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Why SAYC is so Bad (and we know it is!)
I don't know about SAYC specifically, but Standard American (as opposed to 2/1 GF) in general works quite well. In fact, at match points I think it is superior to 2/1 GF. The reason I think this is that (IMO) it is better at game bidding. Those ...
Why SAYC is so Bad (and we know it is!)
No, when responder makes a 2/1 bid, he promises another call. But he is still not forcing to game. In your third example, opener's 2NT rebid promises extra values, and is game forcing.
Gerber: Is it Even Worth It?
They never tell me after the auction either, because it never occurs to them that 4C could be anything other than Gerber.
Is it my imagination, or has navigating this site slowed down of late?
Me too.
Gerber: Is it Even Worth It?
Gary, so they alert Gerber for you? I have to ask after the auction is over, before I lead. Unfortunately, it rarely occurs to me that it was Gerber until dummy comes down without a club control.
Cameras as “Security Theater”
It's even easier to defeat the over the shoulder camera and the zoom monitor. Simply place a second camera behind the over the shoulder, also looking at your screen. Send the feed from the second camera to your partner's iPad, which is sitting in his lap, or over ...
YBTJ: Wrong slam
Why not (after South's 3NT) 4D (forcing), then 6C?
Back to the Future - Jannersten 1962 and modern bridge
Johan, I believe that you can edit your article for a while (maybe a day or so?) after you've published it. To the right of the screen (on the homepage) you should find the name of the article. Click on that to open it. Then on the right, you ...
Potential cheating in the coming ACBL Endless Summer Tournament
What portion of players do you expect to be on camera?
Self-Alerting Issue
I didn't really mean to hijack the thread, but it seemed like another case where the rules really don't cover self-alerting problems.

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