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Nikolay Yaninski
Nikolay Yaninski
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May 1, 2013
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19 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Albena 2016
Bridge Accomplishments
Proud member of the Bulgarian Junior team; Several national wins, 4th place in Samorin 2017 U21, 4th place in Opatija 2018 U21, lost QF in Suzhou 2018 U21
Regular Bridge Partners
Dobromir Lazarov, Gergana Teneva
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Favorite Conventions
Transfers, Penalty Doubles, Splinters
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Avon Wilsmore's bidding problem: J6 96532 J853 J6
Well, I simply wanted to emphasize on the fact that it can't be just our regular BIT problem but it is a rather shadier option.
Avon Wilsmore's bidding problem: J6 96532 J853 J6
Wow, I guess no one in the whole universe would ever find a bid other than Pass on the hand, I would be so so ashamed of myself after bidding something else because of having some illegal information.
Nikolay Yaninski's bidding problem: AQx xxx KQJ QTxx
I felt extremely tempted to double especially considering we probably needed a good match and first 2 boards were wild (we missed a great grand slam which was destined to fail today and the next board me making a huge mistake to let a vulnerable 3NT make). Still, I decided ...
Nikolay Yaninski's bidding problem: J87x Qx T9xx T9x
Partner had – AKxxx AQJ AQJxx. She decided she had contributed enough and passed over my 4. ( finesse fine, being 5-1, K behind) I considered bidding 4 for a while but it occured to me it might be a disaster after the shortening lead. I ...
Nikolay Yaninski's bidding problem: K987 xx KTx Axxx
This ended up as a good problem. Partner had 0445 and Pass probably wouldn't have resulted in a great result, although not sure because I bid 2NT which she decided to raise to 3NT and I got to play there, ending down 2. I claimed 7 tricks soon and ...
Nikolay Yaninski's lead problem: --- AQ652 KT87x J9x
lead slowly beats it. lead allows it to make because of giving up a vital trick. Then declarer proceeds with and we can't establish even a single trick in . Later manages to make 5 , a and a trick with the 2 ...
Nikolay Yaninski's bidding problem: AKJT2 AQ84 A KQ5
I blasted highly-optimistic 6 based on the assumption that West psyched 1, thus giving us the edge of knowing how to play the suit. Which was the actual case (West had a doubleton). However, partner didn't have the very much needed K (J for ...
Nikolay Yaninski's lead problem: 7643 T85 KQ97 A7
Congrats to those finding the lead. That's the hand. It came from the Bulgarian Open Trials. Both players (two of the strongest Bulgarian players) chose lead as well ...
Multiple versions of a bidding or lead poll
Checking for a particular hand or probably hands in which particular bids were made (example: 2M/2di multi/3x PRE) might be extremely useful for testing how you do in situations in which you are preempted. There are definitely more and more ways in which this feature can be used ...
Shiang Chen's bidding problem: JT AKJ76 AT92 84
Don't see a reason why partner would not evaluate this obviously good holding himself and bid something other than 2.

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