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Ophir Reshef
Ophir Reshef
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Nov. 4, 2010
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June 3
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about me

ex Junior team of Israel. Haven't played seriously for 10 years, recently taking small steps back in the game.



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One deceptive card at trick one got articles at NY Times, Washington Post, and various others.
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2nd in European Teams Championship
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Florian Alter's bidding problem: AKQ96 J8 Q543 54
Should play last-train for those positions, slightly technically better to use 4 for it.
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: A4 5432 AQ65 752
It's actually a bad MP / BAM strategy. In MPs it is a clear X. So many ways to win: converting +100 -> +200, +100 -> +110, -110 -> -50. Only lose when partner takes out when they are two down (unlikely), or when they make (both unlikely, and inexpensive, since -110 is ...
Play problem in 4!S
I'd assume the leader does not have Singleton Club, so bad Club break practically means 4+ Clubs with W, including both QT (else singleton Q/T will show on first Club round and solve the hand). Cashing 3 trumps will fail on bad Club break as defined. Cashing 2 ...
The Choice
Simplest way is to look at the original cards regardless of what declarer plays: 6 is more likely to be low from 9865.
The Choice
"However, this is not true if declarer follows the strategy, that he will always play his LOWEST card if he wants you to play a CLUB" This is the equivalent of saying that restricted choice with 9 cards missing QJ won't work if the J drops, but your opponent ...
Assess the blame (11)
North hand is worth a slam unless top two tricks are missing. Unfortunately the 5 bid doesn't quite say that. It's therefore better to ask RKCB and accept the occasional loss of AK in around 5% of the hands, then to put the pressure on North to ...
Assess the blame (11)
And 20 hcp is not even in the original range (21-22hcp).
5=4=xx Partials When Pard Opens 1NT
Doug, thanks for that. What tools did you use?
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: --- Q9x A8xx AQ8xxx
E likely 6-4 here, especially if expert. In that case passing has to be negative expectation.
29 point game
What if E's Heart card is K or Q?

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