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Mindy Foos
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May 19, 2012
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Mindy and Michael
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Traveler View - negative good will for the club?
i haven't seen any negative interactions at my club due to showing scores. i think most people like the percentages on.
The Death of 4-Session KO's
As I said in another post, the lure of round robins is the fairness that you play all teams. In a knock out, if you lose by a small amount the first session, you are a loser and you are out. In a round robin, you are still in for ...
The Death of Teams
I was one of the ones who played in the round robin team event rather than the 2 day Swiss. It had nothing to do with master points. But I really enjoy the round robin format. It is most fair because you get to play everybody. Usually, the lower brackets ...
He may have forgotten
in my experience, as long as you state your agreement, you always get a pass. bidder is allowed to forget agreements, but bidders partner is not. i dont like it, but that is what the ruling always is.
Correct ruling on a claim?
the director is allowed to take into account the skill level of the player involved. so the ruling would always be subjective and in the eyes of the director. i actually had a similar situation at the club. the director stated that he based his ruling on the claimants skill ...
Prize money in bridge?
One reason prize money is a problem for bridge is because of director calls. One thing I think is inherently bad is that the director gets to take into account the "skill level of the player" when making rulings. However, I think there could be prize money for games with ...
Partial Disclosure
i would like to know the exact wording of the "polite questions".
Partial Disclosure
"probably" means sometimes she doesn't have 3. what is there for dummy to correct?
Curious accusation in Philadelphia
Stuff like this happens all the time, and will continue to occur. There are no consequences for the perpetrators.
Bridge Players on TV Game Shows
dianne looks the same except her hair is lighter and she's lost the pearls

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