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June 17, 2015
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He may have forgotten
I don‘t think this is really necessary, as the existing rules cover this type of situation adequately. Of course only their agreement is (legally) binding, otherwise one can relativate every bid/convention with sort of playing two-way-bids: the system bid vs. some other meaning of the bid in cases ...
Curious accusation in Philadelphia
Another useful method to end partners bidding is to remind LHO/RHO: “And it is your lead.”
Curious accusation in Philadelphia
“They were good enough to beat us without that,...” Well Paul, the borders are fluid. In a lot (most) of similar cases intimidation is part of their play and them being “good enough” to beat the opponents.
WBF Response on Fantoni Eligibility
The last time a member organization followed the lead of the WBF in legal matters, ended in an absolute fiasco at court, for the WBF and the DBV in the doctors case. Understandably the Spanish Federation is trying to cover its ass, especially as Mr. Fantoni’s lawyer showed them ...
An update on the CAS ruling
Mr. Aubry declared that the EBL will refuse an invitation to F/N to play in their championships, whether the EBL can do that legally remains to be seen. Note the difference to the B/Z case (withdrawal of invitation) in Chennai: in that case there was no preexisting court ...
An update on the CAS ruling
From their website: What is the function of the CAS? “The CAS has the task of resolving legal disputes in the field of sport through arbitration. It does this pronouncing arbitral awards that have the same enforceability as judgements of ordinary courts.” IMHO the existing invitation regulation can not be ...
An update on the CAS ruling
The EBL/WBF, being part of the IOC, submitted to the juristication/ruling(s) of the CAS. Now they don‘t like the ruling, so they don‘t follow it by simply not inviting the players. One doesn‘t need to be a genius to predict the outcome of a ...
Selection Problems
@Harald: I have two questions concerning the selection process in Scandinavia. 1. Do the selectors (single person or committees) give “objective” reasons for their choice and are they obliged to give such reasons? 2. As everyone knows everybody and certainly not all of the people/players involved are befriended with ...
EBL will disallow Fantoni and Nunes
Facing your partner at bridge -as I said- is the quintessence of this game, since the very beginning. As you know very well yourself, it’s mostly about the joint experience: enjoying good boards and good runs TOGETHER, suffering from the opposite TOGETHER, teamspirit, etc. etc. And of course you ...
EBL will disallow Fantoni and Nunes
To 1. I completely agree. This past has got the feel of an absurdity, but the show went on and on and on... To 2. Remember, bridge is a team game and I want to be facing my partner at the table, I don‘t want him or her to ...

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