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Nikos Stamatiou
Nikos Stamatiou
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Basic Information

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Jan. 11, 2014
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9 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

born 21-9-1962... Physiotherapist... well, and bridge teacher and director

obsessed with ethics, the today's fashion of unethical play has caused me many times to stop playing

my most beloved pair in the world: Meckwell


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
July 1986, juniors european chp: making 5D doubled when I had 6 tricks on good def (youngs tend to overbid grossly) the board was on the bulletin as a horror storry
Regular Bridge Partners
I play very rarelly, cause working with bridge
Favorite Conventions
cbs,drury,wolf,walsh,over 2NT:3S xfer to 3NT and 3NT xfer to 4C,4xfers... and many more (I HATE bergen)
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Jean-Luc Lachance's bidding problem: A AKJ73 A86 JT63
With 4-1-4-4 do you open 1 or 1?
Alan Frank's bidding problem: KJ6 9 AK53 J6432
The one with length, with 65432,1082,AKQ,A8 my guess is that you open 1, not 1. "Obviously" all this is true, if you regard your hand as a gf, as I do. The problem that arises is that partner will count a lot for her possible ...
The History of History (Part 1)
But here I learn, that lesser minds like Boye and TGBH would still lead a . Now this is what creates a whole new way of thinking for me. I have never been accused in my life of any kind of ch*ng or smart practice. In fact there are ...
The History of History (Part 1)
Ty David, I wish I knew how I managed this.
The History of History (Part 1)
I cannot like enough your whole article mr Yates, as, I want to say, almost everything you write. I want to refer at the hand with K109xxx at page 9 which created a whole new idea for me. My reflection on this hand was to lead a . That, assuming ...
Nikos Stamatiou's bidding problem: AQ AK983 AKQ6 K8
If life were easy, I would be at a beach right now under the sun.
Nikos Stamatiou's bidding problem: AQ AK983 AKQ6 K8
Alan Frank's bidding problem: KJ6 9 AK53 J6432
Partner is allowed to open 1 with AQxxx,Axx,x,KQ10x or AQxxxx,Axx,QJxx,- . I cannot find one reason to mastermind why I should not respond my suit (and, very likely, end at 4 but who knows?).
Daniel Delestre's bidding problem: JT76 6 AKQJ9854 ---
They are an unusual mistake.
Steve Moese's bidding problem: KQT2 --- J875 T8543
If they bid 4 and I haven't bid 4, I'll be even less happy.

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