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Selection Committees
What competences are required to be a selector? Good players, by definition, are those who make good plays. Everyone who posts on this forum can recognise a good play when they see one. The best players are those who make good plays most often. How difficult can it be to ...
Hitchhiker revisited
I expect all your diodes hurt too
BW 2/1 SHAPE and STRENGTH System Summaries
Most of the bizarre contortions that have insinuated their way into modern bidding, such as opener rebidding a doubleton or partnerships adopting the F-convention, result from the forcing 1NT response, which is counter to all bridge logic. My experience is that most of the small but increasing minority of Brits ...
Michaels convention
Why on earth would you want to bid 2 holding AQJ1098 after (1) - P - (1)? They're in a live auction, you will get another chance to bid. Sure, RHO may have 9xxx (or worse), but you can't construct a defensive bidding structure around that possibility ...
Michaels convention
Sensible, but clearly not universal !
What would you make of this call?
Nice idea, but I think having 4NT suggest an associated lead-directing element is a bit too risky. I'd not be happy for partner to bid my AKx suit at the five-level. In the situation of there being two unbid suits, I'm on safer ground if 4NT were suggesting ...
Finesse or drop?
Leonard: Yes 38.5% vs 15.4% to be (more) exact, a ratio of precisely 2.5 to 1. I copied the numbers from my spreadsheet of conditional probabilities, which I hold to 0 d.p. Kurt: all possibilities apart from xx|QJ10 and Jxx|Q10 have been eliminated. The ...
Finesse or drop?
The a priori odds of a 2-3 / 3-2 break are 34% / 34%. When a side-suit is known to break 7-1, these odds change to 39% / 15%. The play has eliminated the 0-5 / 1-4 / 4-1 / 5- 0 breaks, so these odds can be pro-rated up to total 100%. Playing for the ...
Ekren with 6-4-distribution
No, I think it's the same experience. Without having kept records, we subjectively felt that 44 with 6-9 HCP worked poorly so strengthened it to 8-11. We keep the 6-9 range for the 54 hands (and informally 5-8 HCP with 55 as Rule of 19 applies)
Defense Against Short Minors
I treat a nebulous (1m) as natural, except (1m) - 2m now shows spades + either minor and (1m) - 2NT shows hearts + either minor. With length in their minor I pass initially and can bid 2m on the next round if I choose.
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