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Feb. 27, 2012
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April 16
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What does this bid mean?
At a guess, some may play 5C as exclusion 1430 in support of H, in which case 5D shows one keycard
Best methods after our weak (12-14) 1NT is doubled?
I've also used Jeff's Twisted Swine for about 4 years now with very good success. I have found no downside in not getting to play 1NTX, and 1NTXX has been a winning spot about 75% of the time. You can find his notes here:
Rae Murbach's bidding problem: --- K87652 K986 J52
Abstain - NV opposite passed hand by partner I would have bid 3H immediately instead of P
The boundary between treatments and conventions
It's almost like you two know each other really well or something ;-)
Should Bridge Have Random Drug Testing?
I'm somewhere between No and Hell No...leaning toward the latter.
Neil Swanson's bidding problem: x xxxxxx Kxxx xx
Unfortunately, we don't have a way to untangle that problem.
Neil Swanson's bidding problem: x xxxxxx Kxxx xx
Thank you so much for the polite response. Specifically, as we play it, a balanced short club is either an opening hand with 4+C or any balanced 15-19 without a 5 card Major. It is not forcing, and promises 2+ clubs. 1D is one of a) 0-5 with a ...
Neil Swanson's bidding problem: Axxxxx K AKJxxx ---
We do play exclusion. It was not clear to me that partner would agree that it was on after he bid the suit. In retrospect, I like your 3s bid, as it clearly sets up 5c as exclusion.
transfer responses to 1C GCC
Here is what has worked well for my partnership. x - equal values 1d - Lead directing in H 1H - lead directing in S 1S - 3+ cards in C, D, and H (like a weak takeout double of S)...partner can pass with S length 1NT - C, D, or both Majors 2C ...
Neil Swanson's bidding problem: Jx Jxx AKx JT987
I honestly did not want to bias the results in any way. I thought 2NT was a 10 on this auction. All the honors are working. Both minors are double stopped, we have two entries. 2S is very wide ranging, so I tend to use it as a weak bid ...

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