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Nicolas Hammond
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Aug. 14, 2014
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about me

Bridge player. IBPA member. CEO Hammond Software. Hammond Software developed ACBLscore+, now known as Bridgescore+.

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The Next Step
First: @Josef thank you for posting. Rehabilitation will be difficult, and probably life-long, but openness about the past will help. You are more qualified than most to comment on cheating in bridge. I've held off posting on this thread. Boye was kind enough to call me before he posted ...
NABC Contracts
Although the BOD is mentioned a lot, the ACBL also has to house the TDs, ops staff etc. Some of these start to arrive 2-3 days before the event starts - there is some set up involved for NABCs. Either ACBL will pay for these rooms - which is taken out of ...
ACBL Membershp Follies
Mr. Gates has put money into bridge outside of his role as ACBL member. Some of us know some of it; I suspect that he has done more than most of us know. Though he doesn't keep it hidden; he also keeps it reasonably private. Bridge does not have ...
Nice article. Please feel free to update Wikipedia with the 2018 winners/runners-up. See Click on "Edit this page". Wikipedia is updated by volunteers. If anyone else is reading this, most of the events from 2018 need updating with the winners.
My Perceptions after 10 days in Atlanta
Again, I'm not taking sides - nor getting into any of the legal issues - I was just responding to Jim's comment. There are other industries, e.g. airline crew, that work long hours. Then have "days off". This schedule may not appeal to many, but does to some. TDs ...
My Perceptions after 10 days in Atlanta
Am not taking any sides; but TDs work hard when they are work. On the flip side, if they are not at a sectional/regional; there are many days off. But they work many weekends. We need to be thankful for those willing to direct the game we love. Without ...
My Perceptions after 10 days in Atlanta
Directors are either full time or part time. Part time are paid by the hour (if I understand correctly). The situation has been fluid recently. Full time are expected to do a minimum number of sessions per year. There are some exceptions (field supervisors). It is more complicated because there ...
Summer NABC Wrapup
a) Probably. b) Probably not.
Summer NABC Wrapup
I think it is a great service and I use it as well. When running events, they print out a list of entrants and have to manually re-type names for the team games. For the Truscott Senior Swiss, I did the same. Going forward it will be trivial to import ...
My Perceptions after 10 days in Atlanta
"based on" is the term used for masterpoint calculations. For NABC events, "based on" should be the same as the number of original entries. There were 131 entries in the Roth. "based on" is usually the same as the number of entries, but in the last few years the formula ...

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