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Neil Silverman
Neil Silverman
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Aug. 27, 2015
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Sept. 4, 2017
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Bridge Player

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Bridge Accomplishments
1986 Rosenblum Cup, Multiple National titles, Cavendish Pairs
Favorite Conventions
Puppet Stayman (invented it with Ron Rubin many moons ago)
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
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Is this a weak two in 1st/2nd seat in your preferred style
Must admit I wouldn't open this hand at unfavorable but imps vs matchpoints might make a difference.
ATB missed slam
Guessing its somewhere in the Dallas Fort Worth area!
ATB missed slam
Phil, while at matchpoints I could see how you could be right, I don't think its necessarily a good bet. Lets even trade hands and give dummy your partners hand and vice versa. Obviously now you might not even beat 2s and if partner has Qx or Qxx of ...
ATB missed slam
I do know a few players that at favorable vul. would not overcall but the other 2000 all would I believe. After passing I feel I have to do something to show this hand other than 4 hearts. Partner doesn't need much than x Kxxx xxxx AJxx to make ...
What is double
Being old school (ok a Senior) I still play it penalties with most partners but this is one of those bids that probably as long as both players know what they are playing either will do fine.
DIAMOND Wins Spingold
Great win, congratulations!
Slightly off shape 1NT?
I make this a perfect hand to open 1NT but with the 15-17 range over a 2NT bid or equivalent I would bid 3d to let partner know to bid 3NT with diamond help or just play 3D if not.
What I find the most amusing about this post is that there are now 52 responses!!!
How would you rule?
I agree with the comment that 2D was forcing Stayman as how else could declarer say he knew his partner didn't have hearts. Clearly if 2d was a transfer, East would have bid 3H and certainly over 3d bid hearts. To me it just seems like the line from ...
How would you rule?
Gonzalo, not exactly but you can not just ignore everything else and say you only did something because he had to have a certain distribution. And John, not suggesting a split score but a penalty for the offending side for not knowing what they were playing or using UI.
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