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April 2, 2016
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about me

Múltiple campeón ecuatoriano de bridge en parejas y equipos.

Campeón sudamericano de parejas libres, Lima 1999.

Campeón Bolivariano de equipos, Arequipa 1995

Campeón de Perú en parejas libres, Lima 2015

Autor del libro "TRECE CARTAS"  (spanish) editado para publicación inmediata.

Traducción al ingles con el nombre "PLAYING BRIDGE BY THE PATTERNS" se encuentra en etapa de edición.

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PATTERNS VII - The fall of the suits
Oh yes, somebody wants to study only the 12.5% of possible hands, where all four suits to have uneven sums of cards between his hand and dummy. For that situation there is a better approach with the 75% of chances to success (something he is still waiting to be ...
PATTERNS VII - The fall of the suits
Hi Paul, if no additional bridge logic clues or information from the lead yes, but in the hand posted better line is diamonds, as Mr. Woolsey and Rohit suggested, winning if East has the A or if West ducks. In the modified hand placed above (North with A95 and South ...
PATTERNS VII - The fall of the suits
References to dummy’s hand did not count in the investigation made. Of course, North can be declarer in the other table and then the player with the north cards is confronted with the distribution 3-5-4-1. In the Vanderbilt’s semifinal, there were 480 suits to check and 76% of ...
PATTERNS VII - The fall of the suits
Well, I´m not claiming, just exposing a pattern´s claim: 75% of the times the number of cards in each suit declarer has in his hand commands the pattern of the fall of the cards around the table. Suppose an small variation in the hand posted: NORTH: A95, KQJ43 ...
PATTERNS VII - The fall of the suits
Well, no more comments about the better line of play so, if you agree, I should suppose that if defense will always play the Ace over an honor in the red suit played, success is no more than a blind guess in trying to find a 3-3 distribution between the ...
PATTERNS VII - The fall of the suits
I was on defense in West position in this hand and declarer, a better than average advanced player chose the wrong line of play. I did not give interest to the hand at the moment, but at home analyzing the board found the exceptional position with two almost similar lines ...
PATTERNS VII - The fall of the suits
In the actual hand, West had the A and East the A, the problem is they are played at first round when an honor appears from south hand in diamonds or from north hand in hearts. Besides the fact that declarer does not know where are the Aces it is ...
Patterns VI - A second look
What I'm saying in Spanish and certainly apologize as my knowledge of English language is not good enough to express in full the concepts, is the following: Whenever a position of restricted choice is presented in a bridge hand, declarer has a 2/1 advantage if taking the finesse ...
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
HI folks, sorry but the discussion has to be reopened. Please be attentive to a new article in the matter. My previous comment posted on march 28 was wrong.
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
Yes of course Paul, but I always get the permutations with all the distributions for finding at the same time which combination has the better odds in trying to find the percentage play in each position, and the precise probability for finding such a hand.
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