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A Double Standard?
In Australia, there is no alert for any 2 response to 1NT (in an uncontested auction). This seems a pointless exception but it's been that way for a few decades. The designers probably said "ALL 2 responses to 1NT are going to be artificial, so an alert ...
OnTakeout doubles
If ELC only works with 4-5 reds here, the agreement has limited value. You could extend it to hands with a shabby 5-card heart suit. So double again with xx QJxxx Ax AKJx This assumes that 2NT by partner over your double is scrambling.
A Double Standard?
When 1NT is weak, this double should strong, saying "I would have doubled 1NT for penalty". Avoids the risk of Garbage Stayman stealing your game. Vs 13-16 say, who knows? Suggests a good approach by the lawmakers is no alert for this double. Have to ask.
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
Offshape is becoming standard, isn't it? K KJxx ATxx AJxx Qx Kx AQxx AJxxx Kx KTxxx Ax KQxx These are all pretty clear to me. You may not agree ...
Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?
I bothered to check the ACBL alert chart, dated 2011 but seems to be current ... Under "Responses to 1-level suit bids" we have "(Alert) non-forcing suit bids by an unpassed hand" So 1 (X) 2 is alertable if natural, not forcing. PS. Surely that should be "NEW suit ...
Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?
Not being US-based, I'm not up to speed with US alerts. Answer me this: In this all natural auction: 1NT (2) 3 is 3 alertable if it is non-forcing? Likewise 1 (X) 2 Is 2 alertable if it is non-forcing?
Which version of Precision?
We played cut-down symmetric relay on a few trips across the lake some years ago. In those days, the quaint definition of "Relay" allowed full relay over our 15+ 1, 1NT & 2, so we didn't have to change much. (Previously "A sequence of relay bids is defined ...
Thrump double vs, FP in a GF auction
You COULD play double as a stopper ask, pass is non-committal. Our partnership would do that, but that would not be mainstream. Responder might have say AKQxxx to ask for a stopper but xx AKxx Kx Kxxxx requires opener to show some judgement.
Best line in this 4H
Charles. The squeeze is only needed when West has Hxx. If East has four hearts (H-x-x-x) the clubs should set up because they can't attack diamonds twice.
Thrump double vs, FP in a GF auction
There is a difference between "We have 9 tricks if you have a spade stopper" and "I'm giving you the chance to bid 3NT if you want to. You will need extras (a source of tricks) or a double stopper."
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