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Feb. 1, 2012
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TD Ruling
They did not have any CC.Ew just showed their agreement notes on their cellphone when discussing with TD
TD Ruling
Adjusted Score was 3 nt making 4 and there was no ac
TD Ruling
İ was the player at north,there was no cc present at the table ,it was later shown from a cell phone that their agreement is 2 cl would be dont at sec seat but majors when reopening again from notes shown from a cellphone.unlikely to us very few ...
Interesting Appeal hand from Turkish Club Championship
Ducking sp also beats since he Will know what to play when sp played again
Interesting Appeal hand from Turkish Club Championship
And they should hang them , I have difficulty to understand,so lets get things set, With the info given to Versace he does not know if the opps reached 3Nt with Limited strength or extra since the opener may have extras Yet he decides to double asking for a sp ...
To Sabine and Roy
I find comments on Grzegorz post beeing rude complete nonsense as i have read it over and over instead i find RW post agresive and rude w/o any acknowledgement of the mistake done and w/o honoring the NZ pair
Italian team
Geof I admire how naive you are ,that is great However Boye decided to go after only after he lost the appeal Otherwise i bet he would be sleeping like a baby that evening. Nevertheless some good came of it although i still disagree with the methods initially taken by ...
Italian team
Gavin Alfredo Versace and Lorenzo Lauria are an outstanding pair whom every bridge player with intentions to their next level follows and admires. Having said that censoring an article is disgrace as i believe this community is smart enough to draw their own conclusions.i would agree to not allowing ...
Fisher comments...
Good education John, I do have a question though in the case of BW, Recently Kit put a post with BZ videos and it was than admitted both by Kit and BW that the title "videos shout" was designed by BW for reasons that was not clear . Will such a ...
Sweden should not have played in the knock out phase
gene You are completely wrong and baised ,Canada knew according to the post,they just chose not to tell Sweden ,bottom line Japan was left out and as the post which got 24 ilkes says "so what" How pathetic for those who pushed the like button including Boye,"so what ...
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