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Nikos Delimpaltadakis
Nikos Delimpaltadakis
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Oct. 21, 2010
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England women's trials
There is mixed teams competition in EC as well. I suppose Peter meant that one.
Rating Study from ACBL Tournaments
Hello fellow web developer. I used to do the same back in 2001 when I had developed a complete system for the results and the masterpoints of Greek Bridge Federeation. Your comment "we still get loads of queries from people eagerly investigating their grade history" made me remember one more ...
Rating Study from ACBL Tournaments
I do not want to appear negative, because scientifically I am not. It is a very interesting challenge to quantify how good is a pair at bridge. So I will start with my math contribution to show that I appreciate the math challenge. 1) If you want to build a ...
Has anyone made any software that creates a convention card from the hands a pair has played?
This is a very hard (if solvable) problem. If someone could solve it, could do much bigger things with these abilities. And I suppose they actually do. If I wanted to joke about it I would write: 1) Obtain the necessary knowledge to do this efficiently. 2) Use above knowledge ...
"Director, declarer had no problem but did not give away his holding!"
I think most of you missing the point. Let's agree that declarer was 1 time guilty for not playing automatically and making his slight theatrical shrug. However the defenders would be more guilty if they wouldn't continue diamonds, given the fact that such a long hesitation before playing ...
Petition for NABC+ Midnight KO
Nikos Delimpaltadakis's bidding problem: A52 AKQ7 6 AKT86
Yeah Tom, I'll reply to you since you were there too :) Here is the board no. 12 Not only bidding clubs is the likely winning strain, but is also the bid that is consistent with your original double. When ...
Questions about bridge terms
Questions about bridge terms
"Advancing" situation. Because here without the advancer there is no guarantee for a continued auction.
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
I have seen coffeehouse games better organised than this qualifying event. I am very curious if there is an appeal procedure in front of the organising committee of the national event. Ok we learned that ACBL commented that using a round-robin to qualify one out of three teams is acceptable ...

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