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Okan Özcan
Okan Özcan
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March 19, 2013
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Aug. 12
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Bridge Teacher

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Yusuf Salman
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Ataköy Bridge Club
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Greg Michaels's bidding problem: AKQ6 AJT2 T AQ64
Me and my rho we both have 32 + points. İ dont assume all the missing high cards in my pards hand
Mike Cailean's bidding problem: A AKQ852 7 AKJ76
1H will not go all pass
Numan Bakar's bidding problem: A 4 AKQT93 AKQJ5
Pard could be void in spades and jxxxx diamond with KQJ heart
Okan Özcan's bidding problem: 76 86 AKQ9 AQT93
hi ill ask for the rebid after some answers to opening bid :)
Numan Bakar's bidding problem: 98765 K72 AK Q63
when opponents dont invite to game and i have 6-7hcp in balance i know my pard can have oppening values and try to find out why bidded pas
Numan Bakar's bidding problem: 98765 K72 AK Q63
1s voters thinks ; pas = no opening values or pas = bidding is forbiden after pass
of course i dont recommend it. but the law thinks i took advantage of it. i find that ridiculous. they just need to check the hand and will decide if i took andvantage of b.i.t
Ridiculous approach to break in tempo from directors and appeal ?f pas of Tokay means make your last decision and his pard made a decision with breaking tempo you remove Tokay's bidding. ?f this is the approach of directors and appeal. With a good hand ill bid 3S fast ...
Danny Sprung's bidding problem: Q876532 642 --- 753
? ll pass and let the opponents agree in a suit snd let them bidding rkcb or voidwood and let them decide to play what they think they can. Finally i ll bid over them
Expert signaling
when the lead doesnt make sense ( it should be short) we play SP 1) when we supported each other pard leads something else (x) 2) when i bid a suit pard leads something else (x) 3) when pard leads opponents suit 4) when pard leads an Ace and the K ...

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