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Norman Selway
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Sept. 26, 2016
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bridge player

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I would show doubleton Spade. Anything else is ill or not, considered,
Open Orlando Discussion Thread
Having just got back to Blighty (England), having played in the whole lot, having paid for ourselves and our daughter (been playing for 2 years)and flights, accommodation and lots of entry fees, I can say that we all really enjoyed it. We made the Mixed teams KO and got ...
Orlando Team Schedule Revisions
Hi, I don't know if this has been asked already, but we are hiring a car at the airport and wonder what the parking will be like near or at the venue. Does anybody have any info? Thanks.
Do You Have Any Fun/Funny Lesson Hands for Intermediates?
Quite right, don't want to get them into the habit of thinking, do we?
Do You Have Any Fun/Funny Lesson Hands for Intermediates?
Here is a hand that I took from an old Bridgeworld - a very old Bridgeworld! N= KX, XX, KJX,KQXXXX. S= QX, KXX, AXXXX, AX. S plays in 3NT on a Heart lead. This is an excellent hand for intermediate or better and beginners could learn from it too. I ...
English selection for Venice Cup
Well done Yvonne, given the circumstances it was the only correct decision.
Can you hear the drums?
Many thanks David
Playing with Richard Sampson in the Spring 4's many moons ago, against Robson and Liggins, the tall one opened a five card spade and Richard overcalled 1NT, I had an eight count with QXXXX of spades. I transfered into spades and he bid 3 Diamonds - very suspicious, but as ...
They Are A Changing
well Frances, I hear what you say and you obviously know the rules better than me(not a vast achievement!)but I do not agree with you. To me it is an anathema for a player to not bid Spades on this hand. it is obvious that this sequence has ...
They Are A Changing
Hi Ed, you are of course right but in my defence we had 50 mins for food before starting the next match so I should have appealed but I was hungry!

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