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Sept. 25, 2016
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Perfect storm
The slight advantage of "standard" signals in this situation is that South can give an honest signal that won't blow a trick, even if the pips that South has been dealt might make that signal unclear.
The more moral game
So chess is a sport, is it? Let's hope no WBF flunky finds that quote, or we will be inflicted with more pointless attempts to get bridge to the Winter Olympics.
How many !Ds to respond 1!D instead of 1!S?
What? Transfer openings are legal now over there? It's about time! Well done ACBL.
Nick Hughes's lead problem: 765 A542 AQ63 A8
Partner had JTxxxx, so any diamond would work. Another thought is to lead the ace and switch when dummy has 3-3-1-6 and partner discourages. A could also gain when dummy has a stiff honour and partner JTxx or similar.
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
For me, the strength of South's raise is irrelevant. East works out that NS have up to around 24 points. That could be 12+12 limit, or 19+5 weak. So what? You guess to act again or you don't. Next board. It's like dealing with jump ...
A Psych Story
The following psyche caused issues at the club yesterday: 3rd in hand at favourable, South opened 1 with J632 75 62 A7532 This got partner to lead a club against West's 3NT for +100. If you pass, partner leads a heart for -630. I imagine South would have ...
A Psych Story
Yes, a 3-card suit is usually a better choice. Then follow up by accepting partner's transfer raise. Passing the transfer gives the game away. If you plan to do that, no real point in psyching.
2020 World Championships
Hearsay warning, so probably wrong. I understand that the Chinese government baulked at paying the WBF an amount of US$900,000 (?) to host the event and entertain the WBF royalty. Having shopped it around at that price, Rona (?) settled on Italy. One wonders whether the Italian government agreed to ...
ATB: -500 instead of +1010
Vul vs not with three in the major. No thanks.
What's this X? (I believe I know the answer, but conflicting claims have been made).
Okay, so might depend on whether 1 showed four. Also, less clear if partner had opened 1, be that 3+ or 2+. (When will we get 4 colour suit symbols?) Then West might have an awkward shape to act first time. The issue is different playing a strong ...
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