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Nigel Guthrie
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Nov. 8, 2011
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Defining Bridge
A game is its rules. Many would-be Bridge-players baulk at the task of learning sophisticated and fragmented laws and regulations. Some beginners give up bridge after they leave the Bridge-class to play in a club and suffer as victims of incomprehensible and inconsistent rulings that seem unfair to them. To ...
Would you call for the director?
Arguably, most constructive raises are limit raises (e.g. 1N-2N or 1N-4N) but some limit raises are not constructive (e.g. 1N-3N or 2N-3N).
Comments on the CAS Report
David Cole's suggestion seems the obvious solution. When confronted with conflicting expert evidence, the court should co-opt its own appropriate impartial experts, as Greg Lawler earlier implied. Both sides would have limited rights of rejection. It would probably be easier to recruit a neutral statistician than a dispassionate bridge-expert.
Unauthorized Information - when do you need to pass and when can you bid?
A game is its rules. When beginners play under different rules, they are not playing Bridge. I feel that players would all prefer to play the same game. Whatever the level, top directors give different rulings on simple cases with agreed facts. Endless threads in this and other forums illustrate ...
Conflict of Interest
Not a member of ACBL, but feel it should tighten up its procedures and introduce transparency in its workings to present a good example for the fundamental reform of the WBF and other NBOs. Perhaps aspirants to office in these bodies could stand on such a platform, if only to ...
Unauthorized Information - when do you need to pass and when can you bid?
If Michael is right, perhaps the rules could include a protocol to embody his interpretion. Current laws and regulations seem complex and unclear to me. I think protocols like mine would simplify some rules and make them easier to understand. Rules should rely on subjective judgement as little as possible ...
Unauthorized Information - when do you need to pass and when can you bid?
Ed, I agree it's not that easy. By "timed game", I meant the equivalent of a Chess-Clock (could be a Bridge-mate, Mobile-phone, or Lap-top). - A player would have to wait a set time before each action (say 5 seconds). - He would have to complete the action within a set ...
Unauthorized Information - when do you need to pass and when can you bid?
Once again: A long term solution is to make Bridge a timed-game and penalize BITs, themselves, rather than use of resulting UI. A short-term solution might be to try this protocol: - Ask pollees to list LAs. - Add the chosen action, if not present. - Ask each pollee to rank all the ...
Nigel Guthrie's bidding problem: JT8643 J5 J43 73
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Would you call for the director?
Agree with Ian: HCP is the most commonly used and understood measure of honour strength. EBU Bridge Regulations and some system-cards have employed it.

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