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Poor pair game movements
Re: Exhibit 3. ACBL used to run 13 table movements, 26 boards, last section as a Web for all National Pair events. There was a screw-up with one event a few (3 ish?) years ago. I forget the reasons, something like miscommunication from the DIC to the seeding committee, resulted ...
Turkish Winter Nationals- New Record
Gatlinburg, a small town in Tennessee, USA runs the biggest ACBL Regional. See for the Bridgescore+ status report on the KO events for last year. Last year, the 5 largest events had 312, 300, 254, 253, 244 teams entered - each event is a ...
Tom, I'll email you privately with Jon's contact information.
Sam: You have a version of Bridgescore+ for testing at your club. Under Library->Web Movement Diagrams there is a list of web movements for 14 to 26 tables. These diagrams were created by Jon Gustafson from Colorado. Jon shows how to setup the boards/tables/players for the different ...
ACBL Table Count over Time
You need to distinguish between full-time clubs, i.e. runs a game most days, and part-time clubs, i.e. runs a game once a week or once a month. There are far more of the latter. See
ACBL Table Count over Time
NABC table attendance is at The on-line table counts used to be in the BOG packets - your DD should also have the same information. IIRC club count has been mostly static over the years, but there has been a large increase in on-line games ...
Cracking ACBL hand records revisited
I am speculating, but most likely those were boards that someone thought had been made, but weren't. Or there was some operational error and the same hand record set was used. From what I can tell from the cracked code, the likelihood of the ACBL software regenerating hands is ...
Cracking ACBL hand records revisited
Reuse of boards within a tournament (e.g. Washington) was almost certainly operational errors, not a computer issues. Reuse of boards from decades ago is likely to be something else. Do you have any examples? The ACBL hand generator was not 2^47 but smaller, however it was still large ...
ACBL and USBF hand records are (plausibly) insecure
I'll see if the author of the code has time to write a paper or something about the cracking of ACBL hand records. I think ACBL no longer uses the old software so it could now be published.
Help Wanted CEO ad for the ACBL
Gary: It is reasonable to expect the CEO to be at the 3 NABCs; the CEO is expected to be at all meetings so this is a 2+ week trip. It is also reasonable for the CEO to attend regionals and meet staff/members. Cheaper to fly one CEO to ...

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