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Ned Kohler
Ned Kohler
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May 1, 2011
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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A few Plat points, some regional wins
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Sherryl Buchler
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Doty Bridge, AZ Bridge,Intempo
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Gold Life Master
Dave Rankin and Ned
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Playing 2NT as Spiral, what does a direct 3NT mean?
Specifically 3433 for me with values in the two unbid suits. Slam tries go through Spiral.
Csaba Daday's bidding problem: K762 QJ6 6 AQT74
I’m not experienced with PC, but the stiff , 4th and source of tricks in look pretty good to me. I prefer this to a lot of 15/16 club hands I can think of.
How High for Equal Level Conversion Doubles?
Kenton, It is the way I play it. (2)-X-(P)-2N*; (P)-3**-(P)-3*** *Leb **ELC *** Invitational with 4 . A direct 3 would show 5.
How High for Equal Level Conversion Doubles?
I always have 4 OM and longer . I will X at any level where I was willing to OC in . So essentially agreeing with Dave C.
Malcolm Pryor's bidding problem: QTxxxxx Ax Ax Ax
Or stiff and 3 Ks. Can he have less for his 5 bid?
Awkward responding hand
Other. S should have opened Gambling 3N out of turn.
Nuno Miguel Marques Sousa's bidding problem: T2 AJ8762 5 AQ64
Shouldn't the S be longer since you certainly haven't promised 2 S. And wouldn't N bid 5 with that hand?
Cue Bid Over Weak 2 Diamond Openings
You ask Partner to bid 3N with a stopper by bidding your suit.
Gerber: Is it Even Worth It?
Louis, Based on my 20+ years of on line, tournament and club bridge, I can say that you exaggerate. It's only every 10 years.
James Creech's bidding problem: AQ9873 KQ A Q962
Is 3 forcing in this sequence? How would you bid with AQxx KQx xxx xxx?

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