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Nate Ward
Nate Ward
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March 12, 2012
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25 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me
No endplays and damn few finesses.
United States of America

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Regular Bridge Partners
Bill Doroshow, Karen Walker
Favorite Tournaments
Champaign Regional
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Small Ideas regarding ACBL NAP qualification
Actually, it is only 3 hours from South Bend to Champaign, which is roughly the same to get to Saint Louis.
Downgrade for wasted honor
This is not always true. I was defending 5C this weekend, after partner had opened a spade. Declarer had xx of spades and T9xx of clubs in dummy opposite Axxx of spades and AKQxxx of clubs. My Jxx of clubs, while "wasted" for both sides, prevented declarer from making an ...
Not Found In a Textbook
Another great article!
Howard Weinstein wins Lazard Sportsman of the Year Award
Congrats Howie, you deserve it!
Jorrit SchäFer's bidding problem: J98753 --- --- AT87543
Auction might have been easier if you had doubled first (from the system description), or started with 3C, as suggest by Mr. Clayton, and bid 4S now.
Philadelphia NABC Starting
ACBL has these on their website:
Shh, Joe Boo is Listening
Did you read the last part of the sentence you quoted, where I said if he was going to ruff a club with SK (I don't see why he would), he would have cashed the club ace first?
Shh, Joe Boo is Listening
Sure do, was just answering your wondering why he preferred to duck a club instead of playing ace and another. This line doesn't preclude him from ruffing the third club with the king of spades and hooking, but I am both pretty sure clubs weren't bid at his ...
Shh, Joe Boo is Listening
Ducking the club first allows him to win the second club and cash a high trump first before ruffing in dummy.

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