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Norman Selway
Norman Selway
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Norman Selway is suspended from posting until July 26, 2020 . Reason: repeated personal attacks

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Sept. 26, 2016
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June 28
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about me

I learnt bridge some 53 years ago at school where my physics teacher started a lunch time club.  That was the end of my studies and I spent my years from the age of 13 onwards playing small stakes and being mentored by Paul Gordon (Fritzi's husband). I graduated through the Acol Bridge Club, Stefan's  and St. Johns Wood Bridge Club.  When I was 17 I played against John Collings, Freddie North and Paul Hackett in a game that I could not afford to play in.  Great fun.  I played my first duplicate ay age 30 and it has always been my view that rubber bridge is the best and purest form of the game, I love it.  

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The World's most complete bridge player.
Ok, so I read most, life is too short, of Neeraj's post. My position is this, on and off I have known Andrew as a person in the bridge world and a person that I could sociaby pass time with for in excess of 40 years. He himself would ...
The World's most complete bridge player.
Spade lead for me but back into my bunker if it turns out to be right.
Anti cheating committee
Re Michael's post upstream, if I am duplicating somebody else, I apologise. As he is obviously going to have a doubleton that is red as opposed to clubs, is he not 2-1 on to win with his action? Cripes! This site should get back to bridge and quit with ...
The World's most complete bridge player.
In heard something once, probably not true, something like , "There is more joy in Heaven over a sinner who repents". Can't think where I got it from but it works for me.
Anti cheating committee
Andrea Buratti plays in Major Alt
Boye, you are a good guy. You sign up in good faith to play in a tournament and then find that a convicted cheater is also playing. You, and your committee pull out... Do I really have to tell you this. Of course I do not, you already know. The ...
Andrea Buratti plays in Major Alt
You live by your word, or your word means nothing. You say that you and your World Class colleagues abhor cheating and cheats and would never play with them, or you play with them and your word (s) mean nothing. Weasel words won't cut it.
It Happened One Day
The World's most complete bridge player.
It Happened One Day
To Charles Brenner, who I seem to remember between clouds of age induced fog from the Acol Bridge Club in the dim and distant,(please correct me if I am wrong). I quote the magnificent Hugo Montoya, to the Scillian, and I paraphrase, "Bigotry? I don thin that mean what ...

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