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Okan Zabunoglu
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March 22, 2013
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July 19
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about me

I am an academic living in Ankara, Turkey. I started duplicate bridge around 1984 when I was a graduate student at ISU in Ames, Iowa.  (Thanks to the departed Harvey Burkholder, the director of Ames Bridge Club during those years.)

Nowadays, I can only make time for playing in one or two major national team tournaments in my country each year. I also help administrate the web page of my bridge club: (sorry, it is only in Turkish).

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Don't give up...
I agree that the opening lead of the smallest would make it purer. If I correctly understand what you mean about the effect of 9, the line you imply is an alternative to cashing s from top. After cashing two top s and seeing East shows out on the ...
An Information Squeeze
I first conjectured that playing K (instead of a small one) would make a difference; but, after having looked into it more closely, now I think that it does not. As you emphasize it, the key point is not to play the second untimely. Interesting deal, thanks.
A foresighted, double-dummy defense
You know what: I had first intended to title it as "a chess hand", because I think it has some similarities. In this respect, you are right on the nose. Though, I am not a chess player. My father was a chess player; so, I grew up in an environment ...
First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey!
I didn't know that it was posted on "Neapolitan Club" (as early as June 8). Thanks.
First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey!
Timo: Don't forget the 2017 European Open Pairs Winner: Nezih Kubac. He is also on the 7-person committee.
First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey!
Probably, the word "encouraged"? It would not be easy to assess the effect of "encouragement" on that approach and stance. NOTE: I personally don't object to your statement although I think that the inner dynamics have played the major role.
First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey!
Thanks for the info. No problem with those (logical) rules. I wonder about the basis for the following: "Each player may bar one individual from kibitzing play at his table during a session without cause."
First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey!
Interesting/odd rule! I couldn't help wondering about the basis.
First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey!
In practice, it would be really difficult for a kibitzer to continue watching someone who asked politely (not to watch). At least, the player has a right not to show his/her hand.
Suit combination
Today, a friend and I were discussing the play in Dummy: JT32 vs. Hand: K87 for two tricks. It was not difficult to estimate that the best play was 7 to J and then 2 to K (about 80.5% chance). Then, remembering your post, I wondered about the effect ...

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