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Sept. 25, 2016
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Summer NABC Moved
When I saw the April Fools tag, I was certain that the recommended venue was going to be Wuhan, which is apparently virus-free now. Makes a lot of sense, having recently hosted a world championship. If things go pear-shaped, we know they can whip a hospital in a couple of ...
ATB - we pushed them to slam. Again.
On the layout, 4 did not work at all well. However, it could have worked a treat on different layouts, those with a strong responder and a minimum opener. If East passes or bids 3, South will always raise with three trumps. Doh! And that may be all ...
What were my chances?
Can't see any gain from 1 - 1NT - 2
What were my chances?
Ce faci aici? Anyway, 4-5 is not 5-4. After 1 - 1NT (most common response) opener really has to bid 2NT, likely to be 16+7 wrong-sided. Opening 1NT avoids that. With 5-4 other way, 2 rebid is okay. Heart lead is normal after actual auction with no Stayman ...
Denial Cuebidding
Kit, Clarification required. Imagine North has a different hand and South has Kxxx -- Kxxx Kxxxx Over 4, doesn't South bid 4NT to show a kontrol in each suit? (So can't look for Q) The actual North may know that South does not have that but the ...
What were my chances?
Judging by the comments below by Frances and David, maybe I should have hooked twice for six off.
We missed this good slam by a fair way
Matthew, I have no problem with anything that happened at the table. I posted a different auction to get an array of views on the hypothetical. Really, I should have doubled 2. On the auction to 5, I should maybe have raised to six. Didn't occur to ...
We missed this good slam by a fair way
Wayne, Not in any way related to this hand, we have similar tendencies that have become agreements. In our method, a 1 opening denies four hearts. A while back we found that it was a good idea occasionally to respond 2 (natural, non-forcing) on a weak hand, short ...
Nick Hughes's bidding problem: AQ72 J76 762 T82
Okay. Consider this hand for partner, close to the actual: 9 AK95 KQJ54 J63 I wonder whether some of the passers did not realise that partner was not showing clubs. Not good to pass 2 doubled opposite these cards. Passing requires partner to have four tricks ...
We missed this good slam by a fair way
3 was definitely alerted and explained as non-forcing, though constructive. That approach is common over here. Have to start with 2NT on all stronger hands.
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