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Aug. 14, 2014
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Bridge player. IBPA member.

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Georgia Tech Wins Collegiate Championship
Congratulations. I remember when Arjun first started... yes, I'm that old.
Open Toronto Discussion Thread
If you do not have a data plan in Canada, and have a phone with GPS, download the "Here We Go" app, then download the map for Canada->Ontario. This will display where you are. It does not use data or WiFi. It uses the GPS signal and the map ...
Article about AI vs. Humans
There are at least 3 different components you need to build. 1) Bidding Assigning 1,2,3,4,5,6 for the bids 1C,1D,1H,1S,1NT,2C ... etc then there are F(n) = 2^n ways of us reaching this final contract with no opponents bidding. F(7NT ...
What will be the winning score of the NABC Individual ?
Killjoy says no. "4. Betting at Tournaments - Wagering on the results of an ACBL-sanctioned event is specifically prohibited. Any member found guilty of any form of such betting in a game or tournament is liable to severe disciplinary action."
Requesting a higher bracket
It is common to sell entries after brackets are done if it is possible to add the team without disrupting the bracket. For example, if the new team will break a 3 way, it is common to add. The TDs have discretion to refuse entries after game time. They want ...
Requesting a higher bracket
The TD is likely to look at the average team masterpoints and look for the best 'break' between teams and split the brackets accordingly. So you may end up with anything from 9-15 to 15-9. In general they try and fill out the lower brackets. 12-12 is the simplistic solution ...
Requesting a higher bracket
There is an ACBL rule somewhere (I've been told about it, but never seen it documented), that the DIC can't have 2+ more brackets than the minimum possible. Example, 64 teams. You can have 4 brackets of 16, or 5 brackets, but you cannot have 6 brackets.
Requesting a higher bracket
Yes. Dropped== disqualified from playing in the event. Their opponents get an automatic bye to the next round. But don't get credit for the match award.
Requesting a higher bracket
Errors are common. Here's one from a regional: A pickup player told his partner he had 8,000 MPs. His partner wrote down the MPs on the back of an old entry sheet for the team for both players. His writing was such that 8,000 looked like 3 ...
Requesting a higher bracket
"Possibly handicapped" normally means it will be if there are not enough teams entered

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