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Anti-Doping Violation by Geir Helgemo results in Team Zimmerman disqualification from Orlando Rosenblum Cup
@michael rosenberg is your opinion based on a view that there are no drugs that are performance enhancing for bridge or something else? I think it's pretty clear aderall is considerably performance enhancing
Obviously understand that you can miss heart games and slams and that's why it's so normal to bid (and obviously better partscores). I just think the spot is interesting because it wouldn't surprise me that the amount of times you turn a plus in to a minus ...
I just feel like passing has a lot of upshot on this auction, you're very happy to defend any suit and against 1S it can be difficult for them to sort out how many HCP they have, so they can end up playing 3NT with like 22 combined. The ...
Strong Hand
No 1C responses are natural
Not talking about a DDS, i meant any potential bridge AI in the future, like the kind NukkAI is trying to develp. Similar to that of chess, poker or go.
Time for a rethink
I'm all for system deregulation, basically I think that bridge bidding theory and system should ultimately be working towards the most optimal methods in each situation, and I think too often regulations inhibit this. I do think there's a point though with highly unusual methods where players are ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
Tony, shouldn't you want bidding systems to be working towards the one (or few) best possible methods in each spot so that the people working hardest at designing the best systems, agreements and defences get rewarded? Suggesting that a system that causes the opponents lots of trouble whilst having ...
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
This is just ridiculous and so petty. Light 3rd seat openings are incredibly common at the highest level. It is clear that BL are an aggressive pair, and therefore may be on the more aggressive side of this. If 'light openings' isn't clear to you at the table; a ...
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
As a continuation of what Josh said; I think A10xx xx KJ9xx xx is closer to 10 points than it is to 8. HCP is just too often a poor judge of the quality of a hand and having rules based around them is silly IMO
EBL Convicts Fantoni-Nunes
How were they cheating, james?

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