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Nigel Guthrie
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Nov. 8, 2011
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Mortons fork and strip squeeze- dinner and a show
Interesting deal. Declarer can make 6N on any lead. e.g. Win 4 lead with J. Cash A, A. Lead a 8. South splits and you win K. Cross back to hand and lead a . South ducks and you win K. Now run your black suits to strip South ...
Director ruling
To use UI is usually a [b][i]no-lose[/i][/b] decision... Suppose you are aware of a logical alternative but you are tempted to take the action, which unauthorized information from partner suggests will be more successful. [list] [*]You are aware that nobody (not even directors/law-makers) seems to ...
Director ruling
North's hesitation over South's 4 suggests alternatives to 5. This information is unauthorized to South, for whom, a poll would show that Pass was a less successful logical alternative to 6. Arguably, North's hesitations are [b][i]overbids[/i][/b], but what the hesitations ...
common game Tuesday 8th board 15
I think the defence prevail, if you swap T and 9 in the original diagram.
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
[quote="Avon Wilsmore"] 'Can you name one other country that reinstates cheats via an amnesty because of a good results in a big event?'[/quote] Most countries don't wait around for good results
Gender and Bridge in 'the Zone'
Sorry Shawn Young and Christopher Monsour. Writing from memory, I exaggerated the extent and improvement-rate of female achievement in STEM subjects. Lior Silberman and Goran Drazic present a more balanced view.
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
[quote='Bobby Wolff'] 'B-H (Becker-Hayden] were caught red-handed and tried at the Atlantic City Pair Trials in either 1966 or 1967 and found guilty as charged, but were only asked to not play together to which I believe they agreed, only to violate that covenant a relatively short time later ...
Gender and Bridge in 'the Zone'
As Victor Mollo demonstrated with his Menagerie, Bridge is a microcosm of the wider world, so it seems a promising field for sociological research. For example, a BBO forum is currently discussing rating-systems, the Bridge analogue of intelligence-testing, and just as controversial. ...
Gender and Bridge in 'the Zone'
Thank you, Sam, for your informative talk about Gender and Bridge: Women now outperform men, at all levels, in many traditional male enclaves like Maths. Men still dominate in mind-games like Go, Chess, and Bridge. Women might be slowly catching up at Chess and Go. Is there evidence of their ...
Should there be a law change for procedural penalty’s, zero tolerance etc.?
Bridge-law is based on "Equity" rather than retribution or deterrence. In theory, procedural and disciplinary penalties might provide redress, in common cases, where "restoring the status quo" falls well short of justice. In practice, directors apply such penalties inconsistently and rarely. Players resent them. IMO, it would be better to ...

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