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Cologne court judges the prosecution of Wladow-Elinescu vs. Deutscher Bridge Verband.
The evidence against the doctors is overwhelming so it's hard to understand the German Court decision. I wonder if the court were concerned with WBF procedures? For example, if I remember correctly ... - The US accused the Doctors of cheating. But US countrymen were on the panel, including the chair ...
How would you rule, and would you request a ruling?
I agree that Bridge would be fairer and more fun with a single global set of rules, rather than separate laws, local regulations, and minutes. Bridge is a game. A game is it's rules. Best are rules that players can understand. i.e simple and objective as possible; so ...
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
What's the problem? Unless local regulations mandate Bidding-Boxes or Bidding-pads, presumably, there is the option to use spoken-bidding in the class-room or training-environment. If bidding-boxes are too expensive, the decision is easy. Otherwise, the teacher can indulge his own preferences. Or, better, he can explain the advantages and drawbacks ...
How would you rule, and would you request a ruling?
Gene Saxe "You can't simplify something that is not well understood." It depends by whom it's misunderstood. But you can make complex rules simpler in many ways. An easy way is to drop rules or parts of rules that cause confusion but add no discernible value. For instance ...
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
Before bidding-boxes, if there was a cold slam, it might be missed at early tables. As soon as it had been bid once, however, it was bid by the remaining tables. Perhaps the aural clues were subliminal :) If you're happy to live with such side-effects then, by all means ...
Is that alertable?
How would you rule, and would you request a ruling?
Agree completely with Ed. Directors and players should comply with the rules as written. We should campaign to have bad rules changed. If rule-makers refuse to change them, the resulting mess is their fault. In the OP, defenders could ask the director to waive the ruling; but there's no ...
How would you rule, and would you request a ruling?
Some top players are aware of the rules but approve of breaking them deliberately e.g. stop-card regulations, claiming without a statement. Simpler rules would enable more players and directors to understand them.
How would you rule, and would you request a ruling?
IMO, we should comply with the rules of a game but I agree with Henry Sun that stupid rules should be changed.
How would you rule, and would you request a ruling?
It isn't the directors' fault. As usual the problem is with over-sophisticated Bridge rules. Players routinely break many Bridge rules (e.g. Claim law, bidding-box regulations, system-regulations, card designation). These infractions rarely incur an adverse ruling but when they do, there is usually Hell to pay. When attention is ...

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