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Your Ideal Opening Structure
At MPs, playing a fairly standard system, I strongly favour the weak NT throughout. At IMPS I play variable NT with a couple of partners, thus getting the benefit of the weak NT non-vulnerable. I enjoy playing the following 2-bid structure: 2 = 22+bal or FTG 2 = weak ...
Is Bridge a sport ? The F-N case.
Somewhere along the line we have lost the meaning of the word 'sport'. 'Sport' is not or should not be exclusively an athletic competition; rather it is a contest where one's life or economic wellbeing is not dependent on the outcome. On that definition athletic competitions are just a ...
Dark Ages Bidding for Beginners?
When you open 1S at Acol you have either a balanced hand (15+ since you didn't open 1NT) or a 5-card spade suit. If weak, you can rebid this suit and it does not promise a 6-card suit, only an unbalanced hand too weak to reverse and unable to ...
Dark Ages Bidding for Beginners?
I live in 4-card major/weak NT land. That system has a lot going for it, especially if all they are going to graduate to is matchpoint pairs. It's real easy to teach as a natural system as the logic can be made clear quite quickly. So I teach ...
Would you DELIBERATELY take advantage of a penalty card?
10 is a honour card - it's defined as such in the Definitions that precede the numbered Laws. Rubber bridge players who claim bonus points for honours will know this, but so should all you directors. Therefore declarer was safe in finessing against the jack. No stance on whether this ...
Which Movement Do You Prefer with 7 Tables?
24 boards is a standard session in the UK, so I use single Hesitation Mitchell. 8 x 3-board rounds, N-S 1-6 stationery, moving pairs play twice at T7, first as EW then as NS. Single winner movement, Ts 1-6 arrowswitch Round 8. With 6 1/2 nobody sits out more ...
Reserving Rights
I find that players using the term 'reserving rights' especially at club level tend to be aggressive and 'superior' and close to a breach of the EBU's Best Behaviour at Bridge Code (= Zero Tolerance). I personally find the phrase irksome and combative and it does not save a director ...
opening a weak NT , edited version, jacques Faure
Yes, certainly at match point pairs. Some use a 'variable NT', 15-17 when vulnerable, at teams or aggregate scoring. With frequent use you become adept at running away from 1NT weak when it is doubled. Double is usually penalty orientated but using various manoeuvres one can usually escape to at ...
opening a weak NT , edited version, jacques Faure
Writing from Acol-land, where an opening 1NT = 12-14 balanced is commonplace, IMO it brings huge pre-emptive advantages in MP pairs as well as defining all those small balanced hands in one bid. Allied with 4-card majors it avoids any kind of prepared bid, so an opening 1C IS clubs. Acol ...
Small Ideas regarding ACBL NAP qualification
I, writing from EBU land, find this thread of interest too. The EBU has given up on club heats of the (English) National Pairs and anyone who wants to compete goes straight to the regional final. I always put a heat on at my affiliated clubs and publicised it; it ...
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