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The Pros have no idea
You're missing the point. 6D making 7 is a reasonable result. 3NT making 5, 6, or 7 is not - but that's what happens at clubs. The pros writing the analysis don't seem to realize how often this happens. This was just one hand, most of the rest ...
The Pros have no idea
Now we know, our club does not play nearly as well as the entrants to the Blue Ribbon Pairs.
Poker and Computers/AI
“No other popular recreational game captures the challenges of hidden information as effectively and as elegantly as poker,” Brown and Sandholm write. I don't think these guys play bridge.
The Pros have no idea
That was not my impression, but I could be wrong. If I am, Europeans must play MUCH better than we do.
The Pros have no idea
Not in mine either.
The Pros have no idea
Some might, but no danger of that at the club. Most don't evaluate at all, they just count. All 18s are the same to them. I imagine South at my table did the same, after all, even if North is maximum, 18+12 is only 30, far less than ...
The Pros have no idea
At our club a 15-18 range is not uncommon. I'm not endorsing it, just reporting it.
The Pros have no idea
Yes, same deal.
Tom Allan's bidding problem: QT3 K6542 75 AJ8
Pard has a singleton or void in hearts, and your King is under the heart bidder. Caution seems called for at match points. I'll try 3S, but I'd be worried that 3S will go down more often then 4S makes. You might even buy the contract for 2S ...
Michaels Cuebid
I think Mike Lawrence said the same thing in one of his books. As I recall, he said that if you used the continuous range, you might have trouble figuring out how high to bid, but at least you'd wind up in the correct strain.

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