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April 2, 2016
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about me

Múltiple campeón ecuatoriano de bridge en parejas y equipos.

Campeón sudamericano de parejas libres, Lima 1999.

Campeón Bolivariano de equipos, Arequipa 1995

Campeón de Perú en parejas libres, Lima 2015

Autor del libro "TRECE CARTAS"  (spanish) editado para publicación inmediata.

Traducción al ingles con el nombre "PLAYING BRIDGE BY THE PATTERNS" se encuentra en etapa de edición.

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Patterns V - The 4th suit
Kurt, thank you for your comment and the opportunity you give me to clarify concepts. First, the law of balanced distributions says, in words from Jeff Rubens, that "any one particular more balanced combination of the defender's cards is more likely than any one particular less balanced such combination ...
Patterns V - The 4th suit
Michael, I agree with your point of view almost in full. There is no chance that patterns or percentage play or empty spaces may substitute bridge logic at it's best. What I say is that patterns implications are only additional tools for helping bridge logic to succeed, when the ...
Patterns V - The 4th suit
May I smile when you say 7/3 is not even close to 7.5/2.5 when at the same time you are saying that 2/1 is the same as 7/3?. Oh yes, sure the quotients are 75% as a "coincidence", you are never going to even ...
Patterns V - The 4th suit
Michael, in a same way as we discussed in other hands before, patterns does say nothing about honors, just distributions. If as Mr. Wholsey asks, you want to know the actual odds for the 3 distributions, you need a computer in your brain to find the following, when diamonds shows ...
Patterns V - The 4th suit
Maybe the best way to understand patterns is figurative, something I explained in my very first article (Playing bridge by the patterns): You have a box with 3 white balls and one black, or 3 black balls and one white, you don't know which. You take out one ball ...
Patterns V - The 4th suit
Pattern analysis placed in my last comment is not related to one specific suit distribution. When I said 4-3-3-3 means 4-3-3-3 or 3-4-3-3 of course, any one of those distributions following the bidding and both giving a total of a 75% of ...
Patterns V - The 4th suit
In general probabilities at the moment of the dealing process the distribution 4-4-3-2 has twice the frequency (21.55%) than 4-3-3-3 (10.54%). At the moment of knowing the fall of one suit (3 cards in diamonds) the general percentages reverses as the fall 4-3-3 has theoretically 27.6% of ...
Patterns V - The 4th suit
Wait, wait Michael please. If analyzing the bidding, the opening led and subsequent defense, the distribution 4-4-3-2 is the likely, both because it is more frequent than 4-3-3-3 in general probabilities and also because it keeps better relation with the bidding as everybody is saying here. Besides, I think declarer ...
Patterns V - The 4th suit
Michael, theoretically speaking the chances to find Kxx, Kx, and 10x are the same (3!/2!=3), but once the first round of clubs is played and you see 5 from East and 4 from West it is only one chance that remains in play for any one of those ...
Patterns V - The 4th suit
Yes Michael, I also think the encyclopedia's analysis is basically placed in a vacuum as if there is not other kind of information, but right when like in this hand you need 5 club tricks to succeed. The real problem with this well known suit combination is guessing who ...
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