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Oct. 2, 2010
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Live in Wellington, New Zealand. Don't play much bridge these days due to work and family commitments. In the past have represented NZ several times including a silver medal in the 1995 Junior World Championships in Bali. 

New Zealand

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Improving the Seeding Process
Doing this makes it a contest determined by both bridge skill and assessment of bridge talent. I would prefer it to be a contest of bridge skill only. I do think it has to be subjective. People try too hard to come up with algorithms for everything, even if that ...
Modern Losing Trick Count
The losing trick count only makes sense when supporting partner's suit, not when opening the bidding. So there's no reason to compare it to the rule of 20.
Nice route to slam
What contract would you have reached if East's clubs were KQx?
Appeal from Kansas City
I don't know anything about the US regulations. But I gathered from the comments that some artificial meanings for 2 are alertable and some are not. In that case surely North is entitled to assume that the E/W agreement about 2 is not one of the ...
What kind of double is this?
I could have either Axxx KJxx x AQxx or Axxx KJxx Kx Kxx I prefer to double on the first type, for three reasons. 1. Frequency 2. At low levels there's more upside in converting a minus into a plus by bidding than converting a plus into a bigger ...
William Shields's bidding problem: AKJT97 8 J9632 7
Given the vulnerability I open only 3 and I definitely expect there will be guessing. It could be either opponents or partner that have to guess. But I expect my action will leave partner in a much better position to guess correctly. And I think people who win are ...
Why would anyone want to do this?
Possibly people can count and they think that Q10x Kx is worth more than half a trick. It only matters if partner is thinking of bidding on which means he will very likely have some cards in the minors and we want to count expectation across those hands, not certain ...
Is this forcing?
Does anyone have a decent set of notes on bidding after a cue bid by the doubler - what actions by the other hand show values and what auctions are forcing?
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: Ax J Q9xxx AQTxx
4 inviting game. I want partner to regard top trumps, A, K and K as useful cards. 4 only helps the opponents and 3 may lead partner to wrongly value the Q. Plus, if partner interprets 3 or 4 as a slam try, he may ...
Future Claims Procedures - if proposed 2017 laws are accepted.
I think it would be good if the laws allowed what Randy suggests. Declarer can face their cards and continue to play without claiming, allowing opponents to give up at whatever point the result becomes obvious to them.
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