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Oct. 2, 2010
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about me

Live in Wellington, New Zealand. Don't play much bridge these days due to work and family commitments. In the past have represented NZ several times including a silver medal in the 1995 Junior World Championships in Bali. 

New Zealand

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Puzzled by Evening Swiss Ruling in San Francisco
I don't accept your either/or choice. Bridge is a serious game where players attempt to win through superior skill and judgment. Some of us do anyway.
A Simple Question
>>Your intention is what matters. Yes, this. I don't believe it is possible to unintentionally do something unethical. People may unintentionally do something illegal but that clearly doesn't apply to your situation. Some words need to be used more carefully and 'unethical' is a prime example.
After a Feature Ask
I don't psyche 2NT so it is at least game interest always. Opener doesn't need a maximum to bid 3, and if I then bid 3 it is not forcing but he is welcome to bid again. 4 over 3 should be forcing. I ...
Is the auction over?
I agree with the above. Without any relevant regulation, I'd rule that putting the bidding cards back is deemed to be a final pass only if the player really intended to pass. If they thought the auction was already finished and it wasn't, they are entitled to wake ...
YBTJ-spade game missed?
I'm absurd too. Also, I am not dead minimum. It may be a style issue as I like to preempt aggressively non vul and would not dream of doing more than 2NT then 3 with West.
ATB for this disaster
I don't agree with double. I have seen things like that work sometimes but it's more likely to end badly, especially if you include future cases where you actually have a takeout double but partner doesn't believe you. 2 is understandable but the hand is very ...
Deciding Whether a Hand Is Good or Bad
How is this good? We have no stopper and may not have an eight card fit anywhere. Game is extremely far off. It's closer to pass than 3. I might try 2NT and hope they take the push to 3 so we can defend that instead of ...
Puzzled by Evening Swiss Ruling in San Francisco
Yes. It depends on what was going through the player's mind at the time they bid 4. If they intended to bid 4 and pulled out the 4 card, they can change that even if some time passes before they notice the error. If they mistakenly ...
Hoffman v Coles - The Psych from Brd 19 Women's QF8 of 8 - 8/12/19 Australia
Most people understand that when a player describes a bid as "forcing", they actually mean "unlimited".
Bad slam
I don't think South has denied spade support. The splinter tends to suggest stuff in the other three suits. Even Qx of spades makes it a very different hand and it's hard for North to find out about that. If South had Qx A10xx KQxxxx x there would ...

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