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Nancy Gordy
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July 30, 2010
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Nickell Wins 2014 USBC
You and your team were great... a pleasure to watch... Good luck next year...
Nickell Wins 2014 USBC
Nice comments abt Kevin Bathurst.... I agree (and Steve and Bobby.... all good)
Nickell Wins 2014 USBC
You did a great job covering all the bases... recording cards and commentary, making it as alive as it can be if we are not there in person.. We are so lucky not only to be able to watch, but to have a lot of background information posted here on ...
Eddie Kanter story from the Daily Bulletin
Thanks :)
Eddie Kanter story from the Daily Bulletin
I love Eddies' story. Truly a stand up comedian.. :) thanks
Fighting against cheating the "Highly Suspicious" clause.
I agree with you Peg.... And also, reading what you said Benoit, I never found Mario providing arguments, nor sniping. I read a lot of his posts, because he presents interesting takes on the game. I would not know him if I saw him, I just give some thought to ...
Diagnosis: Foul Play
Thanks Eddie for telling the story as it happened.... it is amazing to read.. And thanks Jonathan for posting the interview... Once again I am telling myself how lucky we are to have this website where we hear these stories.
E-Cigarette Impacts Vanderbilt
Thanks Kevin.... Good thing to report what truly happened.
E-Cigarette Impacts Vanderbilt
Thanks Henry... that clarifies alot.. the only issue is was he breaking the rules, and the answer was yes.. It does not matter who he was... We all like Dano, and we all admire his skills... but in this case he made a mistake.
Cheating in Bali
Thanks Mario for posting this article.... totally amazing to me that persons competing in an event would resort to this. I would be so focused on the codes, I would totally misplay the hand :( :(.. on top of feeling shameful about my cheating.

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