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Niall Igoe
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May 6, 2012
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The New Tricks Tournament Series
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Niall Igoe's bidding problem: 2 KQ754 KT KQT95
I guess it all depends on what your partner expects for a 4 bid here. He might play you for more than an aceless 13 count with indifferent .
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to dummy. K, ruff and run the trumps. I have a (very) unlikely double squeeze around or a minor suit squeeze. I will have to guess the ending and probably will just take a finesse. I also make on QJx. Doesn't look like a great ...
Play 4H
I would duck a diamond first to potentially cut communication for a spade ruff. Also if I duck the diamond first I'm not down yet if rho started with A/Q/T doubleton and I misguess.
Play 4H
Probably right. Figured lho rated to have 4c for the raise, but definitely not a certainty
Play 4H
I think that would mark RHO with 2164 for it to pay off and at that point can't they uppercut your trump holding? I'm probably wrong...
Niall Igoe's bidding problem: Txx x AKxx AQT9x
Well I thought it was a double at the table. Partner has something like qxx kx qjxx jxxx and (IMO correctly) chose to pass. Unfortunately the opposing minor suit voids in the opponents hands mean that you're booked for at least 990. One hand proves nothing, but it was ...
Shahzaad Natt's bidding problem: AQJT4 KJ76 QJ6 Q
Might well just bid 6 at the table.However, I'm not convinced that this is the right strain or level so 5n it is. Will I bid grand over 6, or bother to show the hearts over 6? Who knows. Would be a shame to play ...
Niall Igoe's bidding problem: xx AJ8xx Jxx JTx
Well I've given it a couple of days, so I might as well give the whole hand. At the table I doubled which got removed to 6NT(xed for good measure). Both slams make, but the problem was that 6N is trivial while 6 requires some careful play ...

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