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Niels Foged
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Aug. 10, 2010
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Lars Mathiesen
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One Eyed Jacks, Copenhagen
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Can you beat Zia? (logic problem)
Don't worry Ian, this is great gymnastics!
Can you beat Zia? (logic problem)
If Zia holds AA, you know that 14 is the right answer, but Zia does not! From his viewpoint, Declarer could hold AQ (12) and you could hold AQQQ, or Declarer could hold QQQ (12) and you could hold AAQ!
Can you beat Zia? (logic problem)
To Mike (Tanner, not Mike Declarer!), I agree with your calculation, but not with your conclusion: If Zia holds AA, there would - seen from his side - be 12 combinations, where Declarer has 6 hcps beyond the shown 6 hcps (KK): AQ (2x4=8 ways) or QQQ (1x4=4 ways), but ...
What card would you play now...?
3 for sure. I play bridge for fun - and it will absolutely make my day, if LHO plays low from an original holding of J98. I don't need a chance to come near 50%, if it can make my day! PS: If I make this one, my bridge friends ...
Best defense... ? (to be cont.)
I do understand that the decision to win the trump lead immediately was made at the table, and not part of the problem posted by you, Jeppe!... ...however, I would have felt quite tempted to hold back A, and rather allow Declarer to make the first trick, and convey the ...
Bundesliga jewel: Bridge over broken hearts
Thanks Roland This is an exciting board and article representing the best in bridge! I believe Leif-Erik and you advocates - and I agree - that Declarer should plays when in on A (OBS Leif-Erik: not in on Q, since North took over J with K). However, if we now swab ...
Board 3 from the 02/05/2018 Common Game
Thanks Ben - and sorry for missing the information about 4 being a re-transfer. Maybe, I can use this opportunity to ask a related, but more general question: If re-transfer is agreed upon, will bidding of 4Ma be a cuebid in the suit used for transfer for example: 2-2 ...
Board 3 from the 02/05/2018 Common Game
The above bidding to 7 would have stopped at 4, if I was North. I would have assumed the 4 bid in South to be a hand without -CB, e.g.: * KQx / AQx / Jx / AKQJx or * KQxx / AQx / Jx / AKQJ or * KQxx / AQ / Jx / AKQJx or... The ...
Play 6N
As I read it, West has 4 's (987"low"), so West is probably 4-5-0-4, 5-4-0-4 or maybe 3-6-0-4. West's discards of a and a indicates 5-4-0-4 (or 3-6-0-4!), since with 4-5-0-4 discarding 2 's seems simple and keeps the pressure on the 4th ...
Diamonds - ever or never?
You may not feel that much more comfortable being in 3NT? This board was played at 14 tables in Denmark's strongest club. At 5 of them, Declarer was in 3NT: North went down 3 of 4 times (9 tricks after a lead, 8 after a -lead, and 7-8 ...

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