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The Extra Chance
This is exactly the type of article this forum needs. Now, if we could just get the intermediate players to read them ...
Four Table Mitchell?
You'll have to make the .MOV file.
Four Table Mitchell?
Clay movement is a 2 winner movement, no skips, no sharing, 24 boards, each pair plays every board, and every pair of the opposite parity. Movement is quite simple. There is a byestand between each pair of tables (we just use chairs). Call the byestands Table 1 1/2, 2 ...
Bridge= Math?
I was in Wal Mart a few years ago buying a bicycle. It had been returned, thus 10% off. The cashier had to go get a calculator to figure out the correct price. She still got it wrong.
A Junior's Perspective on Promoting Bridge
This is the bidding lesson I gave my (high school) students after 4 weeks (1 hour per week) of minibridge : If you have at least 13 points, and no one has opened yet, then you open. If you have a 5+ card major, bid it, otherwise open your longest minor ...
Bridge= Math?
Ray, that's exactly the way I explain it.
Bridge= Math?
I think Peg and I were trying to say the same thing, but she did a much better job of it.
Bridge= Math?
Just because I remember something does not mean I had to memorize it. I remember what I had for breakfast this morning, but I did not memorize it. Similarly, I can remember which hearts have been played to the first two tricks, but did not have to memorize them. Bidding ...
What’s the best match point line?
Thaumaturgic. Wow, I like that. Had to look it up.
Bad Habits of Intermediates
I think #14 and #15 are more important than everything else combined.

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