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Norman Selway
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Sept. 26, 2016
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Can you hear the drums?
Many thanks David
Playing with Richard Sampson in the Spring 4's many moons ago, against Robson and Liggins, the tall one opened a five card spade and Richard overcalled 1NT, I had an eight count with QXXXX of spades. I transfered into spades and he bid 3 Diamonds - very suspicious, but as ...
They Are A Changing
well Frances, I hear what you say and you obviously know the rules better than me(not a vast achievement!)but I do not agree with you. To me it is an anathema for a player to not bid Spades on this hand. it is obvious that this sequence has ...
They Are A Changing
Hi Ed, you are of course right but in my defence we had 50 mins for food before starting the next match so I should have appealed but I was hungry!
They Are A Changing
Frances, I did not appeal the ruling on hand 1 because the match was not close, I would have done so otherwise because the man had a 4S bid which is what you or I would have bid and it would have led to a large penalty, all else is ...
They Are A Changing
I could name the player, I could give his comments, but as he is not here to defend himself, I will not. I am not sure that EVERYONE on Bridgewinners disagrees with me but as you have obviously conducted an extensive survey of members I bow to your point of ...
They Are A Changing
If you knew that 3D was a splinter all along and you were trying to get in the way. Seems odd at adverse vulnerability and 4H instead would have used up more room and helped partner more and removed any later problem that you might encounter. If you did however ...
They Are A Changing
Wouldn't it be fun if they if they did? I did not say that they did and unsurprisingly they didn't! But, they did show a heart raise and then accepted their partner's decision at the five level. it is true that they had shown a pre emptive ...
They Are A Changing
In the first hand the advancer merely forgot the system - looks from the auction that it has happened before. In the second case, the player said nothing at the table but when asked an hour later said that he was muddying the waters. He may be right, he may have ...
They Are A Changing
System says that it is a splinter but surely the explanation gives the possibility of UI

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