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Napoleon Garces
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April 2, 2016
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about me

Múltiple campeón ecuatoriano de bridge en parejas y equipos.

Campeón sudamericano de parejas libres, Lima 1999.

Campeón Bolivariano de equipos, Arequipa 1995

Campeón de Perú en parejas libres, Lima 2015

Autor del libro "TRECE CARTAS"  (spanish) editado para publicación inmediata.

Traducción al ingles con el nombre "PLAYING BRIDGE BY THE PATTERNS" se encuentra en etapa de edición.

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Patterns VI - A second look
What I'm saying in Spanish and certainly apologize as my knowledge of English language is not good enough to express in full the concepts, is the following: Whenever a position of restricted choice is presented in a bridge hand, declarer has a 2/1 advantage if taking the finesse ...
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
HI folks, sorry but the discussion has to be reopened. Please be attentive to a new article in the matter. My previous comment posted on march 28 was wrong.
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
Yes of course Paul, but I always get the permutations with all the distributions for finding at the same time which combination has the better odds in trying to find the percentage play in each position, and the precise probability for finding such a hand.
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
Paul, thank you for your concept, and you are right also with the singleton computation 175032 (I had a mistake in the 2-3-5-3 distribution). The new numbers for the fall 3-1 goes then (175032/4)*2=87516 permutations, 1.80 times better than the fall of the two quacks. The ...
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
Final advise to the forum: Mr. Kit Woolsey is absolutely right in his appreciation. Patterns is no contender against restricted choice. When I gave my interpretation of distributions I forgot the most important thing in patterns play: it does nothing to say about specific cards as honors, just the presence ...
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
Paul, it is the first time I read that the patterns of two hidden hands are not independent, waw, so they are dependent of each other?. This concept really is the fallacy by excellence, and now I understand why in spite you say my individual percentages are OK you are ...
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
Paul, sorry but maybe you have to reread PATTERNS V where is explained the origin of my investigation about patterns. The math probability is equal to the product of the two individual events to coincide, so 75%*75%=56.25%, and one day, when analyzing the seen hands I found ...
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
Paul, looks as if you do not understand the origin of 56.25% of odds. When the sum of cards gives two even and two odd numbers (9-9-4-4 in your example) the chance to get both hidden hands with patterns similar to the fall in the known suit is 50 ...
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
My dear fellows thank you for your comments in pro and against my investigations, all of this kind of work is precisely what I was looking for when I decided to initiate in BW a forum about pattern analysis. Patterns is the mathematical proposition with the bigger odds in the ...
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