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Nigel Guthrie
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Nov. 8, 2011
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The four Queens Problem.
I addressed Michael's question honestly. I agreed that it's easier to find a successful line, seeing all 4 hands (hinted at, earlier, by my references to [b][i]giraffes[/b][/i] and [b][i]ostriches[/b][/i]). Also, given the actual lead, I admitted that you might play ...
The four Queens Problem.
The four Queens Problem.
Belatedly, I realize that RHO holding QT9 tripleton is another remote chance for 13 tricks.
The four Queens Problem.
Naturally, I defer to your superior expertise. I concede that seeing 4 hands makes it harder to go wrong. For example, I agree that on West's lead, you might well play for the drop. Nevertheless, my premise was that, unless there is a [b][i]repeating squeeze[/i ...
The four Queens Problem.
I malign Michael. As declarer, [b][i]in 7N[/i][/b], he would always succeed, because he would take the pointed finesses early, revealing likely defensive shapes.
The four Queens Problem.
The giraffe and the ostrich outplay Michael every time: A, A, finesse J, finesse J, K, K, finesse and cash 3 more s, cross to A to reach this 3 card ending: Dummy... K x x Declarer x K x Claim, cashing K. LHO must guard ...
Obviously Ridiculous Comments
When commentators ascribe different meanings to calls, with and without a bit, not all are joking, some put their suggestions into practice, and few admit to law-breaking :( Unfortunately, the practical enforcement of UI law is the real joke :)
Another Game Won by Alpha
[b][i]Alphazero[i][/b] ran on 1st generation [b][i]TPU[i][/b]s (Google's Tensor Progamming Unit -- a simple fast integrated circuit, designed specifically for [b][i]neural-netwoks[/i][/b]). The program was given just the basic rules of the game ([b][i]Shogi, Go, and Chess ...
Was I injured
[quote="Michael Shuster"]'It is clear they had no agreement and you were given MI.'[/quote] Agree with Michael Schuster. [quote="John Moschella"]'Why should they be punished because they have notes.'[/quote] John Moschella poses an interesting question. The rules of Bridge seem especially hard on those who try ...
Congratulations Greg Lawler Well done!

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