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Noah Weiss
Noah Weiss
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Aug. 9, 2015
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Aug. 23, 2019
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Bridge Player
about me

I am a math professor at UW-Eau Claire, and play bridge occasionally.

United States of America

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Ace of Clubs, BIL,
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Non Life Master
Noah's standard convention card
Basic 2/1 with a few gadgets
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Philip McPeek's bidding problem: 63 AK73 JT9765 6
That's a tough problem! Although 1NT should show a balanced hand in this auction, I think it's more important to show a stopper. I think 2D is an overbid.
Philip McPeek's bidding problem: Q98743 94 8 K983
Though you are a little weak to double, your distribution is excellent with a singleton in the foe suit, heart tolerance, and 10 black cards.
Noah Weiss's bidding problem: 32 AQ954 KQT875 ---
That's an interesting idea that I have not considered!
Noah Weiss's bidding problem: 4 85 KQJT8743 73
That is a good question regarding the problem. I still live in EC, but haven't updated my profile since living in Kenosha.
Noah Weiss's bidding problem: 4 85 KQJT8743 73
Thanks for the suggestion. I guess that listing the meaning of those calls is redundant given the system mention?
Noah Weiss's bidding problem: 32 AQ954 KQT875 ---
I abstain on my own problem :)
Guy Arie's bidding problem: AKxx Txxx Jx Kxx
Partner is even shorter in diamonds and didn't act, which means that we might be in trouble if we bid.
Philip McPeek's bidding problem: --- Q54 KQJ92 QT962
Double is flexible, but I am indeed afraid of partner bidding 4H, but I feel that it would be safe to run to 5C in that case.
Tom O'Reilly-Pol's bidding problem: 8xx AKx Jxx QJxx
All calls are flawed. Pass understates your points, any suit bid or a double overstates your length, and NT is not good with the enemy suit wide open. I chose to understate the points since partner has another call.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: T63 AQJ84 QJ876 ---
Despite the 5-5, partner's failure to support hearts, plus your death holding in the enemy suit and void in partner's suit, screams misfit, and I'm following the law of holes.

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