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Murat Azizoglu
Murat Azizoglu
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March 4, 2011
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about me

I like the intellectual aspects of bridge, reading and thinking about the game, more than playing it. Play mostly online these days.

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Playing with friends at the high school dormitory.
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Reid & Murat
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Test your analysis, COMMON GAME 13 DEC BOARD 5
Really elegant.
Not your typical lead problem
West doubled 4 and is on lead. I agree with David Caprera that the ruling seems to be sensible.
Future NABC sites?
How about just one national per year? I understand the large number of tournaments serve the pros and some retired people well, but I feel this (especially, regionals and sectionals) devalues their significance.
“implied fit”
I see, I was not looking at it correctly, thanks.
“implied fit”
Yes, but RHO already opened 1 in the first seat. In case A, we have the remaining hearts, so partner is more likely to have 4+ spades than the other cases.
Obscure Defensive Carding Problem
Richard, it is true that 11 tricks are normal. But I expect that those 11 tricks will score 50-60% for the declarer in a typical club game, while 10 tricks would be about 20% and 12 tricks above 90%. So, one should pitch the spade only if one believes it ...
Obscure Defensive Carding Problem
Partner seems to be pretty careful with his play of the spot cards, giving us all the information he could. As Ben says, the fact that he played 2 in the second round of the suit tells us that he likely has the 8 and didn’t play it thinking ...
Suffer in 6!D
I have too many losers if I lose to trump Q. My plan is to play for doubleton Q and get 3 spade ruffs in the hand. That would get me to 11 tricks (one spade, 3 diamonds, 3 spade ruffs, two hearts and two clubs). I still need another ...
Homage to Michael Rosenberg
(Incorrect idea deleted.) The solution as outlined above by Nigel G. is quite brilliant.
Any converts?
I completely agree with Nikos. I buy almost every bridge book that gets published, but won't buy or read this one. I do not consider this a bridge book.
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