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Live in Wellington, New Zealand. Don't play much bridge these days due to work and family commitments. In the past have represented NZ several times including a silver medal in the 1995 Junior World Championships in Bali. 

New Zealand

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“Never preempt over a preempt”...what’s the intuition? (If you agree)
If an opponent opens with a preempt, two things are true: 1. Your side is quite likely to want to bid to your own best contract and you've already lost space to do that. 2. It will be difficult to make the opponents guess when one of them has ...
What is Cue
You need an agreement. My default agreement is that bidding a suit shown or bid on your right is natural. Bidding a suit shown or bid on your left is a cue bid even if they only showed 2+.
How should these hands be bid playing 2/1 GF?
3NT says I'm happy to play 3NT. If partner cannot support spades or hearts or rebid diamonds, they have enough clubs that I want to bid 3NT on xxx rather than suggest something else. If right-siding is an issue, partner could have bid 2NT instead of 3.
Insufficient Bid over a 2NT Opening Bid
If your partner makes a call over the insufficient bid, she is deemed to have accepted it.
How should these hands be bid playing 2/1 GF?
I think most people would open if the queen of clubs was a small card. I'd rather not have to play 4NT opposite that. Though I agree that 4 by responder is the percentage action when the format is not a club game with matchpoint scoring.
How should these hands be bid playing 2/1 GF?
Under the given methods North's bidding is fine though I prefer a reverse to show extras. At matchpoints I would pass 3NT with South, take my average plus and move on. At IMPS I would continue with 4 then 5 over North's 4. North's ...
Guess the (non)finesse - or do we have enough clues?
xx Qxx Axxxx Qxx I definitely would. xxx Qxx Axxx xxx I definitely would not. In between I might or might not.
Guess the (non)finesse - or do we have enough clues?
I would bid 3. I think of a 4 bid as inviting partner to bid one more over their 4M and I don't have good enough ODR for that at this vulnerability. I'd like to have a singleton somewhere not a balanced hand with Qxx of ...
your comment is needed
I've never played attitude leads and I always suspect the people who do (claim to) play them are not sharing enough detail so I know as much about their methods as they do. This poll reinforces that view.
Guess the (non)finesse - or do we have enough clues?
However xx Qxx Axx ?xxxx doesn't look like a hand that should bid 4 at this vulnerability either. Knowledge of the opponents' tendencies would be helpful.

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