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You Know You Are A Bridge Player When....
John - the deflatable dome regional occurred at Smuggler's Notch at the end of the 80s. A loud 'bang' came from the large fan unit at the top of the dome, and air began to leak out of the structure which gradually began to sag. There was only one air-lock ...
Public statement from and myself
Gonzalo - did the lawyer's letter issued by Mr. Trape's attorneys also demand that your original post be modified or removed? If so, I suspect Bridgewinners has received its own letter.....
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
Don....c' know better than that. The German attempt to impose a stiff penalty on the Throat Specialists got crushed in the Courts. 3 years was probably the most the Italians could reasonably get without fear of procedural reversal.
"We have another board to play"
Ed - you hit the nail on the head. There is a certain type of mid-round/post-mortem offender who will be quick to a) be aggrieved when reminded of the need to play the next board, and b) be accusatory if you then take time to play a difficult hand. I ...
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
Tomislav - the difficulty is that I don't think the CAS panel has the relevant experience necessary to substitute its findings of fact for those made by the NBO Panel. The CAS clearly has its place. Ensuring timely, uniform justice on issues that are common to national sporting federations,and ...
Would you ever refuse to play a particular opponent?
IIRC, Peter Pender was unable to secure entry visas to a number of countries in the late 8o's.
Can this sequence exist?
The bidding is consistent with West, who meant to bid 2S on his previous turn, having mistakenly bid 2H.
The CAS Judgment re FN: What’s Next?
Melanie- I am saying that the contribution to legal fees awarded by the panel is a small fraction of the legal fees F-N incurred.
The CAS Judgment re FN: What’s Next?
Melanie - the arbitration cost award is separate from the legal fee award. As the CAS notes, it has great discretion in awarding the latter: "126. Article 864.5 of the CAS Code provides: In the arbitral award, the Panel shall determine which party shall bear the arbitration costs or in ...
The CAS Judgment re FN: What’s Next?
Barry - the Scots offer this option in criminal cases. Juries can render a verdict of "not proven" if they think the accused probably committed the crime, but the Crown didn't quite meet it's burden of proof. The CAS panel's decision to award F-N only 2000 CHFr. in ...

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