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Nigel Guthrie
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Nov. 8, 2011
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Do What Is Possible, Not What Is Easy
Bobby Wolff writes "I could also name at least 10 well known world players including the USA who have been found guilty of overt bridge cheating, IOW wired with illegal signals back and forth between partners, but what is the use of opening up such treachery unless something positive in ...
An Unusual Ending
At double-dummy, you can reduce to the pretty 3-card ending North: 6 J8 South: K5 8 Both defenders must keep 2 s. If East guards , then West must guard , so 6 endplays East. If East guards , then West must guard , so 6 squeezes East. Interesting problem :)
common game deal best line for 6NT
NO Prefer #1 Kerry's original line (AKx then play for break or automatic black-suit squeeze) to #2 Bernard's line (duck a first)
common game deal best line for 6NT
Same as Kerry so deleted
2 Day Trials Format
@Adam: Bridge is a partnership game. So a practiced pair might well perform better than an ad hoc partnership of better players. If team-work among pairs in a 3-pair Bridge-team is so important, however, then we must worry about the future of bridge, because so many world-class pairs have chosen ...
Possible dumping at 1958 Bermuda Bowl
@Dave: Suppose you're vaguely aware that nasty rumours are circulating accusing you of cheating. If an opponent asks you, at the table, "Let's keep it clean", then you wouldn't object and it wouldn't affect your game? OK, you are tolerant :) Perhaps, like Hamman, you relish the ...
Possible dumping at 1958 Bermuda Bowl
@Dave: The unshakable certainty of cheat-finder generals is frightening. In 50 year-old cases, if completely convincing evidence was available, why did nobody collect, collate, and present it, at the time. We shouldn't need to rely on anecdote, conflicting newspaper reports, and the historical diligence of Avon. Friends who play ...
2 Day Trials Format
@Wayne writes that pairs trials for team-selection should be scored at IMPs not MPs. Most would agree but required skills have lots in common. Top players tend to do well at both.
Possible dumping at 1958 Bermuda Bowl
@Avon writes 'The fact that Jaïs and Trézel were former world champions was tainted by their reputation as cheats … Near the end of the round-robin, Don Krauss and Lew Mathe sat down to play against Jaïs and Trézel … Lew said to Jaïs, “It’s Don’s birthday today. Let’s ...
Tarek Sadek's lead problem: Kxxx Axxx Qxx Kx
@Dean Pokorny: Your diamond paradox is intriguing: Strange that, as you solidify the spade holding, a diamond lead becomes more effective relative to a spade lead. Is that statistical error -- or Would more simulations reinforce that unexpected trend

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