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Mungo Jackson
Mungo Jackson
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June 18, 2010
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May 11
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Favourite Novelty Conventions
I've often heard the 5 bid called the CRAFT convention for "Can't Remember A Thing"
Club Level Duplicate Games
My understanding is that all memory aides are forbidden by Law 40C3(a): Unless permitted by the Regulating Authority a player is not entitled during the auction and play periods to any aids to his memory, calculation or technique. but as you state declarer is allowed to ask about the ...
2016 World Youth Championships Open Discussion Thread
Thanks for the report Alan, hope things start get better for England soon.
--- deleted content ---
I don't know. Sometimes I think the laws (especially those surrounding ethics) can be written so broadly that they become hard to comprehend. But if I ever get to play you and you do high-five your partner before playing low I'll know what to do.
--- deleted content ---
"if you hesitate when you can't win the trick (e.g., if you have 234 in a suit), that's okay" This is okay so long as you aren't trying to deceive declarer by trying to look like you could win the trick.
Missorting hand: humor & laws
I don't see the problem. You misbid, not psyched as the choice was not with any intent to deceive, and the opponents got fixed. It just happens. Maybe next time they'll get +670.
Is Multi Effective against World Class Competition?
A rough 2 bid is opening 2 with 4+ s and 4+M. Here's a link to a site with some more description: Having only played it at MP I can't comment on how effective it is at ...

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