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Feb. 8, 2011
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July 22, 2016
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Is this any way to play bridge????
David, Yes, play is supposed to stop in case of a claim. However, the TD is sometimes asked to assess what would have happened if play had continued, and therefore, noting which card one defender played - virtually simultaneously with the claim - can be a vital clue. When asked to judge ...
Is this any way to play bridge????
Ronnie, In these cases, the laws demand that I, as TD, decide what errors a defender can "reasonably" be expected to make, thereby leaving the - not always welcome - judgment in my hands. To solve these problems, the TD must not only have a good understanding of the game, but also ...
Is this any way to play bridge????
Paul, I think - probably not. I have played with this particular East on a number of occasions, and I don't believe his very natural discard of the D 8 was influenced by the claim - it was a natural discard, and this opinion was only reinforced by the fact that ...
Is this any way to play bridge????
I was the TD on this occasion, and would like to clarify a few things. It seems to have contributed to the inflamed situation that I had to be called repeatedly. I'm sorry about this, but I run a busy club, and sometimes have to attend to matters in ...
Could That Be True?
Dear Cornelia, Speaking only for myself, of course, I'm not sure it's worth it. Look at what's happened to Boye; first, he probably spent hundreds of hours looking at the evidence. Then he stood up and put into words what everyone was thinking. As well as having ...
Could That Be True?
Mario, unfortunately Ellis's statement is all too true - all elite players "know" who's at it and who's not. I have only played a few boards against S-F, so have not involved myself in the current discussions - just followed with a lot of interest - but I can tell ...
How's My Plan?
Frances, I think it's a great hand and I can see why you took your time at trick one. Having mulled on it a bit, I think I would have cashed the Ace of Spades before playing a Heart to the King. This may look odd, but consider this ...
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