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Nedju Buchlev
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June 17, 2015
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Guess the (non)finesse - or do we have enough clues?
The lead of d A convinces me that s/he got 6 clubs and therefore knows there is no trick in clubs to be made. So hearts split 2/2 and I play for the drop.
Results from Wuhan 44th World Championships
Yes, watching this hand life on bbo everybody could see that declarer has chosen the losing line. In retrospect I think he might have chosen the best line, even though he was unlucky this time round. He wins if the K h is doubleton on any side and he avoids ...
Results from Wuhan 44th World Championships
Why? K and J are missing now... I think I know what you mean, if Kxx is in front of the Q he would insert the K and force declarer in clubs, getting him too short in trumps for the spade-finess. So at the first decision point A or 10 ...
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
And you could do this via email and money transfer, without actually the need to check the flight connections to Lusaka, Zambia. I am sure most of your friends wouldn‘t even know what and where Zambia is anyway, but who would care? Welcome to the bridge world in the ...
Results from Wuhan 44th World Championships
For Jacek Kalita and Michel Nowosadzki this is the second BB win for Poland within 4 years, after winning in Chennai in 2015. Respect and congratulations to the whole team.
2022 WBF tournament location
Try to avoid Thomas Cook.
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
Anyway, the IOC is explicit about country representation (nationality only, proven by passport). I am pretty confident that the WBF and the zonal organisations, incuding the overwhelming majority of the national federations, want to keep their flagship events national. In order to accomplish this, it would be necessary to stop ...
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
“AFAIK, all country representatives have met residency requirements.“ I haven’t got a clue what you know or what you don‘t know, but your statement is plain wrong. In a lot of cases the residency requirements have not been met, because there simply was no indication for any real ...
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
Last time I looked -a couple of weeks ago- there where no rules providing for a ‘special exemption‘. Could you please specify which rules you mean?
Would you let 7!H stand?
If I understood everything correctly, N took over and asked for aces and bid 6 H after hesitation. N has got 18-19 points, S has got 17 p., so an ace can be missing, but not so after hesitation. This is your typical hesitation situation and S has no business ...

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