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March 22, 2013
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about me

I am an academic living in Ankara, Turkey. I started duplicate bridge around 1984 when I was a graduate student at ISU in Ames, Iowa.  (Thanks to the departed Harvey Burkholder, the director of Ames Bridge Club during those years.)

Nowadays, I can only make time for playing in one or two major national team tournaments in my country each year. I also help administrate the web page of my bridge club: (sorry, it is only in Turkish).

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Bad Luck trumps broke!
In case of running a at trick three; if W has a stiff honor, (s)he wins and plays a (or a ); and when E overruffs , returns a ... (Now, declarer should decide who has K.)
Bad Luck trumps broke!
Isn't it bemusing to get to playing it from the North and end up becoming the only one making a contract!
An Unlucky Board
That's also certainly the case around here. I wonder about the reason...
An Unlucky Board
Good hand, nice article... I am not sure if the paragraph (and the 3-line dialog) right below the diagram on page 3 is really necessary. On page 4, in the line next to last, I see something like "4a" (probably instead of 4 or 4).
What is East's double?
> "If East has clubs, he bids clubs. If he has four hearts, then they have an eight-card spade fit." If East bid 4, would it be GF? If East had four s, couldn't we think of some hands on which a 4-4 fit would play better (esp. from ...
What is East's double?
I would also add 5233 with inv values, something like AQxxx xx xxx Kxx. Besides, depending on the meaning of 3 (trial or natural, which I don't know) in this sequence, other distributions (5332, 5323, 5422, 5431, even 5413) can be considered IMO.
What is East's double?
At least invitational to game in , NT or . 4 (even) on a 4-3 fit may be a good contract if opener has 3-3-2-5 with useful 13.
Turkish Bridge Federation - 2019 European Open Bridge Championship / Kusadasi
Nedju: It's good that you don't call it a dictatorship anymore. Yet, your implication about the democratic countries may not go unnoticed. Of course, a discussion about democracy and its extent and its tools etc. should be the normal follow-up to this; however, we're not in a ...
Turkish Bridge Federation - 2019 European Open Bridge Championship / Kusadasi
Don't give up on him Timo. If Ron says no, send me the MOSCITO notes; so, Richard can give things a third look. :)
Turkish Bridge Federation - 2019 European Open Bridge Championship / Kusadasi
Eric: In short, it's a win-win situation. Come to Turkey with your $s. You can have many things cheaply here (say, a good kebap or fish for 4 to 6 $s, or a bottle of good wine for 4 to 10 $s). At the same time, you'll contribute ...

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