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Nick Jacob
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April 6, 2011
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about me

2015 Bermuda Bowl representative for New Zealand. 2014 and 2008 World Youth Teams representative. I travel with my fiancée, Ella Pattison, to as many events as possible. Come say hi in Reno, DC or Salsomagiorre :)

New Zealand

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Nick Jacob
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Seniors USA 1 Swing Hand
The line I like is... 1. A 2. A 3. ruff (East pitches, so West is ?-8-1-?) 4. A 5. ruff 6. ruff 7. ruff (West follows, so he is 3-8-1-1 or 4-8-1-0) With the K coming down it's easy. Even if the Q isn ...
common game thursday May 18
The first hand is interesting. If you cash two spades and find RHO has Qxx, you will go down with the K offside as long as RHO is sharp enough to ruff his partner's heart winner. The alternative is to cash one top spade and three clubs, ending in ...
How to bid 7!C?
This is hard. None of the proposed 2/1 sequences inspire much confidence. This would be my sequence... 1 - 1 1 - 2 3 - 4 4 - 4NT ??? The first six bids are all normal. I can't envisage South bidding 4 over 2 ...
Bridge Expedition to the End of the Universe
This was really funny. I think we've all been to one of those clubs sometime in our lives!
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: A5 AJ AKQJ9 JT85
We have to choose between four strains for grand. If we settle for small slam, we will probably play in 6NT if partner has the K. So our next bid has to enable partner to show the nature of his hand. That's why I choose a slightly strange 3 ...
Robin Barker's bidding problem: KJ8432 T9 A542 K
I would have doubled 4NT to encourage partner to double 5.
ATB missed slam in GNT-A
Sorry Benoit, didn't read your comment correctly
ATB another missed slam in GNT-A
Ulf is right on the money. South didn't construct a hand for his partner to hold.
ATB missed slam in GNT-A
I don't like the reasoning behind the 1NT bid; however I do think it's the right value bid, despite being vulnerable and holding three keycards. Absent any gadgets, 2 is heavy but accurate. 3NT is ugly but practical. 4 is fine but 4 is gross ...
ATB missed slam in GNT-A
2? Really?

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