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Neil Silverman
Neil Silverman
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Aug. 27, 2015
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Bridge Player

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1986 Rosenblum Cup, Multiple National titles, Cavendish Pairs
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Puppet Stayman (invented it with Ron Rubin many moons ago)
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Emerald Life Master
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Neil Silverman's bidding problem: K9x --- AJTxxxxx xx
Aaron, totally true, the opening was miles from a strong 2 bid and at most tables the 2NT by partner would stop you from bidding much.
Interesting hands from Wroclaw (12)
But probably smart enough to double and collect 500.
Plan the play in 6S
If it is matchpoints, I would win the spade in hand and finesse the club J. Might make 7 if it holds and spades are 2-2 and clubs 4-3.
3!S declarer problem
If were presuming hearts are 2-2 which is likely, then spades are probably also breaking since that would leave someone with 10 minor suit cards and some high cards and they might have bid. Therefore it seems leading the K of diamonds from your hand at trick 2 will win ...
Should we tip them off that you live east of the Atlantic Ocean?
Defense against 3NT
Not sure how shifting to a spade can hurt in the latter hand and doesn't give away anything. Declarer can not have enough tricks in that example.
Defense against 3NT
Deb, with that hand, declarer is guaranteeing down 1 by leading a low diamond from hand. You would have 2 hearts, 2 diamonds and a club. A spade return would be safe as declarer still only has 7 tricks.
Erroneous call
At a club level game I would certainly let declarer play whatever he wants to. Somehow I have a feeling he is probably being punished enough for having led a spade back at trick 2.
Find the CQ.
Daniel, even if right hand opponent held the heart ace and the diamond K, he could safely return a low diamond as he knows you don't need a pitch or you would have put the queen in at trick one.
Run or stay or ...?
Richard, once partner passes my XX would be business.
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