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Nils Kvangraven
Nils Kvangraven
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Sept. 14, 2015
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Bridge Player
about me

Norwegian bridgeplayer and writer.


I am educated as an Auditor, currently I'm into business developement and the Datacenter industry. 

Besides playing a lot of bridge, I write a Norwegian Bridge-blogg –

I also hold a nice collection of bridge books and magazines. All Scandinavian and English issues are of interest.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the Belladonna Throphy in 2013
Bridge Accomplishments
European and Norwegian Champion. Member of the Norwegian Open Team.
Regular Bridge Partners
Ulf Tundal
Favorite Tournaments
Marit Sveaas IBT
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ACBL Ranking
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Champions of Bridge and Chess Showing Sportsmanship
I was only referring to the EBL championship bulletin Read no 11, page 30, article written by Barry Rigal:
Champions of Bridge and Chess Showing Sportsmanship
You put a lot more into the article than I had in mind. I had no intentions starting a political or male-female debate. It seems like the language might have fooled me, I didn’t know gentlemen could be read this way. I am sorry if anyone think I wrote ...
Champions of Bridge and Chess Showing Sportsmanship
true, i mixed the rapid/blitz. Article updated
Should Monaco Decline 2014 EBL Gold Medal?
My feelings are that the 2014 championship can’t be restored. The championship would have been a totally different tournament without these tainted teams. It is not correct to just disqualify 4-5 teams from top 10 and then salute new medalists. There was a scoring in the final round-robin of ...
A bold post wrote by a strong woman. We need People like you Marion, I'm 100 % with you. #saynotocheats
Opening lead constrained by UI?
It is a “problem”, that’s why they poll it to find the answer. I only wanted to throw in some of the missing arguments in the discussion. When strong players speak first, the others follow and the poll might not give the right result. do you think that 70 ...
Opening lead constrained by UI?
So almost nobody lead a diamond from KQxxxxx against 3NT (the king)? Do declarer always hold double stopper in your suit when bid 3NT at a stressed position? Let’s say you have opened 1♠ holding Qxxx xx A AKQxxx, you could bid 3NT in this position, there are a ...
Copenhagen Bridge Invitational begins Thursday
Best of luck Christina, you do a great job! I do hope you still have your house after Geir and Tor have claimed their price!
You be the committee
North is in a poor position. 1: If he pass 5♦ and it only makes 11 the contract are changed to 6♦-1. 2: If he raise to 6♦ making, the contract will be changed to 5♦ +1. 3: If 6♦ goes down the result will stand. And to give ...
"Fisher-Schwartz call for WBF investigation" from NewInBridge
“A team of bridge professionals and legal advisers are currently working on a comprehensive rebuttal document” I wonder if there are any professional players who want their names written together with FS? Even a million dollars wouldn’t make me sign any document defending their actions…..

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