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Nick Jacob
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April 6, 2011
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about me

2015 Bermuda Bowl representative for New Zealand. 2014 and 2008 World Youth Teams representative. I travel with my fiancée, Ella Pattison, to as many events as possible. Come say hi in Reno, DC or Salsomagiorre :)

New Zealand

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Nick Jacob
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Great lead, partner!
Playing 3rd/low there's no guarantee that the hypothetical 2 is a singleton or Qx2 - it could be 10x2.
High-level defense problem
I'll just play for a very simple layout. I play a top club to tap dummy, which is what I would do if I held a singleton diamond. This might work if declarer holds 1624 or 1633 and one or both of the two missing diamond honours. As long ...
Another What Is This Double?
It is playable for it to be takeout and it is playable for it to be penalty. However if it is takeout, it will usually be a decent balanced hand (around 10 points) and will usually have four spades. I would strive to bid hearts with four, then clubs with ...
Bilde and Lall Win Platinum Pairs
Wayne Burrows's bidding problem: Q53 AK9754 53 76
Fair enough, Wayne. My instinct was that if North is inexperienced, East would often want to have a piece of 3 at this vulnerability. I would guess East holds something like AKxxxx and the K or the A and has decided that 9 will be easier than 10. Anyway ...
Wayne Burrows's bidding problem: Q53 AK9754 53 76
North is relatively inexperienced, or East is relatively inexperienced? I don't see how North's inexperience matters :)
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: A4 5432 AQ65 752
Kxx x Kxxx AQJxx If I was sitting North, I would not act over 2 holding the above hand. 2 will go one down if we defend accurately. We are on a hook and a break for slam.
Play 6NT
Very understandable, Wayne. However, I think it is worth looking at the three bidding strategies: 1. Investigate hearts; if no fit, play 6NT. 2. Investigate hearts and clubs; if no heart fit, test clubs; if no club fit, or if we have a club fit and learn that 6NT may ...
Play 6NT
There are two questions that come to mind on this hand. First, why did East blast 6NT rather than investigating clubs? If I were to investigate only one fit on the East cards, it would be clubs, not hearts. Second, if North is on lead and has reason to suspect ...
8xxx to be handled twice
Lovely hand, thanks for sharing.

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