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Nick Jacob
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April 6, 2011
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2015 Bermuda Bowl representative for New Zealand. 2014 and 2008 World Youth Teams representative. I travel with my fiancée, Ella Pattison, to as many events as possible. Come say hi in Reno, DC or Salsomagiorre :)

New Zealand

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Nick Jacob
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Elke Weber's bidding problem: J3 AJ95 QJT Q753
I think your approach is fine as a passed hand. How can you have a GF as a passed hand without a fit? It doesn't make sense.
Clear as MUD (USA2 vs Bulgaria SF Segment 3 board 15)
Yul Inn's point is the most important one on this hand and thread IMO
Bowling Along 6 - Trampoline Thursday
You guys got very unlucky on board 11 vs India. I think there are other adjectives to describe North's pass of 5 and South's double of 5.
Bowling Along 4 - Topsy Turvey Tuesday
What do you think about VP results scaling with total IMPs, too? What I mean is, say you win a 16 board match 10-0 in IMPs. To me, that is a stronger performance than a 60-50 result and should be rewarded accordingly.
Bowling Along 1 - The Preamble
Heck, I'll get a tattoo of Pete's face on my chest if you guys win. And I'll get a tattoo of GeO's face on my chest if New Zealand win, too!
Spingold Deal
It's not guaranteed that East holds three diamonds. He could be 2722 for the 5 play.
Advice sought on ethical question
Thanks Andy. I'm not too surprised it was intended as showing a shortage. Whatever it means it is a very rare beast.
Advice sought on ethical question
I still don't see why overcaller would bid 3 instead of 3 or 3NT. I also don't think this hand is a possibility. Responder could not raise hearts or bid spades despite having a decent holding in the suit, and also holds a diamond shortage. We ...
Advice sought on ethical question
So overcaller bid 1NT over 1 with no stopper? No thanks.
Advice sought on ethical question
I strongly disagree with the idea that North should do anything other than sign-off in 3 at his first attempt. The fact that people are arguing otherwise suggests that showing the heart shortness is a LA. However, North has the worst possible diamond holding, a useless card in spades ...

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