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Oct. 19, 2014
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Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Evaluating the Quality of a Stratification
Master points may not be the best indicator of playing strength? When did this happen? Does the ACBL know?
ACBL Big Ideas - Augmenting Rank/Point Structure
Around here, the problem of weak players unable to earn gold is solved by forming a team with 3 stronger players, and playing bracketed knockouts.
seeking information on ACBLscor's .MOV (movement) files
I should also mention, there are a couple of sites that have movement files you can download. Mostly, they are various Web movements.
seeking information on ACBLscor's .MOV (movement) files
I have that book. It's interesting, but it won't help with the movement files. McKinnon is the one who wrote the Jeannie program. I found the program somehow, but it didn't seem to come with a MacIntosh version, so I gave up.
seeking information on ACBLscor's .MOV (movement) files
There is a program on the internet called "Jeannie, the movement Wizard". I have not tried it, but I think it can generate the files,
seeking information on ACBLscor's .MOV (movement) files
Set up a test game in ACBLScore with the movement you want to see, pull down the long menu (I think F11 does this), and select Edit Movement. You can display it or print it from there.
Defining Bridge
In addition to having to walk 5 miles to and from school, up hill both ways through the snow, my two brothers and I had only one pair of shoes. Whoever got to wear the shoes had to carry the other two.
ACBL District 11 Director Report from BOD Member
A visitor to Ireland is in the local pub, and asks why the two clocks in the town square are set to different times. The response was "What's the point in having two clocks if they both show the same time?".
Settle A Bet
Sometimes I think I'm the only one on the planet who downgrades 4333s. With the stray Jack being nearly wortless, this looks like a raise to 2H to me. I can reconsider if partner takes another call or the opponents balance.
New suit forcing or not in competition after weak 2 opening?
Isn't the question of whether 3H is forcing related to the question of what a double of the 3m overcall would have meant?

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