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July 2, 2014
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Something unusual enough?
"Highly unusual" is not in the wording of the regulations. If your side wins the contract it may be polite to invite opps to ask for an explanation of the auction - but that is etiquette afaik, not regulation.
Just a boring opening lead problem...
"unrealistic" is perhaps a little OTT. I agree a club seems the most likely to work for the best, especially at imps, but I can imagine a spade working better sometimes.
1M-2x; 2M
A Foolish Double
Quite so. And dummy can also call at the end of the hand.
delayed XX runout showing a 3-suiter alertable ?
The difference is that 4 is a raise and to play. 2 that may be a (223)6 shape or 4=4=4=1 expecting opps to cooperate in your rescue with an X is not.
delayed XX runout showing a 3-suiter alertable ?
Frances, that XX is SOS is not the point I am really objecting to. XX as SOS is common (or fairly common) knowledge. It is that 2, ostensibly natural but could be something else entirely and not alerted as a convention should be considered common bridge knowledge, when it ...
delayed XX runout showing a 3-suiter alertable ?
Ed, I don't really understand the distinction. I play one session at club "A" where the standard is about average, maybe marginally above. Over the years I've partnered a large % of the people who play there. I've never once been asked to play this runout there or ...
delayed XX runout showing a 3-suiter alertable ?
>"However it is not up to the poor TD to write up the rules - merely to implement them." The TD can only implement that which he/she is aware of. I was not aware, most definitely wouldn't not have expected it and would have oceans of sympathy with someone ...
delayed XX runout showing a 3-suiter alertable ?
It may well have been in the BB for years - what real difference does that make. I'm a more avid reader of these things than most, but the last time I read it in detail the book was Orange. Anyway, the minutiae of regulation aside, it simply is not ...
delayed XX runout showing a 3-suiter alertable ?
IMO the comment in the blue book is just plain wrong. It may well be general bridge knowledge amongst expert and streetwise players. It definitely is not general bridge knowledge amongst average club players.
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