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Neil Silverman
Neil Silverman
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Aug. 27, 2015
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5 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

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Bridge Accomplishments
1986 Rosenblum Cup, Multiple National titles, Cavendish Pairs
Favorite Conventions
Puppet Stayman (invented it with Ron Rubin many moons ago)
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
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Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: KT8 9653 A43 AQ4
I have had enormous success doubling with this and would not think of passing but there are some reasons why this works in mps. Generally the fields are not that strong so when they can get you for a number they usually miss out and often your side is at ...
Trick 1.
I must be missing something Richard, if you play J or 10. East just plays low and beats the hand when partner gets in and continues a club. Might not be the easiest play to find but clearly playing low on the first club cancels out that defense.
Pointless Poll - Vote Early and Often
I heard a rumor that Brad is about to reopen his well, so that he can regain his title so had to abstain.
True North American Championships Coming
April fools?
What is this double?
On a frequency basis, I would rather know that I have an 8 or 9 card fit, then wait for when my partner has 17+ hcp and a doubleton spade.
To Show or Not To Show?
My suggestion would be to not turn on the results and show scores until about 40% of the game has been played. It will speed up the game somewhat and avoid having to listen to I got a 100% or 0% after only 2 rounds and having to explain to ...
Neil Silverman's bidding problem: K9x --- AJTxxxxx xx
I must admit I strongly considered double at the table but in the end chose 5D. The winner was to double as partner's hand was 10 Q10xxx x AKxxxx. The opening 2C bidder just had a normal 1S opening and at a lot of tables it next went 2S ...
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
I know in my case, my most vivid memories of bridge hands are the ones where I erred and it proved very costly (It seems my opponents remember the hands quite well also as Bobby Levin reminded me recently). Do you have a hand that sticks in your memory that ...
Neil Silverman's bidding problem: T83 AKQT54 9 KJ5
Partner's hand was rather disappointing for the bidders AKx Jxxx Axx xxx. After a diamond lead, 5 can be made because East hand has QJx x KQxxxxx Q10 or something close to that. So even after stripping hand a club to Q and K, a duck doesn't help ...
Neil Silverman's bidding problem: T83 AKQT54 9 KJ5
Not this time. Careful play will make 5H though.
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