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Jan. 23, 2011
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Hugh Ross 1937-2017
Andrew was the third brother - he was 3 years older than Hugh, and passed away in 2012. IIRC Jim Ross died in tragic circumstances in 1967.
Hugh Ross 1937-2017
RIP Hugh. A true gentleman, Hugh (a Montrealer and McGill grad) was 1 of only 3 players to compete in the finals of 6 world-team championships in the 15 year period from 1976-1990. The other two players were Messrs. Hamman and Wolff. Hugh also won 3 Bermuda Bowls playing with ...
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
John - the Court you describe as an "actively hostile" judiciary seems, sensibly enough, to have simply prohibited the WBF from imposing a sanction that was impermissible under that organization`s own regulations. And what you refer to as Germany`s "silly rules" is the Rule of Law.
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
John - the WBF lost in appeal because it ignored its own laws and imposed a penalty that was impermissible. I therefore have great difficulty seeing how the WBF has any basis whatsoever for sanctioning Germany.
Should I have been harsher?
John- Hanlon's Razor is useful for resolving these issues: "don't attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity".
Can he or can't he?
John - while I sympathize with your practical view, I think Chris is right as a matter of law. The notion of "quitted trick" is not relevant. Per 66.A, which is entitled "Current Trick", your right to inspect the current trick (which you carefully preserved by not turning your card ...
Upon the Stanislaus
"And this is all I have to say....."
The Return of the Curse of the Blue Team
sacré bleu?
What ACBL Arbitration Agreement?
JoAnn - we are clearly at cross-purposes. My points were in reply to your suggestion that entry fees would be "substantially" raised if the arbitration clause was not enforced. I put forward two reasons why that won't happen. I must confess to having some difficulty seeing how your follow-up in ...
What ACBL Arbitration Agreement?
JoAnn - a) if there was a direct cause and effect relationship between the arbitration clause and entry fees then one would have expected prices to drop when the clause came into effect. They didn't. b) The types of claims the League faces generally fall within the ambit of its ...

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