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Jan. 23, 2011
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Please, Please Me
I'll add another suggestion. When a post is not formatted in optimal manner, please try and resist the temptation to immediately (and often dismissively) comment on format shortcomings, while ignoring the substance of the article. Encouraging participation while providing polite education seems the best way of dealing with this ...
Finish this sentence
indicative of an open-minded, understanding partner
ACBL Memphis (Spring 2012) Casebook published with panelist comments
Yep - you were never in doubt as to where Bart stood on an issue.
ACBL Memphis (Spring 2012) Casebook published with panelist comments
Gary - you're half right. It is thankless (and very time consuming) but it's not all drudgery. I was a panelist for the second and third case-books (1996) and found much of the work to be quite interesting. And there were some fascinating personalities. Ron Gerard stands out as ...
In The Well: Chip Martel
Chip - in 'At the Table' Bob Hamman writes that 'conventional wisdom' had assumed Meckwell would be added to San Francisco's 4-man GNT winners for the purposes of the 1985 International Team Trials. Instead, per Bob H., he and Bobby Wolff were added to the team at your recommendation, based ...
Judge It Yourself
Floyd - I suspect you would have had an avalanche of "likes" had that sentence been one word shorter.....
Selection Problems
Ray - this thread should be required reading. The comments are clear, to the point, and often amusing. And the great majority of the participants are able to disagree without getting personal. Considering the subject matter, surprisingly few exchanges buttress MR's point that critical comments of a personal nature generally ...
Kit - your critical clue also meshes well with the title selected by MR. 'Comeuppance' would have been a give-away.
What will keep you coming back to NABCs?
I will cheerfully *many* more NABCs when (if?) the ACBL agrees to meet with the organizers of the Australian Gold Coast Congress in order to identify and implement best practices.
Say No To Cheats
Mr. Pascal - while I don't share many of your views, I'd nonetheless like to express my appreciation for your willingness to engage in a frank exchange of opinions. I'm particularly impressed that you are doing so in a second- language in what might be described as an ...

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