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Nigel Guthrie
Nigel Guthrie
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Nov. 8, 2011
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Uncomfortable Satisfaction
Both deals are worth reporting to BBO (Especially the 1st that features MoonDog and MoonDog1. Although, if they are the same person it seems likely it's just a mistake, failing to log out another account). I'm "uncomfortable" with the "comfortable" satisfaction criterion and one swallow...
Working Backwards from Maximal Security
Approaching the problem from the other end: What are the minimum changes needed in the current set-up, to significantly reduce cheating in top-level bridge? Perhaps, for example ... [list] [*] Simplify, clarify and unify laws/regulations/COC so that players and directors can understand them. Enforce the rules rigorously and consistently. [*] Appoint ...
Working Backwards from Maximal Security
For some competitions, the COC could stipulate faster electronically-timed bidding and play For example: you must pause for 5 seconds before taking any action; then you must complete your action within another 5 seconds. You could use the time taken by other players to augment your thinking time. This would ...
The history of cheating in Bridge
Cheating in Bridge is confusing:[quote=Kit Woolsey on BridgeWinners, in "The Videos Shout Balicki-Żmudziński" (Oct/Nov 2015)] ... they used narrow or wide placement of cards from the bidding box to communicate the relative strength of their hand.[/quote] [quote=EBL Disciplinary Committee, (10 Feb 2017)]... the Players did not ...
System Notes and Online Play
Some tournament COCs already allow players to consult system-notes. The ACBL/WBF started the rot by allowing players to consult multi-defences during the auction, face-to-face. BBO software also encourages the practice. For example, when playing with Robots, partner's bids are explained. Even if on-line software could remotely take-over players ...
Penalty For Cheating
Whatever disciplinary schemes are in place, NBOs like the ACBL seem to avoid transparent investigation, prosecution, and punishment of domestic miscreants, especially when their internationals are involved. There have been a few commendable exceptions e.g. the Israel Bridge Federation and Fisher-Schwartz. The trepidation of most NBOs is understandable given ...
A field day for the heat
I rank[list=1] [*] J [*] 8 [*] 3 [*] K [/list]
The World's most complete bridge player.
[quote=Richard Fleet] I think that posting an article which essentially said that a named person had been cheating was ill-judged.[/quote] I agree but the real disgrace is that the experiences of Boye Brogeland and Nick Hammond show that simply reporting suspicions to your NBO or the WBF has ...
Penalty For Cheating
IMO, the ACBL's disciplinery scheme is severe but according to Bobby Wolff (seemingly confirmed by recent cases involving internationals), the ACBL doesn't implement it. Worse, victims of such deliberate law-breakers seem to receive no redress. Admittedly, it's hard to be sure because the details are shrouded in ...
How wrong was I?
[quote=Mike Bell] I don't see a problem with thinking in a position where everyone knows you're not thinking about that trick; I guess it can be disorientating for a defender who briefly thinks you're about to show out.[/quote][quote=James Vickers]I don't think ...

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