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Nikolay Demirev
Nikolay Demirev
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Basic Information

Member Since
Aug. 13, 2010
Last Seen
June 21
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Bridge Pro
about me

5 North American Open titles. Multitude of top 10 finishes. Best Defence nomination.


Favorite System: sophisticated 2/1 based with 1!C as 2+ and transfer responses. A lot of self-developed tweaks and treatments.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
bringing home a delicate 6H against Garozzo at the 2001 NABC - Toronto, IMP pairs
Bridge Accomplishments
5 NABC wins; 15+ top 10 finishes; Best Defence nomination
Regular Bridge Partners
Bart Bramley, Ralph Katz, David Yang, Eldad Ginossar, Rose Meltzer
Favorite Tournaments
Toronto 2001, Washington DC 2002/2009, New York 2004, Hawaii 2006, Boston 2008
Favorite Conventions
the ones I design
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ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
The Price of Information
Nice study Hans! Event though I enjoy reading it, I dropped the deep bridge math long time ago in favor of what my gut and experience tell me on those hands. 1NT-3NT looks perfectly alright to me in IMPs. Not nearly as much in MPs. But I can't stand ...
Effect of the Recent ACBL Rules about opening 1NT with a singleton
Aviv, The line has to be drawn somewhere and there is no question about it. I have no problem with it being where it is. There is always a way to go around 1NT range with a small singleton. Besides, the particular hand in question will NEVER win me over ...
How Good Will Your 2017 Be?
I agree with Kit. K10x(x) in righty is strongly indicated from the way the hand is described.
Effect of the Recent ACBL Rules about opening 1NT with a singleton
I would open 1 on this hand. 1NT won't occur to me as an option regardless of the rules. However, I agree on principle that players should be allowed to bid based on their judgement rather than on rule constrictions. Openings included. And there is also nothing wrong ...
Length of 2017 USBC Matches
Jan, I suggest a more constructive approach: *Danny clearly says he intends NOT to play regardless of the length of the matches. Perhaps it is wiser only those who DO intend to play to express opinion and especially when the length of the match is a deciding factor for their ...
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: Q Ax AKQJT9xx xx
3 since you shot yourself in the foot already. Opening 2 is preferable as you will always feel uneasy that you are underbidding (or distorting too much) later in the auction after 1 opening. Control responses only add to "in favor" of 2C opening. I recommend to ...
"I'm Getting Too Old For This... Stuff"
Correct! Cashing the 3rd club forces him to either part with a diamond or set up a major for you; And if he follows to the 3rd club, there is no way he can keep more than 2 side winners and protect the length in hearts at the same time.
Protect Partner
Kit, a great hand and write up! However I disagree with the evaluation of the hand. For what it's worth, to have a play for game you need to add at least another K to partner's hand, which will bring him to a "heavy invite" as values (facing ...
Forcing or Not
Even if I generate 100 hands for the people who think 3S as invitational is the way to go and that they will never run into a problem, I don't think it would matter. Most will continue to see it their own way. I simply offer my opinion which ...
Length of 2017 USBC Matches
*Not having half days is preferable. *USA1 and USA2 semi-finals & finals of 120 boards each. *USA1 R16 and R8: whatever the majority wants. However, 90 boards will save only 1 day so I would lean towards 120 for all.

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