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Thinking is not the problem I believe. The real problem is the player who makes a bid and wanders off to check his emails, browse his Facebook page and sends a few tweets and forgets that he is even playing in a tournament. You can easily figure this out by ...
Great Grand Slam auction in the Transnational playoff in Lyon
Al, perhaps you were thinking about this familiar hand too?: On the way to a spade grand, Boye Brogeland offers 7C as an alternative (and making) contract, but Espen Lindqvist corrects to ...
Grue-Moss Slam Bidding
Julian, you say you are not accusing anyone, but then you are accusing "someone" of tinkering with the deal generation algorithms. If what you say is true, this is a major scandal and must be investigated thoroughly (provided that you can supply some concrete facts/figures to back up your ...
Grue-Moss Slam Bidding
So, you accuse the WBF of tampering with the boards, and inserting "special" hands as the last boards of segments? And we were not watching randomly dealt hands but preset deals for the last 2 weeks? Is that what you imply?
Grue-Moss Slam Bidding
Skeptical how Julian?
Number of qualifiers in the Transnational teams event
8 is a depressingly low figure. IMO, an international event must: - Guarantee at least 3 days of play so that participants could get their money’s worth to a reasonable extent - Give “Less-than-World-class” teams the chance (or at least the hope) to compete in the 4th day of the event ...
Coughing Doctors
"The sanction is excessive because it was the first and unique violation by the players in a very long competitive career" The doctors committed the bridge equivalent of first degree murder. Can you get away with that if you do it for the first time in a very long life ...
True North American Championships Coming
Maybe we should all check our calendars before posting in this thread :)
True North American Championships Coming
Maybe we should keep cool a little bit. After all it is April 1st today
About Polling Players (II)
Hello Rui, I am confused by the diagram on page 8. The relative positions of North and East seem to be mixed up. If East (the dummy) opens 1D with the long diamonds, who bids 1S? Our partner? Why is the bidding going counterclockwise? I think East (dummy) must be ...

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