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July 10, 2011
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Mike Wolf's bidding problem: --- QT62 AQT832 765
on the actual hand are you going to force to game if opener only bids 3d over 3c?
Mike Wolf's bidding problem: --- QT62 AQT832 765
you're right, we cant show a 2 suiter. I don't think you can with regular lebensohl either. 3c followed by 3 hts, shows spade stop. If you know of any improvemeent, i'm certainly open to it.
Mike Wolf's bidding problem: AKxx AKxx A KTxx
if you open 1c, what would you're rebid be over a major suit response?
I AM SO Embarrassed!
I'm even embarrassed to tell the story: September, 1970, student union at the Univ of Arizona (Marshall Lewis, you might remember this), annual student bridge tourney. I had just learned how to play bridge a month before, and grabbed a frat brother who said he knew how to play ...
Another GNT Fiasco
the championship flight plays whenever and whereever they want
Another GNT Fiasco
there were 1 team from North of Orlando, 1 team that had 2 players from Orlando area and 2 from Miami, 1 team from Naples, and 1 from Palm Beach area that had 1 player from Miami, and our team, all from SE Florida. As i've said upthread, ST ...
Another GNT Fiasco
Ray, Orlando would be the most logical,easiest to get to from anywhere in the state. Geographically, it would also be right in the middle,and cater to Jacksonville and South Florida, and anywhere in between. Also, unlike St Pete, you can actually fly there if you want without an ...
Another GNT Fiasco
Hi John, sorry you couldnt make it this year, but you can be added for the national finsls, since your team won.(as long you qualified locally) Regarding location, my point was that to have it in a place that is no closer than a 2 hour drive for everyone ...
Another GNT Fiasco
yes it is....but the championship flight is played in a different venue on a different date....arranged usually by the sponsors of the teams that play...usually only 3 or so teams. I understand they pay the directors themselves to run the event when and where they choose. ( i ...
Another GNT Fiasco
I copied Jay Whipple with the article when i posted it. Hes usually very responsive so am interested in what he has to say.
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