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About Polling Players (II)
Hello Rui, I am confused by the diagram on page 8. The relative positions of North and East seem to be mixed up. If East (the dummy) opens 1D with the long diamonds, who bids 1S? Our partner? Why is the bidding going counterclockwise? I think East (dummy) must be ...
What is the best play for 12?
I was hoping that 21 declarers going down, could have been taken as a little clue that trumps would not split :)
Geir Helgemo N° 1
Also in the list are: 41 Balicki, 45 Zmudzinski, 47 Piekarek, 61 Smirnov, 121 Fisher, 141 Schwartz, 336 Wladow, 345 Elinescu
Not The Only Sort of Errors
Maybe this is the right time to mention about the two elephants in the room: 1) How to police the dishonest North who enters a score of +480 into the bridgemate although he had made only 11 tricks? If the opps are sleeping (or distracted and do not care to ...
To Sabine and Roy
How about giving EACH pair a (travelling) duplimate, so that every pair keeps a private virtual scorecard. If there is a conflict between the two scores, the software gives a warning and it could be sorted out by the TD's at once. This means that the number of duplimates ...
To Sabine and Roy
If I were in your shoes, I would contact the WBF directly, and request a score correction (perhaps sending a copy of the email to Auken-Welland too). Then it would be up to the WBF to look for a sensible solution to the issue. Posting a bitter message to BW ...
Open Wroclaw Discussion Thread
@Tom Townsend As a current member of the WBF Kids committee, I take part in the vugraph match selection teams in WBF youth Championships. So, I know for a fact that the authorities do try hard to choose the most suitable matches to broadcast. They have enough common sense to ...
2016 World Youth Championships Open Discussion Thread
The WBF Youth WC was held in 2013 in Atlanta. It was on open event, and many strong European Teams such as Norway, Netherlands, Poland, England etc, did not participate due to high travel costs to the USA. Only Italy and Turkey came from Europe. The Youngsters (U21) series consisted ...
Can You Make 3NT?
Right. West was hoping to protect his club trick(s) by leading a desperate Q, but as it turns out, only a small club lead beats the contract legitimately.
Are you for or against a play-off match for third place?
If Marquis de Sade played bridge, he would surely have asked: "What is more immoral than a 3rd place playoff match?".

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