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Nick Alic
Nick Alic
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July 4, 2012
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April 19
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Richard Stein, Bill Grant
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Soledad Club/La Jolla, Adventures in Bridge
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splinter, dont, drury
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Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
David, at least you get a good idea for another story for the Abbot et al.?
Prove partner wrong
How about attempting to combine chances with the diamonds to try to gather info on the distribution around the table? So, two rounds of trump, followed by 3 rounds of diamonds (can't afford to finesse, on the finite chance of diamonds being 3-3 (on the odd chance that the ...
6!H or 6!S and why?
I'm with Kit. Yes, a 4-4 fit has its well known advantages. But on this hand, it's asking for trouble to let the preemptor's partner be on lead when we have a very much possible 10-card fit, unless EW (or E only) never preempt with a ...
Can any pair stop in 3NT
I'd venture to guess F-S
Hello Bridge Winners!!
Nick, welcome to the community! I'll have an odd-one-out advice. Try to get/acquire books by Danny Roth - the 'Expert' Series (i.e. Expert Beginner, (followed by) Expert Improver, Expert Advancer and Expert Club Player). Those are currently out of print, but used copies are easy to find. The ...
Anant Rathi's lead problem: J6 65 9763 Q9754
Without the double, I would most likely lead a trump. With a double I'll go for the forcing game ... a low club.
Limit or forcing?
...and if even stronger, jump to 4?! :) Honestly, I really do not see any point of jumping to 3. Am I afraid partner miscounted the HCP, so I want to make sure (s)he does not pass now? But, I do agree with the majority - if I saw ...
Bridge at the top?
Barry, I'm afraid you got it wrong. This one is not 'at the Top'. Rather, it's straight from the Menagerie! With Karapet The Free Armenian sitting North ... at your table and with Rueful Rabbit bidding the slam at another (table). Thanks for sharing! Cheers!
Overcall or Double with 4-5 in Majors?
Steve, there's also a possibility of bidding Michaels Cue with 5-4 in the majors as the least of all evils - again depending on the context of the whole hand. Perhaps, you should consider including it in the list of options, since I'm sure that possibility might attract some ...
In the Well: Bobby Levin
Hi Bobby, From what I've read, this seems to be the best edition of the Well of all times (wanna come back next Thursday?). My question for the day: what's your take on Fantunes, both the partnership and their system? Best wishes for your future endeavors!

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