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Napoleon Garces
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April 2, 2016
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about me

Múltiple campeón ecuatoriano de bridge en parejas y equipos.

Campeón sudamericano de parejas libres, Lima 1999.

Campeón Bolivariano de equipos, Arequipa 1995

Campeón de Perú en parejas libres, Lima 2015

Autor del libro "TRECE CARTAS"  (spanish) editado para publicación inmediata.

Traducción al ingles con el nombre "PLAYING BRIDGE BY THE PATTERNS" se encuentra en etapa de edición.

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Unexpected Squeeze
Combining Chances
Hi Jim. The only comment I can say about your last paragraph is that following your N°2 plan is the likely, as explained before. If it coincides with the advanced beginner´s one to land the contract is other thing. When analyzing a position with some variations, the first ...
Combining Chances
Ohh!, now I know you did mean bizarre referring to the lead in clubs, not in relation with my analysis. Well, that is better. Remember Jim says he do not consider relevant in the article to disclose the meaning of the cards played but only to give generic descriptions instead ...
Combining Chances
Bizarre assumption?. The player with 3 spades (any one) will only have an even pattern once every four times (when spades is his 4th suit). You forgot to add the 3-3-4-3 distribution in your estimation, where South can discard a heart in the fourth club round and declarer is down ...
Combining Chances
You are welcome Jim. There are many positions in the middle game where playing with the probabilities may give the solution when you have two or more different variations in the play.
Combining Chances
Yes, the previous play of small cards is important, but if no data it looks as if playing with the percentages maybe declarer has the better odds to make the contract, and no matter who has the last trump winner. The player with two spades will have a 4-4-3-2 hand ...
D2- Pattern signaling in defense
Defensive play was the matter of this article, but it is extremely interesting to mention that in the especial position showed in the Senior Baze hand, where the three active players are looking in each suit sums of cards of the same type, declarer also enjoys of the advantage of ...
D2- Pattern signaling in defense
Yes Mr. Woolsey, the standard procedure is as you say and if I'm not wrong I have in my notes East play of the 5 at first trick, but I suppose it produced a miss interpretation as the diamond shift was the result. If East having xxxxx,x,AQ10xx ...
Best plan to 10 tricks!
Sorry, but I think that if you are counting only one trick in diamonds, why to ruff?, discard two diamonds instead and same chances for ten tricks are there for the taking, preserving not to lose trump control. The real problem is to find East with a 4-1-2-6 hand which ...
Iinteresting hand in the Bolivarian Championships
Mr Rigal, as I am not an UK citizen and know very few about England royalty, maybe if you explain to me the meaning of your comment I can get the significance of what I imagine is an irony and not a mockery.
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