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Live in Wellington, New Zealand. Don't play much bridge these days due to work and family commitments. In the past have represented NZ several times including a silver medal in the 1995 Junior World Championships in Bali. 

New Zealand

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5-5 Major Hand After Partner Opens 2NT
Why can't I follow the Stayman route (Romex thing or whatever) to find out about a spade fit and then bid 4 otherwise?
2 diamond bid weak
If the explanation was correct and South misbid, and they can prove that, no adjustment. If the explanation was incorrect then I think East has a normal double of a weak 2 and a normal pass if 2 was natural and forcing. E/W clearly had a mixup ...
To Record or Not To Record, That is the Question
I don't understand recording 2. If they are a regular partnership and South failed to raise to 3, that might be worth recording. I probably wouldn't bother though.
The dreaded 15 point hand
My general advice: 1. Overbid a little with a decent six card suit, e.g. rebid 3 with x KJx Axx AKxxxx. To just rebid 2 with that puts too much pressure on partner and they will need to try again on too many hands where 2 ...
Easy ATB, but how should the auction have gone?
It might be. I could be wrong but I'd say 5+-5+ majors (immediate 4) and choice of games (double then 4) are both more important than a slam try with no particular message about strain.
Easy ATB, but how should the auction have gone?
I agree it can be ambiguous. My preferred approach is "game before slam" so choice of games is the primary meaning of any cue bid like this one. If you want to do it on other hands, you need to first judge whether you can control the subsequent auction.
Easy ATB, but how should the auction have gone?
After double and 3, I think the 4 cue bid can be one of two things. It might be a slam move with a very strong hand and first round club control, but it could also be choice of games, e.g. a strong 4531. So North should ...
Double of Their Strong NT Opening
If you have a conventional agreement, you may want to vary it according to whether the double is in second or fourth and whether the doubler has passed already. What I intended for option 3 above, is the use of double by an unpassed hand as strong in some situations ...
Do you add 1Hcp for all 4 Aces?
What about 5 HCP and a five card spade suit and the alternative auction is 1D-1S-2NT-Pass?
Do you add 1Hcp for all 4 Aces?
I have done some computer analysis correlating honour cards and tricks taken and came up with: Ace = 4.4 King = 2.8 Queen = 1.6 Jack = 0.8 Ten = 0.4 On that scale the above hand is still 20, even without any tens. It would be great if someone ...
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