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Nathan Finkle
Nathan Finkle
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Dec. 8, 2015
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April 19
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about me

USBF Junior. I love honest feedback, so please give it!

United States of America

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NYC Regional
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Kickback, Modified Jacoby 2NT
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Nathan Finkle's bidding problem: 95 AKQT98 --- J8532
This was the other hand
Nathan Finkle's bidding problem: 97 AKJT9864 A4 8 My last poll had a majority bidding 4
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: 75 AKQJ76 732 Q2
How do you differentiate between a mild and serious slam try?
Nathan Finkle's bidding problem: AK9763 QJ2 Q762 ---
That’s not what we’d agreed at that point
JTx, AQ, Ax, KQT8xx
What scoring? It might make a difference because opening 1NT makes getting to a club slam much more difficult, and getting there is probably more important at IMPs
BW 2/1: Opener's "High Reverse"
I wouldn’t make a high reverse with a hand with a 5 card side suit and only 10 HCPs but I would with 12
Nathan Finkle's bidding problem: Qx x KQTx JT7xxx
I figured that she must not have had her bid and was surprised when she came down with that diamond holding
Nathan Finkle's bidding problem: Qx x KQTx JT7xxx
The funny thing is that East really did have her bid. She had a side king and AJ987xx
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My question was how would you bid it?
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