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Norman Selway
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Sept. 26, 2016
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Nov. 27
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Lost in Translation?
If you like!
Lost in Translation?
The meaning was very clear as anyone but a frustrated pedant would understand. Anyway, if this is your main take on the post, have fun, live a happy (if somewhat shallow) life, and do try to find more things to fill your time.
Lost in Translation?
Really? So it was 12 years not 50.
Lost in Translation?
No comment!
Lost in Translation?
I do not agree with you. Eugene is a grown person and, if offended, can look after himself. Your opinion on the post is not clear but it seems that you care more about a comment about Eugene's sense, or not of humour than a comment about beating women ...
Lost in Translation?
I , did not, and would not call Eugine names. I realise that he deletes posts based on complaints. If this is done as a matter of routine, then OK, but I must be allowed to voice my view. If he, or you disagree with it, then that is your perogative ...
Lost in Translation?
Umm, the person was not a bridge player, knew that my wife was, wanted to do something nice and would not read the book as she would not understand it. Is that OK with you?
Lost in Translation?
Hmm, if this was my comment to David Burn, I would point out that he is a friend of mine and Gillian, another friend of us both and a strident feminist and a fearsome creature, would not approve and mignt disagree vehemently with him. Lighten up, both David and myself ...
Lost in Translation?
An interesting dichotomy between the views of out more Eastern friends and those from the West. Must be a cultural thing.
Lost in Translation?
You know me - a total snowflake! Martens writes fine books, perhaps he should read them sometimes.

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