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Cologne court judges the prosecution of Wladow-Elinescu vs. Deutscher Bridge Verband.
Henk - while the Court's emphasis on the principle of the proportionality is understandable, the decision the Court then proceeded to render is incomprehensible. The lower tribunals found that W and E had engaged in systematic cheating in bridge's most important event,the world championships. The Court acknowledged that ...
Advise The Tournament Chair: A Tale Of Three Pairs
Meyer - I sympathize. We have several Y-1s in our unit. But I think the problem is the player, not the system. The latter is not the cause of his misconduct - it simply increases its frequency. But I agree with you that player memos should be filed. I am the Unit ...
Advise The Tournament Chair: A Tale Of Three Pairs
Meyer - you describe player Y-1 as someone who a) snaps, glares and displays emotion; b) has been frequently admonished for this behavior, and c)has made no effort whatsoever to change his conduct. I am having some difficulty understanding why you also describe this player as someone you believe is ...
Just sharing a quote--W. Somerset Maugham on bridge
Maugham's memorable description of Monaco as "a sunny place for shady people" is another quote that the contemporary bridge player will find relevant.
Trivia quiz: how high (or low) will you go?
Jon Baldursson and Tom Carmichael each satisfy the first two clues.
Elinescu & Wladow - WBF Disciplinary Matters
Thanks for the update Laura - I checked the Landgericht Köln database but the judgment is not yet available. Given that the 35 page ruling focuses exclusively upon the severity of the sanctions it should make for interesting reading.
Elinescu & Wladow - WBF Disciplinary Matters
Laura- assuming the judgment is a public document (which should be the default mode), do you know/can you inquire whether the DBV will be posting same online?
More weirdness from the 1971 Bowl
The second hand was truly a partnership effort. After Trezel led the inspired D5, it was Jais's turn to show his unerring judgment. He spurned the obvious D continuation and switched to a club, even though declarer was a huge favorite to be void. Little wonder that a pair ...
Trivia quiz: how high (or low) will you go?
Seems prudent to wait for a second clue since more than 1 player fits the parameters.
Coughing Doctors
Gordon- I am familiar with judicial review of administrative decisions made by private bodies because this was a minor part of my legal practice. I have an understanding of German judicial review because I can read the English-language articles that are available. I do not have an understanding of the ...

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