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Niko Roemer
Niko Roemer
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Sept. 30, 2011
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BC Troisdorf, BC Kultcamp Rieneck, Acol BC München, BC München
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Niko Roe
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Martin Wuest's bidding problem: KJ76 AKQ96 A7 JT
[moved to the correct spot in the discussion]
Martin Wuest's bidding problem: KJ76 AKQ96 A7 JT
David, I agree any Hand that doubles now is likely to have hearts. But I would also double with e.g. Axx AQJ QJTx Kxx and would not have acted over 2♥ either.
Martin Wuest's bidding problem: KJ76 AKQ96 A7 JT
I don't think double here shows anything except I want them to play 3 doubled. Do I? I'm not sure, but I think the double nets a slightly positive EV.
I assume 5 asks for a heart Control, and since North is unlimited, South must bid on with one. 4 is the questionable call for me. 50 % south, 50 % no blame.
Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: AQ K KT753 AQ653
Or after (3)-3? Or even (4)-4?
Bob Okker's bidding problem: AK QT963 A985 Q3
I think the hand is a litte too weak to make a move after 1-1NT-2-2, so I'll rather show my strenght by opening 1NT.
YBTJ (and Jury?) - Regional Swiss Teams
A better Question would be how reasonable North's bidding was. How could anyone blame South here?
David Hankins's bidding problem: T83 K AJ9 KJ9732
why did I force to game playing matchpints, when Partner opens nearly all 11s?
ATB: Languishing in no man's land
Am I alone in thinking west should double 3? I think this Shows a trap pass of 2, which is not a perfect description of the Hand, but a lot better then a competitve 3...
ATB - missed slam
Assuming 3NT is 18-19 here, sotuh is clearly not at fault for missing the slam. What would 4 by North mean over 3NT? If it is natural with slam interest and you can still stop in 4NT if south doesn't cooperate, I think North should have bid it ...

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