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Neal Smith
Neal Smith
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June 4, 2013
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Nov. 17
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Bridge Player
about me

After 40 years as ACBL member, finally had time to play regularly starting in Jan 2013, and made LM June 2014.

United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
Wins: Regional 0-20 pairs (1970s); D21 Flight C GNT, 1998; Phoenix (OR) Sectional Swiss, August 2013; Seaside (OR) Regional Gold Rush, Sep 2013; Sun River (OR) KO Bracket 2, May 2014; Medford Regional B Swiss, May 2017.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Phoenix, OR
Favorite Tournaments
Medford (OR) Regional, Seaside (OR) Regional, Sun River (OR) Regional
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Bronze Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Upcoming, Challenging NABC's?
Read all about the Drainage HoF here: Put coffee down before you click.
Honolulu BOD Journal
I do like 183-12, dropping the requirement to announce 1 NT range if it is 15-17. My lens for this is the new player. It’s one less thing they have to learn before they can play. Let’s keep the focus for beginners in how to bid, declare and ...
Honolulu BOD Journal
Oh I love 182-28. KO semi final losers (if the first two rounds were round robin or Swiss, not KO) can pay to play for 3rd place, and if the other semi-final loser declines to play, 3rd place (and more masterpoints!) automatically goes to the team that paid for the ...
Honolulu BOD Journal
There’s a potential administrative / accounting / auditing problem related to the discounts for staying in the host hotel or being local. Picture the director selling entries. In addition to the entries, and a pile of cash, now they’re going to need a stack of hotel credit slips, and a ...
The Right Shift
I don't understand West's interpretation of the 3. Suppose East held doubleton 63. Clearly, he would encourage with the 6. Therefore, holding 653, East must play the 3 regardless whether he like s or not. After all, East does not know at trick 1 that declarer will be ...
Assume It Is Off
I'm with Craig B. The play here is very interesting. The point about playing the J instead of the 9 would not have occurred to me. Of course I would have tried to set up a 2nd trick instead of playing on s first, but I can't ...
New ACBL Convention Charts - general club impact
One thing I have noticed in the Basic and Basic+ charts, is that a 1 opener must show either NT shape or 3+s. Pretty much rules out playing a strong club system with 1 that "could be as short as 1."
New ACBL Convention Charts - general club impact
I sent club directors in my unit two emails detailing the major changes in the new charts, because I thought club play would be the best place for players to become familiar with the new charts, what's allowed and what's not, as a prep for NABCs & Regionals. My ...
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
Check your unit bylaws. In most (all?) cases an election is required, regardless of the number of candidates vs. positions.
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
Interesting that ACBL has not sent an appeal like this to the general membership (well, at least not to me). The most recent promo I received (Oct 9) was titled "Five Reasons to Escape to Hawaii." Of course, to discover the 5 reasons, you have to click on a link ...

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