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Nigel Guthrie
Nigel Guthrie
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Nov. 8, 2011
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Oct. 10
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United Kingdom

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Plea to BBO software developers
BBO is already wonderful but David Yates suggestions seem simple to implement and would improve our viewgraph experience.
Other as a logical alternative
Pelyush is right: An 'Other' option would enfranchise those with a relevant opinion not listed explicitly in the poll. Different from -- and not to be confused with -- 'Abstain', which is for those who don't want to express an opinion.
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
Or 4X-5, perhaps, as Steve Bloom suggests.
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
As dealer, West tanks and passes. East has a 3334 8-HCP but overcalls 2 over North's strong 1N opener. Then West fails to advance, in spite of his 12 HCP. Perhaps North should double for take-out, but failure to do so isn't an egregious error. It matters ...
MI (?) Ruling
John Adams is right. EBU rules about alerting doubles are sophisticated and counter-intuitive. In the course of trying to persuade them that the rules should be unified, simplified, and clarified, I sometimes ask EBU players which "double" auctions are alertable. Few get them right on paper. At the table, we ...
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
Hansel & Gretel
Plan the play in 6!h
Guess... Win lead with Q and lead 7 -- LHO might have cashed an ace against a slam and -- if RHO rises with A, then he can't force an early decision. When LHO wins K with A, you have some and squeeze chances but should probably take the ...
Golden Rules
Bridge rules are fragmented into WBF laws + WBF minutes + Regulations of each RA + Conditions of Contest + .... [list] [*] Eliminating the latter would save a few Amazon rain-forests, level the playing-field, and simplify life for peripatetic players. [*] Many current rules are too sophisticated, over-subjective, unnecessary, add no value, and should be eliminated ...
Golden Rules
[quote=Ed Reppert] I looked for ten second sand timers a while back.[/quote][quote=Ed Judy]I don't know why it isn't technically easy to employ a timer at trick 1, preferably on a bridge mate.[/quote] We can't rely on RAs to make sensible regulations ...
Life Master Pairs Mess
Allowing players adequate time to peruse and check detailed provisional scores (their own and those of other competitors), goes some way to establishing [b][i]the facts[/b][/i]. But the process must not take forever. Guaranteed perfection is a vain aspiration. The director must soon be confident enough to ...

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