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Nigel Kearney
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Oct. 2, 2010
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Live in Wellington, New Zealand. Don't play much bridge these days due to work and family commitments. In the past have represented NZ several times including a silver medal in the 1995 Junior World Championships in Bali. 

New Zealand

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A Request from Ms Manners
Sometimes one choice is better but the other is still ok. Sometimes one choice is very clearly correct and the other is a horrible misjudgment. If you do not clearly distinguish between the two, the person who made the horrible misjudgment may very well go away thinking their choice was ...
ATB - Wrong contract
2 is fine. The hand is easily strong enough to bid opposite a takeout double. Pass would be a clear error and you would (or should) feel pretty unhappy if you passed and it went 3/4-P-P. To panic and fail to bid our hand just in ...
ATB - Missed game
All South. The first pass was questionable. After that South has more than enough to bid 4 over the double. North could not reasonably do any more. I have suggested before that playing a double of Michaels or UNT as penalty interest is not the best use. It should ...
ATB - Wrong contract
All choices except 4 were reasonable.
ATB - Poor slam
West's strange bidding didn't really hurt the partnership's chances of reaching 6. It may even have helped. East's 3NT and 6NT contributed the most to the bad result. Both players bid as though they really wanted West to be declarer. Was it a married couple?
How would you rule?
Ok. But a partnership might agree that the systemic action with a strong 5-5 is to bid Michaels first and then double next time.
How would you rule?
If you open 1NT in third seat with a balanced 16, partner could have a Yarborough and you go for 1100. If partner's pass as dealer was a bit slower and more considered than usual, would you still open 1NT?
How would you rule?
Can you explain why it is unethical? I would double as West regardless of UI because I don't believe any other call is a logical alternative in the absence of UI.
If a player is forced to pass, does that mean that they accept an insufficient bid?
Good question. Two thoughts: 1. You still could not deliberately make an insufficient bid under those circumstances. 2. As a director, I would be inclined to interpret 'must pass' as meaning 'must not make any call other than pass'. I don't think the player is required to literally pass ...
Were NS damaged because of misinformation?
Also, why did West convert 3 to 3 when he has Jxxx of diamonds and KJxx of clubs, after describing 3 as both minors?
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