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A better rating system
Cost is easily managed. Call Chris Champion and offer him, oh I don't know, $10K up front and $2K per year to keep doing what he is now doing for free. Fait accomplit.
A better rating system
From the comments above, NGS seems to keep 2000 boards, with linear decay. At 25 boards per session, that's about 80 sessions, with linear decay, that averages out to 40 sessions. Lengthening the interval, and/or slowing the decay rate would tend to even out the bumps, at the ...
A better rating system
I've read that on the EBU website, the NGS page(s) get far and away the most hits.
A better rating system
Robin, I've read the algorithm descriptions. The main difference is that the EBU operates board by board, while PR operates session by session. I'm not sure how long the data is used by the EBU, for PR it is 2 years, with cliff decay. There may be other ...
A better rating system
Rich, he does get club information from the Common Game. I know because I asked him about it. We have power-rated players who are not ACBL members and have never played in a tournament. He also gets tournament results, I imagine directly from ACBL.
A better rating system
Chris Champion gets the club results from the Common Game, so he has a lot of data. Of course, more data would be even better ...
A better rating system
I'll also point out that the Power Ratings algorithm is pretty much the same as the one used by the English Bridge Union for its National Grading System, which has been up and running for around ten years now, and from what I've read, is very popular there.
Arrow Switches
I don't think that's the Turing Thesis, I think that's the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.
Thinking Twice About Two-Way
Oddly enough, it's not the weakest players that go through all those gyrations, it is the better players, up to and including Gold Life Masters. Maybe the gyration skills are what make them better than the 200-500 point players.
If 5-4 in !c-!d, what bid do you open with?
If all balanced hands out of range for a 1NT opener are opened with 1C, so that 1D guarantees an unbalanced hand, the sequence : 1D - 1M - 1N is freed up, since opener cannot be balanced. We use this sequence to show the 5C & 4D hand, too weak to reverse.

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