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Nikolas Bausback
Nikolas Bausback
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Basic Information

Member Since
July 26, 2010
Last Seen
March 17
Member Type
Bridge Pro
about me
  • teaching (in the Frankfurt/Main(ger) area)
  • organizing (bridge holidays in switzerland)
  • administrating (president of the LandesbridgeverbandHessen)
  • photographing (on all event I attend and more, pictures found at my website
  • playing (paid or for fun)

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
watching my wife becoming vice world champion in Estoril and Shanghai; ________________________________________winning european championship for small federations (playing for luxembourg)
Bridge Accomplishments
sometimes coach of german ladiesteams
Regular Bridge Partners
Anja Alberti, Martin Loefgren
Member of Bridge Club(s)
in Germany, Switzerland
Favorite Tournaments
Loiben, Island, Bermuda, Madeira, NZ national congress, Swedish bridge festival Örebro,
Favorite Conventions
transfer walsh
BBO Username
Salokin; CHTH0NIC
ACBL Ranking
Copy of Bobby Levin - Steve Weinstein
Copy to my cards View/Print
Nikolas Bausback's bidding problem: AKT6 9 2 AKQJ953
how do you force after your double? (1C) X (p) 1H (p) ? 3C NAT FG 2C normal force? But what is when Pd is jumping: (1C) X (p) 2/3H (p) ? then 4C NAT ??? How do you separate this from SI hands?
Nikolas Bausback's bidding problem: KT Q7652 8 JT842
thanks, didnt know this. Was from german league last weekend.
Transfer-Walsh in 5542 opening-structure?
And one more: 1/ TRF 1 .. 1. no 4-c M .. 2. INV 1N .. 1. FG BAL (no 4-c M, wants to be decl.) .. 2. 5/4+ to vs. wk NT 2 wk or FG (if FG 4-c M possible) 2D 10+ ...
What is your preferred bidding system?
Transfer walsh
To Sabine and Roy
@Nedju think of this scenario: you play barometer style Last Board Bid: you could score a top score (80+%) pass: you could secure a average score 1- You are leader and an average score will see you more or less winning the event 2- you are 2nd, more than a ...
To Sabine and Roy
It is interesting that some people think they know what happen in a parallel world, where this boards is scored correctly.
To Sabine and Roy
we should only do this for all ready played events. I would like to see the world rankings then :-)
To Sabine and Roy
By changing the directions it might be possible that the director also (re)entered the (wrong) score, maybe therefore the "if" in Roy's comment.
Transfers over 1C / Frequency of a pass
I think TRF matters much! At least playing the stile where opener bids 1N showing 18-19 BAL. Then you can bid your TRF with 0 HCP and a 5-c suit and nothing really bad could happen. The advantage is that you can pass the openers response.
Nikolas Bausback's bidding problem: KQT KQ6 972 AQJ3
No I do not think so. TD has to decide what happend on 4N if it is bid directly. and my adjust the score.

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