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Nick Krnjevic
Nick Krnjevic
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Jan. 23, 2011
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World championships individual
Hurd, Kran and Gavin seem to be missing a 4th - Vince.
Chess Candidates Tournament Postponed
Peter - agreed, but had to chuckle at your opening phrase which is 2020's version of "apart from that Mrs. Lincoln, did you enjoy the play?"
Chess Candidates Tournament Postponed
Jurgen - point taken re the FIDE being the equivalent of the WBF. I may have stretched the analogy to get in the required bridge content. Agree that very few were expert at both. Sammy Reshevsky is a useful illustration of a legendary chess talent who was a keen but indifferent ...
Chess Candidates Tournament Postponed
The FIDE's main reason for canceling is as surprising as the opening day ceremony photo of a thousand people crammed into the main hall. Per the statement issued by FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich, the main reason the event was canceled was an impending egress problem: Russia is imminently closing ...
Change "Best Hand" in robot individuals?
Alan - I suspect that improving the robot's opening leads and early defense is *very* difficult to do. Much simpler to have a software control as Eugene suggests. Jorge's hand records usefully illustrate Eugene's point that a successful bot strategy doesn't have to resemble bridge as you ...
Where is Everyone?
James - Brian P. (and whomever else likes the nick-name) can certainly be called 'Tuna'. But he ain't "The Tuna". There's only one - that's Tony Reus. Or as we say up here in Quebec, where Fish International was founded: "Eel est le sole The Tuna".
Where is Everyone?
Brian - seems you're angling to be knocked off your perch. Enough carping- time to make you flounder. Tony (aka Tuna) and Fish International date back to the late 70's. Notable initial entries include Koach extraordinaire EOK (a.k.a. "Neptune"), multiple WBF medallist Sharyn Reus (a.k.a ...
Where is Everyone?
David - the non-pareil Tony Reus, founder of Fish International, was the original Tuna. Without meaning to detract from Brian P.'s many bridge accomplishments, being "The Tuna" isn't one of them.
Jorge Barrera Wins Spring NABC Robot Individual
And he also nearly won the event
Where is Everyone?
Different Tuna- that was Tony Reus.

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