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Okan Zabunoglu
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March 22, 2013
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about me

I am an academic living in Ankara, Turkey. I started duplicate bridge around 1984 when I was a graduate student at ISU in Ames, Iowa.  (Thanks to the departed Harvey Burkholder, the director of Ames Bridge Club during those years.)

Nowadays, I can only make time for playing in one or two major national team tournaments in my country each year. I also help administrate the web page of my bridge club: (sorry, it is only in Turkish).

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Non Pro Turkish Pair wins the European Champ Open Pairs!
Since Nafiz Zorlu became the head of the Turkish Bridge Federation (TBF) about eight months ago, he and his team have been doing an excellent job. It has really been a period of "transition in bridge" so far. Although the TBF doesn't seem to need any extra incentive to ...
Which squeeze?
OK. As a nonvoter, your vote is uncounted.
Which squeeze?
I have to leave it at that. At least, we both agree on the line offering the best chance. Thanks for your comments. See you on another deal.
Which squeeze?
Although Steve hasn't voted, it should be OK to count him in for either LINE1 or 2. However, that does not change the fact that the majority's choice is LINE3. As you stated somewhere above, perhaps one reason is that a double squeeze is "cooler".
Which squeeze?
We both are using the same calculator, but with different inputs. You are entering as "missing cards": ccDDK, with 9-8 vacant places all the time. (cc refers to any two s, DD to QJ, and K to K, in your notation.) I am entering as "missing cards": KsssssssQJddddddd, with different ...
Which squeeze?
Benoit: While considering vacant places, we should only take into account the suits the distributions of which are EXACTLY known. Then, before distributing s, we can say W has 12 and E has 11 empty places (since the exact distribution of s is known). So, first we should have the ...
Which squeeze?
Benoit: We know that the probabilities of 4-2 and 2-4 distributions are DIFFERENT, and that's in our pocket. Now, the problem is how we can distribute the other suits without any information on how s are dealt. If s are 4-2, there is a scenario (as you agree ...
Which squeeze?
I certainly agree with the following: "You know spades are 6-2 because of a preempt. You have 9 hearts and can finesse for the Q or play H 2-2. Before playing any hearts you know the odds are Qx---xx = 18%, x-----Qxx = 28% (ratio is 39%--61%)" Since we think we ...
Which squeeze?
Thank you all for your comments and votes. Initially let's ignore the slight difference between LINE1 and LINE2 and compare LINE1 and LINE3 (disregarding 6-0 or 0-6 split). LINE1 wins when; (1) the same opponent holds 4 or 5 s and K, (2) East has 4 or 5 ...
Which squeeze?
The original deal (I changed the spots in OP in order to simplify the discussion and analysis): W: K7642 J QJ954 63 N: QT9 KQ9852 7 875 E: J85 T7 8632 JT42 S: A3 A643 AKT AKQ9 LINE3 wins. Note that, on Q or J lead, even Deep Finesse ...

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