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Nikos Stamatiou
Nikos Stamatiou
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Basic Information

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Jan. 11, 2014
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4 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

born 21-9-1962... Physiotherapist... well, and bridge teacher and director

obsessed with ethics, the today's fashion of unethical play has caused me many times to stop playing

my most beloved pair in the world: Meckwell


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
July 1986, juniors european chp: making 5D doubled when I had 6 tricks on good def (youngs tend to overbid grossly) the board was on the bulletin as a horror storry
Regular Bridge Partners
I play very rarelly, cause working with bridge
Favorite Conventions
cbs,drury,wolf,walsh,over 2NT:3S xfer to 3NT and 3NT xfer to 4C,4xfers... and many more (I HATE bergen)
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Doubling in this Position
I am a passed hand. Partner has opened in 3d seat. This is just penalty, I can (maybe almost) beat this alone. Don't hang partner for opening light!
Mike Cassel's bidding problem: K843 Q8753 KT6 A
The stiff ace is bad. The only good spot I have is in the wrong suit (very probably). I cannot find a reason to even think. Move that A somewhere so that it's useful, give me a spot in my suits and I may think of it.
Alert Question
You cannot play with a regular partner who knows this could be zero, because you will have a zero count (or close to that) after 2 passes, once every 3 years or so. You will get a 1NT opening after 2 passes a lot more often than that. By the ...
Eric Colinet's bidding problem: AQ743 AQ62 --- Q932
I may disagree with the first double, but this is my personal preference, it's not crazy or something, I much prefer to show my 5 card suit first, especially when it's a major. However, this 3 bid .... You have at least one ace less and at least ...
Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: AT5 95 QT98 QJ86
Certainly, assuming this is p/c always. I am not jumping to game, but with such a huge fit, a doubleton in the other suit and an ace, I just can't pass. However, it's worth noting that I don't use 2 suit overcalls on peanuts.
Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: AT5 95 QT98 QJ86
If you can't bid over 3 with this hand, what's the point in playing michael's cue bids at all?
Winston Chang's bidding problem: xxxx Kx Qx AJxxx
If you don't double 1 with 4 of them, you should not have redoubled in the first place. Just because partner has opened in the 3d seat, though a minor tbh, I'd bid 1NT instead, but do not object to xx if you can handle it.
The never never land
Where is 1? (this looks to me as good enough "total points").
Nick Simms's lead problem: 5 KQJT96 T8 KT97
If I didn't open 3, why then didn't I open at least 4?
What is 2NT here?
I voted invitational, meaning I'm in the 14ish range.

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