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March 4, 2011
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June 23
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The Nicest Guy
If there is no room in the laws of bridge for the type of behavior being described here, it is no wonder that duplicate bridge is sometimes perceived as a beautiful game being played by intelligent but boorish people. At least, that is the feedback I have gotten over the ...
The Nicest Guy
Heartwarming story. If more bridge players at clubs and tournaments behaved like you guys, I am pretty sure more people would be playing duplicate bridge. Alas, the consensus among serious players seems to be that such gentlemanly behavior is against the rules.
Club Library Books?
There are very few bridge books that I dislike. These two books are at the top of that small list.
An Unusual Crossruff
Agree with the first point, disagree with the second. If East threw his diamonds before ruffing the last club, declarer also pitches two diamonds. We reach the 4 card ending where 3 hands have two trumps each and declarer A9. Declarer now leads 9 from hand and ruffs with J ...
An Unusual Crossruff
Very interesting, thanks for writing it up. I'd expect many good players would instinctively keep A, but without explicitly anticipating what happened to the declarer at your table.
Exciting Endplays in Swedish Teams Semifinals
I think the 5-card ending in the second hand has a simpler solution regardless of who has the high spot. Ruff East's exit in the dummy pitching a from the hand. Cash A and ruff a .
The Best Bridge Writer
Like many, I think Kelsey is the best in overall quality. The most underrated for the quality of ideas, and sometimes completely unjustified scorn, has to be Marty Bergen.
Crazy Director Ruling
I think the OP means that the director has ruled that his partner must replace the K continuation with a switch. If this is the case, the ruling does not sound correct to me.
Play 6!H
I'll play for Q on and something good happening in . So, win A. Pull trump ending in the hand. 3 rounds of . A and a . Our hope is are 4-2 with Hx (or HH) hand also out of . If that hand is East (e ...
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
I originally thought that Mr. Golding was writing in good faith and was confused about some concepts in conditional probability. Now, I have my doubts: as several people have indicated, he might know exactly what he is doing. Pretty sad if that is the case.
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