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Nicolas Hammond
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Aug. 14, 2014
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April 22
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Bridge player. IBPA member.

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Your south teammate opened 2 and ended up in 7. My partner led a spade. After cashing A at trick 2, and getting the bad news, declarer thought a long time, essentially giving away the distribution. With the bad breaks it ended up down 1, but not ...
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
As counterpoint, both Warren & Bill sponsored an inner-city schools summer program - Odyssey - and paid for all children, and teachers, to attend the Omaha Regional. This was a few years ago.
Improving the Seeding Process
@Gary: Gatlinburg is a regional. There is nothing that exists between a National and a Regional. It just happens to be a very well run Regional. The FA Cup is seeded in that nearly every round (if you include the qualifying competition) introduces new seeds. The rounds are not seeded ...
BZ v Romania. Crack the Code...
I'm only looking at the video time stamps that you document. Agree that 10:32 Z shows Q. Also agree 11:03 B asks and Z shows K. 2/2 cards correct.
Improving the Seeding Process
About 3 years ago (2014?), ACBL introduced its own home-grown software to help with seeding with Vanderbilt/Spingold. To handle this increase in efficiency the registration deadline was changed from 8pm to 6pm. The developer (who is no longer with ACBL) typed in the player names instead of the ACBL ...
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
The ACBL Bulletin Editors have a tool for that. Given a session and board number, and with a couple of clicks they have the hand records in whatever rotation (0, 90, 180, 270) they want in the proprietary ACBL hand record format.
BZ v Romania. Crack the Code...
1:15:02 I see B with RH fist on table, not LH. This would imply hearts, trumps 1:15:08 Z gives a king signal and points to his LHO. I would say that Z is stating that his LHO has K. I was wrong. Looked at hand record ...
BZ v Romania. Crack the Code...
Agreed. After Z leads he makes a scratching movement with his R hand. This is a common gesture for both of them. Suggestion is that this shows a worthless doubleton or tripleton. In this case I would guess it shows 2 worthless cards remaining in suit (I speculated before I ...
BZ v Romania. Crack the Code...
1:32:29 Z looks at west hand. 1:32:33 Z left hand. Spades. At same time, RH, queen. Showing Q. Shoulder is not a known signal. 1:32:34 Z points at his LHO. Agreed. Showing that his LHO has Q. And his LHO does. 1:32:36 ...
BZ v Romania. Crack the Code...
Confirming what you see (I'm only looking at the time stamps, not the entire play) 1:48:31 Z looks at west hand (Z is sitting South) for a good 8 seconds. 1:48:41 Z reaches over and taps the card in West hand that he should play ...

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