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Nick Krnjevic
Nick Krnjevic
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Jan. 23, 2011
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Thank you Zia!
Avon - to paraphrase Chief Brody,"you're gonna need a bigger box".
15 seconds to the Bermuda Bowl
Ray - the ACBL should consider following the example of the USGA and the R&A, who jointly publish a text entitled Decisions on the Rules of Golf. The purpose of this text is described as follows: "Each year, the United States Golf Association (USGA) and The R&A receive thousands ...
Searching for an Amalya Kearse deal
I think Amalya K is still an incumbent Senior (i.e. semi-retired) Judge of the 2nd Cir.
The ACBL and the 15 second rule
Ross - there is a world of difference between a) 15+ seconds removes the presumption of *no* UI and b) 15+ seconds creates a presumption of UI.
2019 Canadian National Team Championships
Many congrats to my fellow Montrealers!
Think globally, act locally?
Randy - I won't get into specifics but we currently receive very few player memos. Which is a welcome change. Because there was a time when, over a period of several years, we received, on an intermittent basis, memos in respect of a particular pair that had what the English ...
Think globally, act locally?
James - I am the recorder for Unit 151. Memos sent in respect of club-level shenanigans of the type Max references are compiled. An accumulation of such memos can trigger CDR 2.1.1(d) - (d).
Crunch Time
Sabine - section 2.7(b) of the EBL's General  Conditions of Contest ("GCOC") should have eliminated this problem: First, Section 2.7 provides as follows: Credentials Committee  Pursuant to the By‐laws of the EBL, the Executive Committee has appointed a  Credentials Committee, whose functions shall be    (a)to ...
Bridge Player Archetypes
steve - I suggest adding "The Spouse" to your cast. We don't have particularly comfortable furniture, so I'll leave it to you provide the character-sketch.
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
John - "to stifle" means, among other things, "to prevent something from happening, being expressed, or continuing". There is absolutely nothing in anything that Ray has written that reflects an intention to place constraints on your ability to write whatever you see fit, regardless of its merits. Instead, his comments focus ...

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