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Jan. 23, 2011
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Is this AI or UI?
Jeff and Ray - I think 50E2, read in conjunction with 50E1, 50C and 50D clarifies the meaning to be given to the terms [i]Information derived from a penalty card"[/i] and [i]the requirements for playing that penalty card.[/i] The interpretation of these terms provides support for your ...
UI or not?
Timo - did the final score exceed the calendar year?
Unfortunate Result
N/S were impeccable. E/W bidding is what you'd expect from players who were a) neophytes,b) color-blind c) post-October 17th Canadians, d) playing in the midnight swiss, or e)recently amnestied.
Tales from the Attic: The Good Old Days, Part One.
Agreed- but in the *extremely* unlikely event she hadn't passed originally I suspect everyone in the room would still remember the ensuing shock wave :-)
Tales from the Attic: The Good Old Days, Part One.
The table action may jog your memory since BC was inclined to give ...ummmm...full expression to his dissatisfaction if his partner made a significant (or not so significant) mistake. Was he apoplectic when CS tabled the dummy?
Fun to play with GIB
Yuval - I have the same experience. The machine frequently grossly underbids at its first opportunity, and then makes up for it by wildly over-bidding if you aggressively compete. Mind you, the 5D bid suggests you were temporarily in need of a saliva test :-)
Tales from the Attic: The Good Old Days, Part One.
Multiple world-champion CS' 4S cue, coupled with the OP's comment that BC bid because he "was not willing" to sell out", suggests CS passed rather than doubled at her first turn to speak.
Auction Whacking
Philip Martin tells the following story about an auction that John Lowenthal had with his first wife that must be a serious candidate for an "auction whack": "John was playing with his first wife, Linda, who apparently had little talent for the game. She had declared several contracts in the ...
Tales form the Attic: Reading the Defense.
Edgar's credibility on the merits of bidding with marginal values took serious hit at the end of '80s when his "down-the-middle" 1988 Spingold team (Kaplan-Kay/Root-Pavlicek) got walloped 96-0 in the last quarter of the semi-finals by Mahaffey's free-wheeling anchor-pairs, Meckwell and Goldway.
Assess the credit. What is the best bid?
Thanks Dave - the title alone made my day- the sweet system stuff was gravy.

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