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Nick Hardy
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Nick Hardy is suspended indefinitely from Bridge Winners . Reason: Violated the Terms of Service Repeatedly

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June 30, 2015
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Aug. 13, 2016
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about me

Played most of my bridge in the boondocks of Tasmania.  Pet peeves - transfers - spoils the game

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the world champs
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An Open Letter to Mike Passell
Ah, sorry Peg, I just kinda scanned it. The good thing is yr friend probably won't be able to read my answer. And yes Ken, u got it in one, waiting for the womens 10k (yes i'm a great fan of womens athletics, so there), but have to ...
Is the WBF Sexist?
Ha ha, you need to watch Mad Men. My guess is you probably do
An Open Letter to Mike Passell
Starting Times and Playing Schedules
Women's 10k is on at 9.30 local time. I think that means you need to get up at 8.30 if you live in NY and wanna watch it
Thank You for Supporting Bridge Winners
I DON'T support BridgWinners. My only 'support' is my amusing comments
An Open Letter to Mike Passell
Nanette, spanette.
Is the WBF Sexist?
Why? To discuss recipes? Let them just play in a B-grade event
Is the WBF Sexist?
Very insightful David! Being a pretty fair tennis player in my day, I'll let BW members into a little secret. Say this time it's a mens' dbls 4 arguments sake. Most would say that the guy with the weakest backhand should play in the deuce court. But that ...
Is the WBF Sexist?
There is an interesting parallel with mixed doubles in tennis. There is no rule as to which side they can play, but the fact remains women almost always play in the deuce court, unless she is a left hander. Is this because the woman can't handle the pressure of ...
Is the WBF Sexist?
Hi Sabine I have to be careful of what I say, the last time i brought up similar sentiments in relation to Seniors, I was 'flagged off' and given a 2 wk suspension for my trouble. You have touched on something which is indefensible. Since the majority of players in ...

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