it without intervention, using 1 for a traditional 1NT response
It Happened One Day
... for the time being.
Ohio to cancel mass gatherings
There's been confusion about that in Britain too...
3!s Response to 2NT Opening: Minor Suit Stayman or Relay to 3NT?
Here's an idea: bid it.
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