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Nigel Guthrie
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Nov. 8, 2011
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How Would You Rule on This Claim?
Agree with Ed. Claims are meant to save time and hassle. If declarer claims, aware of a subsequent key-play that he fails to mention, then he is wasting time, as well as breaking the law..
BetaBridge? A bit better?
Good human-players (e.g. John Matheson), remember every call and every pip. The robot should share such advantages. Anyway, some would argue that it's hard to conceive of intelligence without computing and memory abilities, which are intrinsic properties of computers. Current Bridge laws don't cater for participation by ...
BetaBridge? A bit better?
I think I meant what Michal says. Bridge is indeterminate with imperfect information, involving, probability, games-theory, and social interaction. Conventional "Idiot Savant" Programs like Jack and Wbridge5 already beat most players. Demis Hassabis is a world-class games-player. His "General Intelligence" Google Deep Mind approach should achieve the next level at ...
Thank you, Steve Chen. You are right. "Consistently" means "every time". I've posted a new poll with a bit more realistic question. Apologies to all.
Another question about alerting when there's no agreement
When the non-offending side claim specific damage, the TD/AC should consider that argument. If they reject it, however, does Frances Hinden agree that the TD/AC should still investigate whether the non-offending side are damaged in some other way?
UI Ruling Question
After their MI infraction, it's hard for NS to avoid damage to EW.
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
To avoid any possibility of an EBL cheating conviction, your partnership just need to design a new system, in which you're the only experts.
UI in club games?
Our stop-regulation is slightly better. Before you skip-bid, you place the stop-card on the table. 10 seconds after your skip-bid, you remove it, allowing LHO to call. IMO, An even better rule might be: When you stop-bid, you turn over a ten-second "egg-timer" in front of your LHO. LHO should ...
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
The EBL wouldn't want to inconvenience the WBF.
Another question about alerting when there's no agreement
East should alert 2. When you suspect that partner's call could have an alertable meaning, you should alert, but explain related agreements or "no agreement". The failure to alert was MI. Whether it damaged North-South is a matter of judgement. (FWIW, IMO, yes). Unfortunately, there is a daft ...

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