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Milan Macura
Milan Macura
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Basic Information

Member Since
Sept. 27, 2015
Last Seen
March 11
Member Type
Bridge Pro
about me

Bridge teacher and professional

The president of the Czech Bridge Federation since 2012

Member of the EBL Youth Committee


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Semifinal against Netherlands at the 1st World Youth Congress - loosing by 32 imps after half and still managed to win on 16 boards :-)
Bridge Accomplishments
Junior World Champion
Regular Bridge Partners
Aleš Medlín, Michal Kopecký
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BK VS (Czech Republic)
Favorite Tournaments
White House Juniors, Pula bridge festival, CBT Znojmo
Favorite Conventions
2C = both majors
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Using Twitch as a Platform for Bridge
Hopefully, every week. I just need to start the first week :-) I am thinking to start with a Challenge against Argine and then playing Challenges against the audience or top players.
Using Twitch as a Platform for Bridge
Hey, I am working on bringing this idea into reality for some time already. I have started the same as Gonzalo - watching youtube videos about Hearthstone. I liked it and improved myself because of watching the top player. So I had a thought it has to work also for the ...
Milan Macura's lead problem: J874 T6 AQJ9 J75
1 is either 12-14 or 18-20 HCP balanced or unbalanced with . 2NT would probably show the 18-20 HCP balanced, but your opponents are shooters. And, you partner is 75 years old :-) The agreement is: 1x - pas - 1y - dbl = 14+ HCP 1x - pas - 1y - 1NT = other suits 8-13 HCP ...
More Upsidedown Discussion
I might have a different point of view of the signalling. I found out that people are obsessed with signalling. They do it till the end of the board, desperately trying to give partner an information, which can be deducted right away the dummy goes down. I heard discussion: "I ...
Thorvald Aagaard's bidding problem: K86 AT53 Q84 KJ3
How about partner having Qxx KQ AKJxxxx x If I am playing with a regular partner, trust is the most important thing. Sure, cooperation is important, but my rule is: when I am asking for key cards, I should know why, otherwise I let my partner ask. But, we can ...
Thorvald Aagaard's bidding problem: K86 AT53 Q84 KJ3
Partner asked for key cards and signed-off, why should I think to bid on? If he does not have enough, he could have cuebided in or and let me ask for key cards. I prefer to use 4 as BW5.5 in one way bidding.
Jack Spear's bidding problem: AKQT5432 --- KQ432 ---
I chose 5 as exclusion for . But when I am thinking deeper about the hand ... I should bid 7. If partner does not have A, I might go down as well from 5. Partner does not have values so should most likely have the crucial ...
Jerry Murbach's bidding problem: T74 AKT6 K96 AJ8
Partner is a passed hand, so 1NT showing 15-18 HCP seems to be a risky bid in VUL. Therefore I choose double

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