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Nicholas France
Nicholas France
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April 18, 2012
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an hour ago
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Retired Banker now back in school for a new degree


Partners have sometimes alerted my pass as "Does not have 13 cards"

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing in Orlando in the Board-a-Match with Burrell Humphreys on the 50th anniversary of him winning the event
Regular Bridge Partners
Burrell Humphreys
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new minor forcing
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Sapphire Life Master
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Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: AQ93 63 Q87 J875
Richard on this hand you would lose. 2 is not making.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: AQ93 63 Q87 J875
Craig, what you are arguing for is that the double is penalty oriented. Partner is not really expected to pull it. As long as you are at the top of your bid and have 3 diamonds to an honor or 4 diamonds, the Law of Total Tricks seems to be ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: AQ93 63 Q87 J875
This so called "Action" Double in these kind of auctions are just a bad idea. The total HCP seem about equal (21-19 or 22-18) so in a sense its "our hand" but not by much. Partner isn't shapely as he had a chance to bid over 3 and ...
John Liukkonen's bidding problem: KQ75 KQ874 82 AJ
Hard to imagine we are stopping anywhere short of a small slam and obviously a grand is not out of the question.
Matt Foster's bidding problem: AK95 64 KQJ KT92
I think most decent pairs have a general understanding here. Mine is once they preempt and my partner takes action and a new suit bid by the next player my double is penalty in nature.
Bad falsecard?
The concept is to put declarer to the guess. You could have a stiff J, you could have JT, you could have KJ (playing it from KJx is just wrong in most cases). So I see nothing wrong with random play of the J or Ten. As a declarer I ...
Benoit Lessard's bidding problem: AKQ9x K9 x KQxxx
Nope, you got it wrong. We forgot to tell you that your partner is a "BBO expert" and so there was no right answer.
Matt Foster's bidding problem: AK95 64 KQJ KT92
Someone is fooling around and I'm betting on the 3 bidder. I'm willing to bet he has clubs to run back to and I will love to double that.
6S & 4H rebids.
I have not found the preference for how to rebid a 6S-4H has really changed much over time and the poll results seem to reflect the preference. If we are talking about a 6S-4m hand then the results might be a little different has to how one bids over 1NT ...
Today's Common Game Board 13-missed 3NT game
Len, Actually the ratios are closer to 4:3:2 but your ratio isn't off too badly. John, Double dummy has it place and even if you believe as declarer you can play a little better. No one plays 17% better, so the results indicate this hand is only ...

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