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Nate Munger
Nate Munger
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March 25, 2012
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July 7
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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None to speak of
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Roger Gong
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Best line in this inferior 3NT?
I think the less said about your partner's claims, the better.
Frank Lin's bidding problem: 96 Q3 QJ985432 A
5 is a quick way to end a partnership.
Restricted choice
This is a waste of time to worry about. If your world class opponent is going to vary their line depending on whether you play the Q or the J from QJ, they are betting that you would make the same honor play over 90% of the time apriori. World ...
Restricted choice
To ignore restricted choice in this position requires you to believe that your opponent would play a particular card from QJ more than 91.6 repeating percent of the time. You are basically never going to have that kind of read. This argument has been rehashed a million times before ...
Paul Lewis's bidding problem: 97532 A86543 6 7
IMO passing deserves see 2 more passes, with partner holding AK KQJx Axxx Jxx and you play in the 4-1 fit cold for slam.
Sven Pride's bidding problem: T84 82 QJ872 432
If they don't play penalty X over 3rd seat 1N, I would open 1N. Otherwise, I choose between the majors.
Ruling from the Junior Trials
It was a different hand. I don't think that the hand you mention was an issue. The director was called because the initial explanations on both sides of the screen were different, but I don't think anybody is clamoring for an adjustment on that board. Even if misinformation ...
An Easy Defensive Problem
I'd have made the wager before posting the hands
A few questions about an easy hand
And North knows to bid 6 how? Partner can't have the same hand with the heart queen instead of the club queen? Or the heart KQ instead of the ace? I'm not so sure this is an "easy hand" as the title implied, but the auction you just ...
A Conjecture
I don't understand your point. 1NT is totally normal with those cards. Opening anything else is simply an error. If your partner takes a dim view of you making such bids, perhaps you should discuss this with them.

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