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Nigel Kearney
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Oct. 2, 2010
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Live in Wellington, New Zealand. Don't play much bridge these days due to work and family commitments. In the past have represented NZ several times including a silver medal in the 1995 Junior World Championships in Bali. 

New Zealand

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Very Unlikely
Ray, the words "might select" are certainly open to different interpretations. Here's why I think, in 16B1(b), 'might' should be interpreted to mean 'would': 1. In ordinary usage, my view is that when I am seriously considering something, it is always possible I might do it. That's ...
Very Unlikely
Michael, your example is a good one but I don't agree that the implications are as strong as you suggest. I would prefer there is no redress in the fairly rare situation you described, than have directors in much more common situations making rulings according to a definition of ...
Very Unlikely
I don't think what the 1NT bidder might possibly hold is particularly relevant here. Instead we should evaluate whether pass is a logical alternative in the normal way specified in the laws. If you take a group of players of the same class as East, with the same level ...
Very Unlikely
I hope you were very careful how you phrased the poll question. If I'm confident we have a very firm agreement that 2NT is natural, then 3 is an offer to play and with only 10x of clubs I pass. But if I believe we have agreed natural ...
Top of my list
If it makes you feel any better: 1. Declarer can pitch their spade loser before you ruff in. 2. +100 would not be worth much when other N/S pairs are getting 620 or 300.
Any way to a grand?
Opener's heart holding is going to be key to any slam. If you start by showing diamonds, you may learn about the K but it will be difficult to distinguish Kx, Kxx, KQx etc. For this reason I would start with a transfer to hearts then bid diamonds because ...
Woud you find this good slam after a strong 2C opening?
Good summary Dave. Sounds like I need to read Rubens' book again though I doubt I will remember any more of it after reading another time.
EBC Mixed Teams 6 QF - East bidding 2
I should be able to bid RKCB for spades now. If I wanted to cue bid I would have taken the opportunity generously offered by opponents and bid 4 last time.
Second level freebids
First choice: Transfers Second choice: One round force There's no third choice for me. Being unable to show your suit with a good hand when opponents are in the auction is just asking for trouble.
Woud you find this good slam after a strong 2C opening?
I think if they lead a club initially it's better to not touch diamonds and just play hearts from the top. Then if they continue clubs, you win, unblock hearts and play three rounds of spades and the 10. This works if spades are 3-3, the long spade and ...
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