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Bridge Teachers in NYC? - Any insight appreciated!
try - enough of the rudiments online there to get you started. IMO 1-1 f2f lessons will not give you much sense of a game played by four people. I'm a London, England based teacher and I specialize in fast-track learning of the basics. My principal offering ...
Did anyone who reads BW ever play against Buster Keaton -- or know someone who did?
Edward McPherson, the author of the book 'The Backwash Squeeze and Other Improbable Feats' wrote his 'Newcomer's Journey into the World of Bridge' shortly after coming off writing a biography of Buster Keaton: 'Buster Keaton: Tempest in a Flat Hat'. He may have been inspired to journey into bridge ...
On teaching play of the hand
I very much enjoyed reading a book published about 20 years ago by the French bridge leader Gilles Quéran called 'Le Flash Visuel' Quéran runs the French bridge holiday operation Bridge+ ( The theme of 'Le Flash Visuel' was that when you became declarer in a suit contract ...
Looking for a bridge club in Southampton Clubs in Hampshire, England. A couple of them are in the Southampton suburbs.
First three classes
I teach (and have done so for many years) Learn Bridge in a Weekend in London. Three tables is very typical. It goes like this. 10.30am Deal out cards, count points. Introduce trick taking and trumps if they don't know this (10 mins?) Introduce the concepts of declarer ...
EBU Summer Meeting
Re: Summer Meeting I think there IS a desire to have a summer meeting but why in a fixed venue? Perhaps it could like Party Congresses go round the country in a 3-5 year rotation. Yes, more work setting it up but this could be rewarded by a renewed buzz ...
EBU Summer Meeting
Re: Eastbourne and Seniors Not everyone who is eligible to play in senior only events is interested in playing them. It seems an unnecessary restriction especially as the seniors have their own congress at the same venue a month before. And the playing of the midweek events away from the ...
looking for used Dealer4 machine
In the UK some members' mutual clubs (not for profit) have successfully been able to get financial support (grants from Big Lottery Fund etc.) by showing that bridge is a community activity. Terry might have more info. If you are putting on bridge professionally (e.g. for-profit bridge club - huh ...
looking for used Dealer4 machine
Have you asked Terry Collier who is the supplier of these machines? -
The old min-offshape take-out double question
Beginners in the UK are nearly universally taught that a take out double shows Shortage in the opener's suit, Opening level values, and Support for the unbid suits. Andrew Robson, the prominent teacher and writer, widely disseminates the mnemonic SOS to aid his followers. The term 'shape-suitable' is also ...
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